Bus Simulator Ultimate for PC (Windows / MAC Download)

If you like realistic simulation games and driving games then you can play Bus Simulator Ultimate well. As it offers a wide variety of challenges to overcome such as changing weather conditions and traffic jams.

How to Download and Play Bus Simulator Ultimate on PC:

Download, install and play Bus Simulator Ultimate for free on your Windows PC or MAC with mobile app emulators.

  • Download and install Bluestacks. You can also use Memu or Nox.
  • Register or connect your old Gmail / Google Play account.
  • Go to the emulator search box and type “Bus Simulator Ultimate”
  • Click on the “Install” button next to the game and wait for the apk to finish downloading.
  • That's it, click play! Enjoy Bus Simulator Ultimate for your Desktop/Laptop!
  • Platforms: Android | iOS | Windows 7/8/8.1/10/XP/Vista | macOS

    Why Download Bus Simulator Ultimate For PC | Main Features:

    You will receive reviews from some of your passengers.

    From time to time you will receive comments from your passengers. So try to drive as smoothly as possible and make sure your passengers arrive on time at your chosen destination. To avoid receiving negative reviews which may negatively impact your driver rating.

    You will have to deal with changing weather conditions.

    Just like in real life, the weather can change at any time. You will therefore have to get used to driving in the rain, wind and snow as well as in the sun. Driving in rain and snow can be tricky as your bus will be harder to control and might slip a bit.

    You will have the opportunity to drive buses around the world.

    Instead of being stuck driving buses in one city, you'll have the ability to open bus depots around the world to explore new bus routes. Some of the countries that feature in Bus Simulator Ultimate include Brazil, Netherlands, Our country, Italy, Spain, USA, Russia, Germany and Turkey.

    You can help your bus company become the biggest bus company in the world.

    Bus Simulator Ultimate is a business simulation as well as a driving simulation. One of your main goals is to help your bus company become the biggest most profitable bus company in the world.

    There are 13 unique buses to collect.

    As you progress through the game, you'll start unlocking new buses that all behave slightly differently. So, each time you get behind the wheel of a new bus, you will have to adjust your driving style slightly.

    It boasts a realistic traffic system.

    In order to stick to your schedule, you'll have to navigate congested traffic while adhering to realistic road rules. For example, if you try to run a red light to stick to your schedule, you will receive a hefty fine that will decrease your profits.

    You will have to pay highway tolls.

    Bus Simulator Ultimate is so realistic that you will have to pay highway tolls on certain routes.

    You can unlock different radio stations.

    There are 250 unique radio stations that you will be able to unlock. So you can complete your bus routes while listening to tracks from a wide variety of genres. Such as pop music, rock music and country music.

    You have to drive carefully to avoid your passengers getting hurt.

    Part of the challenge of playing Bus Simulator Ultimate is making sure all your passengers get to their destination safely. If you accelerate too fast and then slam your foot on the accelerator, your passengers can get thrown off and end up hurting themselves.

    So if you think you have what it takes to build the most successful bus company in the world and open bus depots in multiple countries, it is definitely worth downloading and playing Bus Simulator Ultimate.

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