Hollow Knight: How to get a double jump

It is possible to complete the Hollow Knight campaign without the double jump ability. However, since the game is part of the Metroidvania genre, searching for monarch wings that allow temporary flight, or more specifically double jumps, is completely normal.

Maybe it's because you're a finalist, or maybe you want to move around with ease and better prepare for certain bosses. Either way, you've come to the right place!

How to Unlock Monarch Wings (Double Jump) in Hollow Knight

The following two main steps will guide you through your journey to obtain the Monarch Wings.

Step One - Obtain the Crystal Heart Ability

You can find the Monarch Wings in the Ancient Basin, but it's essential to have the Crystal Heart ability first. If you already have the Crystal Heart, you can go straight to step two.

This step is a summarized version of how to get the Crystal Heart down that rabbit hole. As mentioned above, to get the Monarch Wings, you will need the Crystal Heart beforehand. To acquire the Crystal Heart ability, achieve the following three conditions:

The "Desolate Dive" spell

You'll find it in the City of Tears as a reward for defeating the Soul Master.

The object "Lumafly Lantern"

Sly the merchant sells it. First, you need to save Sly at the Forgotten Crossroads. Next, talk to Sly in the small village after defeating the boss named Gruz Mother.

The “Mantis Claw” ability

To get it, you will first need to get the Mothwing Cloak ability. The cape is a reward for defeating the boss named Hornet, found in Greenpath.

After acquiring the cloak, head to the lower west of Mantis Village, where there is a wall blockage. Activate the switch located under this wall. Then go east and jump on a platform to reach the place where the switch unlocks. There you will find the Mantis Claw.

Once you've gotten everything from the list above, head down east of Forgotten Crossroads and clear your way to Crystal Peak. The Crystal Heart is further east of the entrance.

Step Two - Unlock Monarch Wings

Here are the steps to get the Double Jump ability:

  1. Go to the Ancient Basin.
  2. You must defeat a medium difficulty boss named "Shattered Vessel". It's on the right side of where the monarch wings are.
  3. After defeating the ship, continue further to the left. Eventually you reach a fountain of moths. This fountain will grant you monarch wings.

Note that the broken ship will perform the following attacks:

  • Ground Slams: After jumping, the boss will stand still above the player and slam against them. Then it will release two Infection Globes on both sides. Dash to avoid the slam and temporarily stay near the boss after he slams. You can counterattack right after a slam.
  • Dash Attacks: The boss performs the dash both in the air and on the ground after raising his head. To avoid the whirlwind attack, get behind the boss as he rushes towards you, then attack back.
  • Flail Attacks: You will unleash these ranged attacks that are approximate locked. Therefore, stay away from this range as these attacks are not dodgeable.
  • Random Infected Balloons: The more balloons that spawn, the harder they are to destroy as they have strength in numbers.
  • Jump Attacks: The boss jumps towards the player and only damages after hitting you.
  • Fountain of infection attack: it consists of bringing infection balls into the arena. The Fountain of Infection is a random but quick attack that you need to avoid by keeping your distance from this boss.

To fight this boss you need to use Quick Focus, Spore Shroom and Desolate Dive. The latter is very effective when the boss creates infection spots.

How to Use Monarch Wings in Hollow Knight

The wings help with the platform. Therefore, to use monarch wings correctly, make good use of the double jump ability it provides, even if these jumps are shorter than the default jump. In addition to hitting the ground, sliding down a wall using the Mantis Claw will also reset jump count, take damage, and bounce off enemies and objects, allowing you to double up again.

For exploration, the wings will provide access to the Palace Grounds, White Palace, Fungal Core, Mask Shard, and Enraged Guardian. Although the wings are not essential for getting to other places, they can be a good help. These locations include the Hive, Crown of Hallownest, Watcher's Spire, and Realm's Edge.

Go for victory in monarch style

Sometimes games don't leave us much choice but to search the internet for solutions, as is usually the case when playing a Metroidvania game. Now that you've surfed the internet and found your way, it's time to buckle up because you're about to take your wings, so new adventures await!

Which Hollow Knight upgrade is your favorite? How do you like your new wings? Let us know in the comment section below.

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