Creative Destruction: 5 Tips and Tricks to Win Every Game

Creative Destruction is essentially an Android version of Fortnite. It is a sandbox game that shares similar characteristics with games like Fortnite and PUBG.

The only way to win in this game is to be the last player standing. You can play the first games against the AI ​​to understand the game better. These games are easy and you can defeat the AI ​​easily.

Things get tricky and difficult when you start facing human opponents. It gets harder and harder as you level up.

The ultimate goal of this game is survival. You don't need to go into full attack mode on your opponents. You are more likely to die if you do.

The following tips and tricks will help you ensure you survive.

Tip 1: Focus on your daily missions.

As stated earlier, resist the urge to go into full attack mode when you first start playing. Instead, start slowly by completing your daily tasks. Daily tasks are missions that offer rewards when completed.

Daily missions help you get familiar with the game. Missions are usually tasks that you would normally do in the game. These tasks include damaging property and collecting weapons.

Tip 2: The Dismantler.

The Dismantler is the first “weapon” you start with. It won't kill your opponents but it can help you a lot. You should start using it immediately to collect resources once you land.

You have to be smart when dismantling. Try dismounting inside a building. Dismantling a building from the outside will make you an easy target for your opponents.

The dismantler can also be used as a tool of war. You can use the dismantler to destroy a stronghold your opponent has built. However, the dismantler will not kill your enemy.

After destroying the bastion, return to your weapon and finish off your opponent.

Tip 3: Choose a good place to land.

The position you land in will determine whether you will have a good match or not. First, make sure you land in a position where you're not an easy target. This means you must avoid empty battlefields where you are a visible target.

Instead, try to land near buildings where you can take cover. Plus, it's the best place to find and gather resources. Gather resources as fast as you can, then start destroying objects.

It's important to destroy items because you'll use them to build things later in the game. Once you land, prioritize high-value items like guns, bandages, shields, and mods rare.

Tip 4: Be vigilant on the battlefield.

The thing is, other players will want to kill you. Pay attention when the game warns you that an enemy is near. Keep an eye on the map to see how far away an enemy is from you.

Also, have the right weapons. Always go for the best weapons available. The best gun will win in a shootout.

Conversely, don't expose yourself because you have a superior weapon. Find a building to stay in and choose your targets from there.

Also, make yourself a moving target. Don't pull while stationary. This is the best way to avoid a bullet from a sniper.

Tip 5: Avoid the quick create option.

The Quick Build option uses your Quick Build energy to build a Stronghold instantly. Your fast building energy will be depleted but it will regenerate over time. It's a great way to build a stronghold, but it takes some getting used to.

Learn how to manually craft items in the game. This will really help you because you won't have to use up your fast building energy unless you really have to.

The Quick Build option should really be used in an emergency. For example, you can use the option if you were ambushed unexpectedly.

Creative destruction tips and tricks


Creative Destruction is a great game. Most of its fans think it is as good or even better than Fortnite.

However, it can easily become frustrating if you keep getting killed. The only way to enjoy this game is to earn a few wins.

The best way to ensure you win is to follow the tips above. These are very simple tips that will improve your chances of winning.

Follow these tips and you will eliminate your competition.

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