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If it is not always easy to select your Google Home voice assistant, we also get lost very quickly when we look at all the connected devices for the home. From products specially designed to enhance your multimedia experience to protection devices against burglary, you will find a wide range of alternatives. Discover the advantages of each solution, its differences with the others and its specificities. In this way, you will have all the keys in hand to choose the facilities best suited to your needs!

Google Wifi, to optimize Internet access anywhere in the house

Ideal for large houses in which WiFi is not well received everywhere, Google Wifi replaces your router, to simplify and optimize your connection. If you don't want to manage the complex settings yourself, this Google device does it for you by automatically choosing the best channel, the fastest Google Wifi point and using the most efficient band. for each device.

Very easily, the interface gives access to essential information such as the devices connected to each router, guest access, etc. We also appreciate the presence of practical features, such as the one allowing you to define connection times for children.

Sold from €139, the device can be enriched with additional access points for large houses, knowing that one device covers approximately 85m². On the security and confidentiality side, it should be kept in mind that a permanent connection to Google remains essential to benefit from the service. Google provides effective protection through regular updates to its system.

85 stars Read the test Google WiFi Google offers here its router soberly called Google Wifi. It has the advantage of price without sacrificing design or efficiency. Its role, thanks to its satellites, is to extend the range of the wireless network in homes where traditional operator boxes or routers have difficulty broadcasting. However, it is mandatory to use Google services, an account and the mobile application are required.

Chromecast or Chromecast Ultra: streaming with or without 4K

Sold respectively for 39 € and 79 €, the Chromecast and the Chromecast Ultra both allow you to watch streaming programs directly from your television. If the two devices connect to the HDMI socket of the screen, only the Ultra version accepts 4K videos.

Very easy to use, Chromecast connects to the television and is controlled from the mobile application downloaded on a tablet or smartphone. Naturally, these devices will appeal to all streaming enthusiasts who subscribe to Netflix, Spotify or even Deezer. But you can also, with Chromecast, display many other applications on TV: channel replays, social networks and even games.

The choice between the simple or Ultra version depends on the importance you place on 4K. Concretely, if you use applications that are not compatible with this format, just Chromecast. On the other hand, if you have a Netflix subscription including 4K or if you watch a lot of videos in this format, you will appreciate the Chromecast Ultra, provided you have a good Internet connection and a 4K TV!

Chromecast audio, music streaming to your speakers

Haven't invested in a Google Home speaker because you already have all the sound you need in your home? Then Chromecast Audio may be of interest to you. It connects via a jack cable to any speaker, and allows you to easily stream your music.

Concretely, the Chromecast Audio is managed with your tablet or smartphone, thanks to a free mobile application. It transforms any hi-fi system into a connected speaker. Whether you use Google Music, Deezer or Spotify streaming services, you can stream your music in excellent quality through this small box, which guarantees a sound experience superior to that of a CD.

The use is not limited to music streaming applications: as soon as you launch a video or a game with sound on your phone, just press the "Cast" icon for the music to be played in your pregnant. Sold for €39, the device remains compatible with many entertainment applications (TV, games, radio).

82 stars Read the test Google Chromecast Audio The Chromecast Audio, the latest audio accessory from Google, is a distillation of everything the brand has learned about streaming integrated into a simple, affordable and ultra-compact device.


The range of connected products Google is not limited to simple entertainment: you can also use devices designed for comfort and security at home. For example, several cameras exist in different ranges: the "Nest Cam Indoor", the "Nest Cam Outdoor", to monitor indoors and outdoors, and the "Nest Cam IQ", the most sophisticated to the current time.

If the first two cameras are sold for €199 and €229, the “IQ” model is worth €349. This camera is able to distinguish a person entering your home and then alert you to the event in real time. It films in 4K, and broadcasts an image that is also visible in the dark.

The boiler thermostat

The Nest Learning Thermostat, on the other hand, is compatible with many high-efficiency condensing boilers. It allows you to manage the heating remotely, to save energy without ever giving up your comfort. Sold for €249, it is popular for its simplicity of daily installation.

The connected smoke detector

Finally, if the presence of a smoke detector is mandatory in homes, some are not satisfied with the basic device that can be found for less than 10 € in stores. So, to protect yourself further, you can opt for the connected version, which Google has developed under the name "Nest Protect". For €129, this smoke and carbon monoxide detector protects residents from accidents and warns users in the event of a problem.

If wired to the thermostat, Nest Protect will turn off the boiler if carbon monoxide is present (as this is the most common source of leaks). And when it is connected to a camera, you can directly view the house remotely following the triggering of the alarm.

All of these Google connected devices have the merit of making life easier for users - and can link to the Google Home voice assistant. It's up to you to choose your equipment according to your budget and your own needs!

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