5 applications to install to play on vacation even without internet connection

When you're on vacation, you don't always have an excellent connection: WiFi can leave a lot to be desired (or charged) in some places of accommodation, not to mention that sometimes you're cut off from the world during long trips to the final Destination.

Fortunately, you can anticipate these periods to continue using your smartphone and playing games that are fully accessible offline. We've compiled a list of 5 apps for you that should appeal to most people, but feel free to do some research to find your own favorites.

Obviously, downloads will be required prior to release, so that you can play without difficulty once the connection is lost.

Old Sonic the Hedgehog™ Classic

A favorite for fans of retro games: now you can play Sonic on a smartphone, and this without always having access to the Internet. Created in the colors of the first Sonic, this program integrates the cult game series SEGA Forever (which you should explore if you're looking for other must-haves of the same type).

Optimized for mobile, it generates 60 frames per second for optimal fluidity: the remastered version, although "vintage", knows how to perform well. On Android, you can even manipulate Sonic with HID controllers such as Power A Moga or an Xbox controller, among others.

Sonic the Hedgehog Classic allows you to find the adventures of the famous hedgehog created by Sega in 1991 for free on your mobile devices (smartphone, tablet). The first version of the game, available for free.

  • Release date: 04/11/2022
  • Auteur: SEGA
  • License: Free license
  • Categories: Games
  • Operating system : Android-iOS iPhone/iPad

Geometry Dash Light, the addict

Don't waste all your vacation on it because, we'd rather warn you, this game gets addictive pretty fast. Made with very simple graphics reminiscent of the 1990s, this platform game invites you to jump, fly and do all kinds of pirouettes to move forward, dodge obstacles and unlock new icons.

You can transform into a boat or a ship, which will only enliven your experience and make you want to go even further. Some users say that the classic mode is quite complicated in the comments: to progress, you also have a "Training" mode, which will help you improve and get familiar with the interface.

Geometry Dash Lite is a colorful and fun platform game in which you have to move a small geometric character through equally geometric levels, all as dangerous as each other.

  • Release date: 11/12/2022
  • Auteur: RobTop Games
  • License: Free license
  • Categories: Games
  • Operating system : Android-iOS iPhone/iPad

Two Dots, the modern puzzler.

Puzzle type games have always appealed to a large target group. They have been around as long as video games have been developed, but have obviously improved over time, as Two Dots demonstrates.

Presented in a very modern interface, this successful app simply asks you to connect dots, sink anchors, draw lines or even create bombs: in principle, we're pretty close to rules like those in "Candy Crush Saga". But in design, the biases are more minimalist, offering a less aggressive and more consensual representation. The program includes more than 1 puzzles: if you get started and enjoy yourself, you'll have something to enjoy completely free.

Two Dots is a fun little puzzle and logic game in which you have to create links as long as possible between colored dots. Free game for Android and iOS.

  • Release date: 14/01/2022
  • Auteur: PlayDots
  • License: Free license
  • Categories: Games
  • Operating system : Android-iOS iPhone/iPad

Asphalt 8, car racing at its best

If you like car games, you will not get tired of Asphalt 8 and its about 220 motorcycles of all kinds with Ferrari, Porsche or McLaren stamps. With a good smartphone, you will appreciate the particularly sharp graphics, as well as HD sounds, implemented by the developers for total immersion.

Little else and not least: the game allows you to organize your controls to adapt your driving style to your habits. Among other arguments to seduce you, the description boasts a forty circuits in places like Guyana or Venice for the change of scenery, barrel turns and 360° jumps for sensations, or even the detailed damage system for realism.

Asphalt 8 is a car racing game that lets you drive supercharged muscle cars through crazy levels. For Android, iOS and Windows 10.

  • Release date: 22/12/2022
  • Auteur: Gameloft
  • License: Free license
  • Categories: Games
  • Operating system : Android-Windows-iPhone/iPad

Angry Birds 2, an improved classic

If it is no longer really necessary to present the principle of Angry Birds, we can at least give it an ideal quality for the vacations: it is a game suitable for young and old. In its 2nd version, the gameplay is enriched by the possibility to choose your bird, to place you in multi-zone levels or even to immerse yourself in clearly reworked graphics.

In particular, fans of the initial version will not get lost, because they will find all the reference points they had in the first creation, while enjoying the improvements made. The younger ones, for their part, will be able to discover this unusual game in an improved form, for an ever more pleasurable experience.

Destroy castles by launching Angry Birds with your iPhone

  • Release date: 19/12/2022
  • Auteur: Rovio Entertainment Ltd.
  • License: Free license
  • Categories: Games

  • Operating system : Android-iOS iPhone/iPad

  • Operating system: Android-iOS iPhone/iPad

In this selection you have been able to find games to stimulate the brain as well as programs for those looking for strong emotions or even remasterings of old games.... It is clear that there is something for all tastes and, if you want to vary the pleasures, download several before the big game - without forgetting to leave the smartphone from time to time, to enjoy the place.

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