Critical Ops Cheats: 5 Best Tips and Tricks to Master Critical Ops

Critical Ops is a first-person shooter that places players at the center of a highly intriguing terrorist encounter. Much like Counter-Strike, Critical Ops will definitely test the player's reflexes and ability to think in problematic situations; the player's strategies and reflexes will be put to the test. However, like any other first person shooter, with the right strategies and tricks, the player easily overcomes many difficult challenges and achieves success in the long run.

Because Critical Ops is an intense game, players should always make sure they are alert before starting matches. Nevertheless, this should never be a major problem, mainly because the outcome of these matches will be fun and fast. With that said, here are some important Critical Ops tips, strategies, and tricks that the player should always consider while playing Critical Ops.

1. Complete Daily Missions

While playing Critical Ops, players should always remember to look at the main menu. On the right side of the menu, players will find a number of missions, which they must complete each day. These missions range from the number of kills the player has to perform or the number of headshots the players have to perform. By completing these objectives and missions, players will receive credits, which will come in handy as the game progresses.

2. Find the ultimate weapon

In Critical Ops, players are offered five weapons to choose from. The player's success in completing the game depends solely on the chosen weapon.

  • Submachine guns are great for mid-range encounters, considering they have a high rate of fire. When players are at the right distance, they can easily take out opponents with the submachine guns. However, when players try to shoot anything further from the midrange, bullets fly everywhere and no kills will be made.
  • Pistols are considered a jack of all trades. Apart from being practical, pistols are also very useful regardless of the location of the shooting range. However, it is important to note that unlike submachine guns, pistols cause minimal damage. In addition, you have to aim extremely well to kill.
  • Close range shotguns can be extremely deadly. The majority of targets will go down easily with a single hit if the player is close enough to the target. If players want to make full use of the shotgun, memorizing the map will definitely come in handy.
  • Assault Rifles have a high rate of fire and are more powerful than Submachine Guns. Due to their stability, they can easily eliminate the target.
  • Sniper rifles are deadly and extremely accurate. If players have exceptional aiming skills, they can easily take out anything in range.

3. Shoot first before aiming

The way the aiming functionality works in Critical Ops is a little tricky. When players navigate the maps, they should always be extremely careful. Immediately players spot an enemy, they must first shoot and then guide fire to aim with speed and precision. When you end up aiming and then shooting, there's a good chance they'll end up dying.

However, if the player believes he or she is fast enough, then he or she can aim first and then shoot. The shoot-before-aim strategy works extremely well with automatic weapons like Assault Rifles and SMGs. Players should always keep in mind that holding down the fire button will continue to fire.

4. Select a great team

Teamwork is undeniably an important part of mission-critical operations. Players must first seek out a good team and then stay with the team regardless of what happens as the game progresses. Players can connect with other members and discuss various things such as flanks, weapons, game plan, and tactics.

5. Study the maps

What separates a good Critical Ops player from a great Critical Ops player is knowledge of the map. However, understanding the map and each of the locations will definitely take time. As you continue to play more and more matches, take note of the map layout. Additionally, the player should take note of where an ambush may occur or where one may hide. By studying the map, players will be able to know where they will go to carry their weapons, hide, and even where to orchestrate an ambush.

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