Decurse Guide: Top 12 Tips and Tricks

If you are planning to download and play Decurse, one of the most popular farming simulation games, which is currently available, keep reading for a handy guide to playing Decurse. As well as some sneaky tips that will help you progress faster.

Decurse Tips and tricks to rid your island of the curse:

Always claim your daily rewards.

Be sure to check your account daily so you can to claim your free daily rewards. Better yet every day of the week unlock different rewards.

Build multiple fountains to produce magic.

In order to successfully overcome the evil curse that has poisoned your island, you will need to build purifying fountains. It's a great idea to place all of your purifying fountains together so you can easily collect magic from all your fountains. One after the other.

Work to lift the curse from nearby areas.

If you want to unlock new tools and items, you will need to unlock new areas. The easiest way to expand your farm is to work on lifting the curse from neighboring areas. By using the magic produced by your fountains to purify areas of poisoned earth.

Use your hot air balloon to unlock new trade routes.

If you want to be able to trade items with more characters, just use your hot air balloon to unlock brand new trade routes and increase your farm income.

Keep an eye on your demand board.

On your demand board, you will find farm item orders that you can fulfill in exchange for lucrative rewards.

Pay attention to the bubbles above the characters' heads.

Often, bubbles will appear above villagers' heads, which will show you what items they would like to buy. If you have a requested item on hand, you can instantly sell it to a villager.

Look for the trash cans.

If you spot trash on your island, you can tap it to empty it. Some examples of trash to keep an eye out for starfish and wall trash. The reason it's worth hitting the trash can is because every time you do it there is a chance that you will be rewarded with a useful loot box that can provide you with extra XP or coins.

Always make sure to use the maximum number of farm patches for your level.

Each time you level up, you will increase the maximum number of farm plots you can place on your land. So as soon as you level up, make an effort to place additional farm plots on your land. If you don't know what to grow, you can't go wrong planting corn and wheat that you can feed your farm animals.

Go through your success panel.

Each time you complete an achievement, you will unlock a new reward. So it's worth browsing your achievement panel if you want to level up fast.

Take part in hot air balloon races as a team.

Once you join a club that offers more than 2 members, you will be able to sign up for weekly hot air balloon races. Each week, your Club Leader will select up to three members to take part in that week's race. If you are chosen for the race, you will complete tasks to accumulate fuel points to help your team win your race.

Complete the Dragon Ship event.

Once you reach level 22, you will be able to participate in the Dragon Ship event which offers rare prizes. Your challenge will be to build an airship. Just keep in mind that there are 5 stages to complete and you will need to collect mahogany, gold thread and tar drops to successfully build your airship.

Save the pandas to earn red runes.

To achieve certain objectives you will have to collect rare red runes on which you will be rewarded Panda Island for rescuing cute pandas.

So, if you are ready to start playing Decurse, remember all the tips and tricks listed above in order to rid your island of its curse as soon as possible. How wise it is to play Decurse with a strategy in mind.

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