Homescapes Cheats, Hints, Free Coins & Stars

Homescapes tells the story of Austin, a funny butler who one day discovers that the owners of the house want to sell it. He begins to renovate the mansion, hoping this will prevent the owners from putting the house up for sale. To help Austin fix up everything that's broken, you need to solve match-3 puzzles, earn coins that will allow him to buy tools and other valuable resources.

Although progressing in the game may take a long time, you can use some cheats, cheats and cheats we provide that will help you progress more easily and complete the renovation faster.

Homescape Tips, Tricks & Strategies:

1. Think ahead.

An important game tip is to plan your moves in advance. If you decide to stick with a random compensation strategy, you are going to spend a lot of time playing in vain. You have to be more consistent and visionary, in a way, by planning 3 moves ahead, which will allow you to complete missions much faster.

2. Always release from the bottom.

If you have a top match and a bottom match ahead, it's best to start with the bottom one. Clearing a lower row can trigger an avalanche of new matches above since all the symbols will change position, while if you only clear the upper row you will only get a new row and the symbols below will remain unchanged.

3. Direct your bonuses.

Bonuses are special features that give you a large number of matches at once. You need to study them well and know how each powerup behaves so that once you trigger it, it generates as many matches as possible. There are 4 bonuses in Homescapes.

Rocket creates a vertical or horizontal match consisting of 4 cubes that look like a rocket, while the bomb is triggered when you arrange 5 cubes in an L shape. The paper airplane feature is created when you place 4 cubes in a square shape, while the rainbow ball comes into action when you create a column or a line made up of 5 cubes. The last one is able to clear all cubes from the board whose color matches the color of the match.

4. Do powerup combos.

Another trick of the game is to combine bonuses into combos, which will allow you to remove many more lines than when activating a single bonus. You can also resort to a combo when the position of the cubes on the board is not favorable at all. This way the explosive combo will clear the board and allow it to be refreshed with new cubes that will likely have a luckier position.

Homescapes Free Coins and Stars.

If you are not patient to pass the levels, you can opt for an online cheat tool that gives you coins and stars for free. Of course, clearing match after match can sometimes be a tedious and boring task, while getting boosters and bonuses that help you level up in seconds is only possible if you have a large number of rooms.

The online tool allows you to get as many coins as you want in your account and buy lots of boosters that help you complete the level without making a single move. And these are not just boosters. The ton of coins you get will help you buy extra moves and time and even recharge your life making sure you don't waste time playing over level.

Using Homescapes cheats for coins and stars is easier than you think. It is compatible with any browser and it is available online without the need to download it. All you have to do is go to the website and provide your Homescapes user ID.

Download Homescapes for PC

Now choose how many coins you want to send to your account, and in 3 minutes the coins will arrive. The tool works based on an advanced algorithm powered by artificial intelligence that prevents any hacking attempt on your account and protects your device from malicious files. Many players praise this tool for granting lots of coins which helps them to level up in seconds and overcome obstacles easily.

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