Fate Grand Order Tier List – A Complete List

Fate Grand Order, or FGO for short, is one of the most popular gacha-style turn-based mobile RPGs. As players progress through the game's immersive story, they inevitably get more minions (the playable characters) to use and get an increasing number of combinations between them. Having so many minions in one place can be confusing, especially when you want to finish fights as quickly and elegantly as possible. While FGO is in a decent state of balance, some minions are better than others.

We're here to explain the differences between the best minions and provide an overview of the best ones to use on your team in our tier list.

Fate Grand Order Servant Tier List

Minions are generally categorized by rarity and class, with rarities ranging from one to five stars. Higher tier minions are much rarer and less likely to be drawn in by the frequent summons players use to gain new resources to bolster their team composition.

By conscious design, five-star minions are inherently more powerful than lower rarity minions and have a higher level cap without using Grail Ascension (palingenesis). Therefore, any five-star minions you have at your disposal are more likely to be better long-term investments on average. They are less likely to perform poorly in a fight, and even a mediocre five-star minion will fare well against those of low rarity.

Without further ado, here is a complete list of FGO Servant Tiers. We will provide a brief overview of the best minions to use in higher tiers.

Level S

These are the minions you really shouldn't replace if you ever manage to remove them from a summon. Prioritize upgrading them whenever possible and improving their skills and cards at every opportunity. Most S-level minions are 5-star, though there are two notable exceptions.

A level

While not the catch-all minions like some of the best in their class, most A-level minions are suitable for being primary damage dealers and can be built to fit the role effectively.

Level B

These minions aren't the best of the bunch but can take a player far in the game if there aren't better options:

Level B

Similar to Tier B, these are only slightly weaker versions, with very few functional differences.

Level C

These are passable and can form the backbone of decent comps to farm low tier enemies or use early in the game.

Level C

Level D

These minions often serve niche scenarios that players won't encounter often. Otherwise, they need the support of powerful minions to be more useful.

Level D

These characters aren't commonly used due to less diverse niches or lower damage potential than D-rank minions, but good luck getting them to work.

Level E

These minions require extraordinary effort to succeed, or their downsides are usually not worth the investment.

4 Star Grand Order Fate Tier List

There are very few unusable four rank minions in the game. Most four star minions are perfectly capable of leading a player through the game in place of a 5 star minion (which some players might not get at time), which makes them the first servants to be privileged.

Best of

Your starting minion, Mashu Kyrielight, can easily become one of the best team members with enough time and player progression. However, a few lucky rolls can replace it with suitable alternatives:

Level B

While these aren't as good as the top 4 ranks in the game, they're generally good enough to defeat most bosses at high enough level and upgrades.

Level C

These characters are more niche-focused than others or have lackluster defenses that might need more setup and support to perform at their best.

Level D

These minions are difficult to operate properly but can still pull their weight in particular situations or with heavy support.

Level E

Overall, we wouldn't recommend them for novices as their downsides are often too much to handle.

  • Miyu Edelfelt
  • Yu Mei-ren
  • Assassin de Shinjuku
  • Irisviel (Saint Graal)

Fate Grand Order 3-Star Tier List

Since you can get these minions with regular summons, leveling their NP will be easier, making them more useful than comparable 4 rank minions. Generally, this will be your bread and butter until enough high-ranking minions are leveled up.

Best of

There are only two major tier three servants: Paracelsus and Euryale. Paracelsus is great for area damage and skill buffs, while Euryale is the best way to kill a male boss or at least charm-lock him to let other party members hang out in the light .

Level B

These include strong minions that you should always consider in party composition. Just be sure to watch out for passive bonuses to maximize damage and buffs.

Level C

While these often work very well, you may need to be more careful taking hits from enemies, which makes buffs paramount to keeping the team alive.

Level D

There are probably better options to choose from, as even a good rank two or one will usually be more useful.

Level E

By scraping the bottom of the barrel, these might work one day, somehow.

  • Gilles de Rais
  • Gilles de Rais (Caster)
  • Geronimo
  • Henry Jekyll & Hyde

Additional FAQ

Who is the best FGO character?

There are currently three Servants vying for the top spot in the game:

• Merlin: Has some of the strongest buffs, specializes in boosting Busters, a clade already focused on one-hit opponents.

• Skathach-Skadi: Generating strategy all around themselves, a pair of Skadis use their huge NP boosts and crit modifiers to support a single fast attacker and lead the game.

• Zhuge Liang (El-Melloi II): One of the best all-around characters due to a diverse buffing skill set that adapts well to longer fights.

How to get 5 stars in Fate Grand Order?

Since FGO uses a gacha system to cast minions from the pool of all available options, five-star characters have a tiny chance of appearing on every cast. You can never get a five-star minion from the 10 summons provided by the tutorial, but you are guaranteed to get one at four ranks.

You can prioritize rolling during time-limited events. These events are more likely to contain a wider range of four- and five-star minions, which slightly improves your chances of getting a higher rank character. Clearing event missions can also give you a more powerful minion that you can use to progress through the game.

Do I need a 5 star character to complete the game?

Since the game doesn't have any sort of built-in PvP system, there's very little point in leveling up rarer characters if you manage to win consistently with lower ranked ones. The campaign is designed to need very few to no four star minions. Yet, they greatly speed up fights by finishing quickly and dealing damage without the opponent having a chance to take their turn.

Obtain the best of the Fate Grand Order

The best minions in FGO are often limited or time-limited, so be sure to check the game often and participate in events and missions to have the best chance of filling your minion roster. With more minions still on the way, the tier list can change drastically with each new release.

Do you agree with our tier list? Let us know in the comment section below.

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