Content warning

The College of Psychologists of Madrid warns us of all the problems related to the misuse of technology and video games.

Technology and video games should not be abused. Although apparently harmless, the abuse and misuse of these can lead to major mental and social problems for the individual.

Nomophobia, Internet Addiction, FOMO Syndrome... are just some of the consequences of the abuse of networks, videogames, etc...

The most common disorders are the following:

Mobile phone dependence or Nomophobia: "No-mobile-phone phobia", which is about not being able to stop checking your mobile phone.

Digital hypochondria: The need to consult the internet in a ''self-taught'' way for all the symptoms they have, or feel or believe they have. The over-information of the internet creates a total dependence on technological devices.

FOMO Syndrome: "Fear Of Missing Out", total fear of missing out on anything on social networks. Affected people need to be always connected to the internet to be constantly updated.