Basketrio for PC (Windows / MAC Download)

Basketrio is a unique skill-based basketball game that you'll love if you're a street football fan. If you think you have the skills to lead the best street basketball team in the world, keep reading for a handy guide to playing and dominating Basketrio.

How to download and play Basketrio on PC:

Download, install and play Basketrio on your Windows PC or MAC with mobile app emulators for free.

  • Download and install Bluestacks. You can also use Memu or Nox.
  • Register or connect your old Gmail / Google Play account.
  • Go to the emulator's search box and type "Basketrio"
  • Click the "Install" button next to the game and wait for the apk to finish downloading.
  • That's it, click play! Enjoy Basketrio for your desktop/laptop!
  • Platforms: Android | iOS | Windows 7/8/8.1/10/XP/Vista | macOS

    Why Download Basketrio For PC | Main Features:

    You can play solo or participate in 3v3 matches.

    If you prefer to play alone, you will have the option of taking another solo player from around the world. In order to try and beat as many players as possible to increase your player rating. Alternatively, if you like multiplayer games, you can also choose to participate in 3 vs 3 games instead.

    You can register different players in your team.

    As you progress through Basketrio, you will have the ability to recruit additional basketball players to your squad. It's worth trying out different combinations of players, as each player has a unique set of skills.

    You can create unique combos.

    You can create unique combos for each of your basketball players. For example, you can set up a combo that includes back dribbles, left dash, and dash dribble. You can even save your favorite combos!

    Work on training your basketball players to achieve your training goals.

    If you want to give your basketball team an edge in three-on-three games, it's important to work on training some of your favorite players. If you don't know how to start, just work on achieving your first workout goals to unlock unique rewards.

    You can use flashy tricks to intimidate your opponents.

    Some of the special tricks you'll be able to perform include three-pointer layups and slam dunks. Part of the fun of playing Basketrio is watching the animations of your stuff.

    You can use emojis to communicate with your opponents.

    One of Basketrio's unique features is that you can use a wide variety of emojis to communicate with your opponents in your head-to-head matches. For example, you'll be able to tease your opponent with your favorite emojis when you manage to score a three-point challenge or an impressive slam dunk.

    There is a wide variety of outfits to dress up your basketball players.

    Instead of having to dress your players in traditional basketball uniforms, you'll be able to customize every aspect of your players' outfits. For example, you might want your team to come to a face-off wearing sci-fi outfits or steampunk-inspired outfits. Although there is a wide variety of stylish street clothes that you can dress your players in.

    So if you're a big fan of sports-based casual games and ready to travel the world with your own street basketball team, it's definitely worth downloading and playing Basketrio. Especially if you like scoring three-pointers and slam dunks.

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