Golf Clash Cheats & Tips - Free Gems & Coins

If you are a big fan of golf and can't wait to play Golf Clash, you might want to earn free gems and coins and progress quickly. If so, keep reading to discover a guide that offers plenty of Golf Clash tips, especially if you've ever dreamed of playing in the PGA!

Golf Clash tips and tricks for free gems and coins:

1. Focus your energy on achieving achievement.

The main reason why you should spend most of your time trying to complete as many achievements as possible is that the price for completing achievements is free gems. Keep in mind that gems are rarer and more valuable than coins, so it's a good idea to focus on accumulating gems.

2. Open chests to earn free gems and coins as well as new gear.

One of the easiest ways to earn free gems and coins is by opening loot boxes. If you plan to play Golf Clash several times a day, you might want to opt for chests that will unlock in a short amount of time, while if you only log into Golf Clash once or twice a day , you will get more value by choosing to unlock chests that unlock after longer periods of time.

As a bonus each time you open a chest, you can be rewarded with powerful gear such as a new golf club that will increase some of your player stats.

3. Start collecting trophies to earn more chests.

One of the fastest ways to earn chests is to collect trophies from every available tournament. However, keep in mind that this is the maximum number of trophies you can earn in each tournament. Once you've collected all possible trophies from a tournament, move on to collecting trophies from a whole new tournament.

4. Only enter tournaments that you can actually win.

As there is an entry fee for each tournament, you should not waste your money entering tournaments that you do not have a realistic chance of winning. Instead, choose carefully which rounds you think you'll win in order to win a cash jackpot.

5. Consider watching ads to earn bonus coins.

Another way to earn free coins is to watch ads regularly to collect as many free coins as possible. If you can't stand watching ads, it's a good idea to click on the ads available when watching a movie or TV series and you don't need to pay too much attention to your game.

Other Golf Clash tips and tricks:

1. Don't try to upgrade all your clubs.

You will end up spending all your available money if you try to upgrade all your clubs, which will save you from having enough money to enter tournaments. Instead, research the pros and cons of each of your clubs and select a few clubs to improve.

2. Stay cool and relaxed when you have to play nail-biting playoff holes.

As you won't get the chance to practice random play-off holes, be sure to stay calm and collected so you don't make an avoidable mistake.

3. Keep an eye out for special seasonal tournaments.

Sign up for any seasonal tournament, as seasonal tournaments offer much better prizes than a regular tournament.

4. Learn how to use splice and rotation to your advantage.

If you're struggling to get the perfect shot, you might want to try using splice and rotation to your advantage. Like sometimes, using a splice or rotation can help you get the perfect shot without getting frustrated.

5. Always pay attention to the wind.

As the wind can affect the direction and length of your shots, make it a habit to consider wind speed and direction. If you don't want to end up hitting a shot with a tailwind or hitting your ball in the rough.

So if you're ready to start collecting international golf trophies to add to your trophy cabinet, it's definitely worth using all the tips and tricks listed above to win as many tournaments as possible.

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