CubeĀ² de Protection 24: how to correctly install your remote surveillance camera

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That's it, you have subscribed to the Protection 24 remote monitoring service. Now, let's see how to install the camera(s), in order to guarantee optimal protection of your home. To begin with, it is desirable to identify the compulsory passage point(s) to circulate in your home, because it is in these areas that your camera must be installed in order to effectively protect your home. The field of vision of the camera must be clear and allow in your absence to detect the slightest intrusion.

The CubeĀ² camera comes with a base and a wall mounting device, which allows you to place it on a piece of furniture, or near the ceiling. In this case, you will need to be sure to angle the support rod so that it covers the entire room. To perfect the positioning, simply display the camera view on the Protection 24 application installed on your smartphone or tablet. The ideal is to direct it towards the front door, without exceeding a distance of 10 meters. In this way, any intrusion will be immediately detected, including in the dark, since the camera has an infrared sensor coupled with a very high sensitivity video sensor.

The monitoring center on the lookout

On the other hand, do not direct it directly towards a bay window, because it could be triggered in the event of movement outside. Also note that it is forbidden to film neighboring properties, even partially, as well as public roads, including to monitor a vehicle parked in front of your home! Be careful, do not point the camera towards a mirror or any other reflective surface that could interfere with the proper functioning of the infrared sensor. For the same reason, do not place the CubeĀ² on or in the immediate vicinity of a heat source. Another precaution, avoid placing it in a place visible from outside your home.


Ideally, the CubeĀ² camera should be positioned towards the front door, at a maximum distance of ten meters.

A savvy burglar could try to move towards an access not covered by the field of vision of the camera. Of course, he could also be tempted to destroy it, if he sees it after entering the accommodation. But by the time he reacts, the video will have had time to immortalize him and transmit the data to the remote and secure Protection 24 server (with the bonus of the few seconds preceding the detection). After consulting the images and observing the intrusion, the operator of the remote monitoring center will not hesitate to immediately alert the Forces of Order.

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