How to add a computer to SplashTop

Splashtop is one of many remote desktop software you can use on Windows and Mac. It lets you control a target computer from anywhere in the world as long as you have an internet connection. So how can you take advantage of this great feature?

How to add a computer to SplashTop

In this article, you'll learn how to add a computer to Splashtop so you can control it from anywhere. This will allow you direct access to your personal files, wherever you are. We'll also answer some of your burning questions on the subject.

How to add a computer at Splashtop

The computer you will use as the control device is the host computer. The computer you want to control is the target desktop. On your host computer, you should already have Splashtop installed. Otherwise, do it first.

Splashtop Streamer is one of the software you will need to have downloaded. You can distribute it via a unique 12-digit code or by manually installing it on the target desktop. This method ensures that there will be no exploitable weaknesses.

You will send the code to a user through a deployment package, and once the user on the other computer receives it, they can install Splashtop Streamer. They can download the file via the attached link, or you can send an installer directly.

Here's how to send the installation package:

  1. Launch Splashtop Business.
    How to add a computer to SplashTop
  2. Create the deployment package on Splashtop Business.
    How to add a computer to SplashTop
  3. Select "Deploy" to send it.
    How to add a computer to SplashTop
  4. Make sure the target workstation has received the deployment package.
    How to add a computer to SplashTop
  5. Install Splashtop Streamer on the target desktop.
    How to add a computer to SplashTop
  6. Complete the installation process.
  7. Once done, you can access the target desktop remotely.
    How to add a computer to SplashTop
  8. Connect to your target desktop with Splashtop Business or another application (see below for more on this).
  9. Start accessing the target desktop remotely.
    How to add a computer to SplashTop

The process is simple. There is no need to remember IP addresses or computer name. Once everything is set up, you can launch the Splashtop app and immediately control the other computer.

As we mentioned earlier, Splashtop offers many different programs. Some of the specific applications that allow you to control another computer are:

  • Splashtop Business
  • splash center
  • Extension Splashtop Business Chrome
  • Splashtop Business Access Pro
  • Splashtop Enterprise
  • Splashtop Personnel

Splashtop Business is free to download and you can get it for computers and mobile devices. If you prefer not to install a large file, there is always the Chrome extension which is also free. Splashtop Personal is also free as long as you're on a local personal network.

Splashtop Center is a dated version that you can download for free. The others, Business Access Pro and Enterprise, are paid products. Splashtop Business Access Pro costs US$8,25 per month per user. For Enterprise, you will need to call Splashtop customer service for a quote.

There is a free trial for Splashtop Business Access Pro, which lasts seven days, but it is better to use Splashtop Business. This is sufficient for home and travel use.

You must have a stable Internet connection for all these applications and the computer must be active or in sleep mode. This applies to both Windows and Mac. You can set wake-up permissions.

Windows lets you wake up computers even when they're turned off, but this feature isn't currently available for Mac. You can only hibernate or sleep a Mac while it's connected to the Internet.

Additional FAQs

Where to configure access permissions?

If you can't see a remote computer, the owner has configured it so that only they or certain Splashtop users can access it. To fix this, you need to configure access permissions. However, the owner must first grant access.

Do not worry. Follow these steps to configure permissions:

1. Log into your Splashtop account on the official website.

2. Navigate to "Computers".

3. To the right of the computer name, select the gear icon.

4. In the menu, select "Access authorization".

5. In another menu, choose from the four options.

6. Add one user per account if needed.

7. Select "Confirm" when finished.

If you already own the target desktop, you probably won't need to configure permissions. This is still important information, as you may grant access to others in the future.

The four options are:

Owner access only

All administrators can access

· All members and administrators can access

Specific members only

Is Splashtop free?

Yes, but only for certain applications. Splashtop Business and Personal are free to use. You can download and install either of them from the official site.

There is also a free trial for Splashtop Business Access Pro. It lasts seven days and you will have to pay afterwards.

Let me help you with that

Now that you know how to use Splashtop and add a computer for remote access, you no longer have to give up your mighty setup. Even outdoors, you only need a stable internet connection to access your important information. Just make sure you have everything set up beforehand.

How do you use Splashtop? Do you think remote desktop access is a good idea? Let us know in the comments section below.

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