Best Chromecast apps 2022: 21 apps to get the most out of your Chromecast

A Chromecast is nothing without great Chromecast apps to run it.

Google's streaming dongle is a useful tool that doesn't have a smart TV or almighty game console. Thanks to updates to its original 2013 design, a Chromecast is one of the best, not to mention cheapest, ways to watch all kinds of content on your TV.

There are plenty of Chromecast apps to download, but your phone, tablet, or laptop has little space. We've rounded up the essential apps, from home media titans to more specialized apps.

1. Best Chromecast apps: Google Home

Android, iOS

Formerly known as the Chromecast app, Google Home is a versatile app for setting up Google devices in your…well, home. You'll need it to set up your Chromecast, as well as Chromecast Audio and Google Home devices. With the Chromecast, you can use it to browse trending content, customize your TV screen, and play or pause content. It's a key app to install, especially if you're planning multiple Chromecasts for your home.

2. Best Chromecast apps: Netflix

Android, iOS & Online

Netflix is ​​a movie and TV addict's dream. After each episode of a box set, it tries to hook you into the next one – sit down for a four-season binge session and Netflix is ​​ready to pump it straight into your veins.

It's addictive, as anyone with a Netflix subscription can attest, but there's nothing worse than paying for Netflix and only being able to enjoy it on a small laptop, tablet or smartphone. Now, with Chromecast, you can wirelessly stream all your Netflix desires to the big screen and settle in comfortably for the long haul.

3. Best Chromecast applications: Spotify

Android & iOS

It's been a long time coming, but Spotify finally supports Chromecast – you can stick to these party classics and blast them through your TV speakers. Spotify is an essential download for anyone with a Chromecast

4. Best Chromecast apps: Disney+

Android, iOS and online

Disney+ and all of its wonderful content is available to stream on your Chromecast. Want to relive childhood favourites? Exploring the world with Nat Geo? The Disney+ and Chromecast duo makes this possible for anyone with wifi and a Disney+ subscription.

5. Best Chromecast apps: YouTube

Android, iOS & Online

YouTube is the perfect app for any Chromecast owner, letting you stream its mix of utterly absurd home videos, endless music mashups, and intriguing web-only documentaries. Whether you want to rent movies or stream home movies from your own YouTube channel for your friends and family, this app is one of the best.

Fortunately, since YouTube is a Google-owned service, its integration with Chromecast is as smooth and seamless as you'd expect.

6. Best Chromecast Apps: Amazon Prime Video

Android & iOS

Amazon Prime fans rejoice. Assuming you have a Prime membership, you can stream your favorite content straight to your Chromecast. No fire stick? No problem, just open the Prime app on your favorite device and stream it straight to your TV.

You can rent or buy movies, TV series and browse the free section for an endless stream of great content.

7. Best Chromecast apps: Facebook

Android, iOS

Have you ever scrolled through your Facebook News Feed and clicked on a video, only to find yourself hours later watching videos? What about your favorite home movies you downloaded? When you want to show off the best the social media giant has to offer your friends, connect to your Chromecast.

Bring everything that makes Facebook great straight to your TV screen for everyone to enjoy. Connecting is simple, so you won't have twenty people looking over your shoulder to see a five-inch screen.

8. Best Chromecast applications: Google Play Movies

Android and iOS

Rent or buy new releases directly from the Google Play Movies app and display them on your screen for everyone to enjoy. Is movie night still cancelled? Afraid of germs and little bags of $9 popcorn?

Download the Google Play Movies app and stream the best new movies straight to your TV for an 'at-home' movie night everyone can enjoy!

9. Best Chromecast apps: Popcorn Flix

Android & iOS

Interested in streaming free content anytime? Popcornflix is ​​one of those apps that lets you do just that! While the legality of free streaming might be a thin line, Popcornflix is ​​an excellent service available for both Android and Apple users.

Just download the app, search for something you'd like to watch, and connect to your Chromecast. It's simple and free !

10. Best Chromecast apps: HBO Max

Android & iOS

One of our new favorites is HBO Max. Offering the best content from HBO, Cartoon Network, and even Cartoon Networks' prodigy "Adult Swim," you can have it all on your TV. What better ? You get full access to Crunchy Roll and Turner Classic Movies, so there's something for everyone in this bundle.

HBO Max is $15/month. but when you see it on your TV using your Chromecast device, it's totally worth it!

11. Best Chromecast applications: Google Chrome

Android, iOS & Online

" Wait! Isn't it a web browser? Yes, yes, this is a web browser, so the only question is; what do you want to show on your tv? Are you in a meeting and need to share your PowerPoint? And the classroom? You can view walkthroughs, workarounds, lesson plans, and more. using Chrome and Chromecast duo.

Chrome makes the possibilities absolutely endless as long as you can access your content on the web browser. Simply bring up any site and click on the “Cast” option from the menu. That's all you need to do to view Chrome on a much bigger screen.

12. Best Chromecast apps: Crunchyroll

Android, iOS and online

Those who love anime can rejoice because the J-Drama Crunchyroll streaming service runs on Chromecast. The app lets you watch ad-enabled versions of a wide variety of the latest and greatest anime series, as well as some of the most popular Japanese dramas, for free.

If you prefer to remove the incredibly irritating and repetitive ads, you can pay $7,99 per month to get unlimited viewing plus exclusive premium content.

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