Fortnite: How to Get Rid of an Alien Parasite

Aliens began making appearances in Fortnite when Chapter 2: Season 7 launched, introducing new mechanics and lore. One of the unique animals players can now encounter is the Alien Parasite.

These creatures like to attach themselves to other living beings, and while they provide certain benefits to players, others might not like them attached to their heads.

Luckily, there are several ways to get rid of the alien parasite. Keep reading to find out which one is right for you.

How to Get Rid of an Alien Parasite in Fortnite

Before we get into the methods, we'll explain why some players may want to think twice before untying them. Alien parasites offer some benefits if you let them stay, but those benefits come at a cost.

For starters, having an alien parasite on you will give you the following benefits:

  • Increased head protection

These alien parasites attach themselves to your head. Although it may look unsightly, they also protect you from fatal headshot damage. Note that you can still get downed by headshots, but enemies need to land more to be lethal.

  • Increased movement speed and jump height

You'll find yourself running faster and jumping higher, allowing you to gain the upper hand when movement becomes crucial. However, you are not immune to fall damage, which can still kill you instantly.

Conversely, having an Alien Parasite on you also reduces your health by 25, leaving you at 175 health including shields. It is true that you will be less vulnerable to headshots and will be able to move faster, but you have to be careful and not get hit. Luckily, increasing movement speed can help with this.

Now that you know what these aliens are capable of, we can move on to the different alien pest removal methods.

Jump into a body of water

The best way to get rid of these little alien creatures is to swim. They are not fans of cooling off in the water, so they immediately come off. You should however swim after they escape, as they can reattach if you get too close to them.

Getting wet is the best method as you won't take any damage from diving into the water. Additionally, the current map contains rivers, ponds, and lakes all over the island. You wouldn't run out of places to get rid of them unless you landed somewhere landlocked.

To be touched

Taking damage will also cause the alien parasite to flee. Fire is the best way to inflict damage and you won't risk killing yourself instantly. Once you get the parasitic lifeform away from your head, you need to heal yourself in a safe place to prevent enemies from taking advantage of your lower health.

Enter an accessory

No matter the prop, entering it will cause the alien parasite to detach. You can use any Dumpster or Porta-Potty littered around the island. Water is still the best method, but if you're too far from rivers, look for a prop to hide instead.


Captors are flying saucers that players can encounter around the island. When the first circle starts to form, they will find nearby players and take them out. Kidnapped players will find themselves on The Mothership, and while escaping is possible, they will need powerful weapons to do so.

If you're not ready to let an abductor take you, we recommend using the other methods. Getting abducted will remove the alien parasite on your head, but not everyone is enthusiastic about taking part in the experiment.

Players can still see where kidnappers are on the map. If you want to get to the mothership while getting rid of the parasite, approach one when the telltale circle begins to form.

Activate an Inflate-a-Bull

The Inflate-A-Bull is also an item introduced in Chapter 2: Season 7. It prevents fatal fall damage until the gauge depletes.

This device also allows players to quickly bounce around the map. The more momentum you have, the further you throw. As a bonus, any alien parasite attached to you is bound to detach. This effect is possible because an Inflate-A-Bull is practically an inflatable balloon covering your character.

Do I want alien parasites on me?

During week 5 of season 7, there is a quest to get an alien parasite on you and talk to Sunny, an NPC. Here's how it goes:

  1. Enter a Fortnite match.
  2. Find an alien parasite and let it attach itself to you.
  3. With the help of his buffs, head to Believer Beach.
  4. Sunny can be found near the circular symbols in the sand on Believer Beach.
  5. Talk to him to complete the quest.

While talking to Sunny, she will teach you how to get rid of these creatures. This may not be new information to you, but you can choose to delete the alien parasite or keep it for the game after this interaction.

Finding Alien Parasites

The easiest way to find alien parasites is to listen to the sounds of the environment. These creatures love to attach themselves to the island's native wildlife, including wild boars, chickens, and wolves. Some henchmen also have parasites on them.

If you hear animals around you, shoot them. Their alien parasites will migrate onto your head soon after. This phenomenon also applies to henchmen, other players, and other characters on the map.

Here is a list of locations confirmed to be alien parasite sightings:

  • Durrr Burger basement
  • The bridge under Retail Row
  • Near the Guardian of the Fields
  • Hydro 16
  • holly hatchery
  • steep cliffs
  • The results
  • lazy lake
  • weeping wood
  • Corny complex nearby
  • Around the red steel bridge
  • Compact cars

These areas contain parasite eggs that hatch if you approach without another alien parasite attached to you. Eggs spawn randomly, so listed locations are not guaranteed to contain eggs. The exception is Guardian of the Bay, where Zyg and Choppy can place Parasite Eggs.

When Zyg and Choppy aren't in combat, they place alien eggs in the area. Keep in mind that if you eliminate them, they will no longer be able to lay eggs.

Zyg and Choppy have moved before, initially near Hydro 16. Their old locations are Weeping Woods and The Aftermath. Upcoming updates may change locations again, so you'll have to stay tuned.

Get that thing off me!

For now, the Alien Parasites are here to stay on Fortnite Island. They are quite useful in some cases, although not all players want them on their head. Fortunately, the possibility of detaching them is always present.

Do you like having alien parasites on you? What do you think of the benefits of the Parasite? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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