How to Add Music to Your Photos or Stories in Snapchat

One of the coolest features of Instagram Stories is the inclusion of music stickers, allowing you to attach clips of your favorite songs to your story in a few quick steps.

Snapchat hasn't added a similar feature yet, but with a little creativity you can add songs to your snaps and even link to Spotify to share the music you love with your friends. Here's how.

Add music to your Snapchat videos

Adding music from your phone to your Snaps can be done quickly and easily with the music app of your choice, whether that's your phone's native music app, Spotify, Pandora or whatever. You just need to follow a few simple steps and you'll have music added to your Snaps in no time.

For starters, you'll want to be in an environment where you can actually play music on your phone. If you're in a classroom or library, this probably isn't the process for you. Make sure your volume is mounted somewhere between half and two-thirds; mounted to the max; it will likely distort the volume when picked up by your microphone.

  1. Launch the music application of your choice.
  2. Browse your music and find the song you want to add to your Snap.
  3. Play the song, but pause it right after, navigating just before the section of the song you want to play
  4. Just before is very important, give it a little headroom before it plays the section you want!
  5. Then, use the multitasking feature to return to Snapchat.
  6. Launch your Snapchat app.
  7. The first thing you'll see is your camera view; switch to the camera of your choice.
  8. If you're using an iOS device, swipe up from the bottom to see Control Center; If you're using an Android device, swipe down from the top to bring up Notification Center.
  9. Either way, you'll see the song you chose for your Snap.
  10. Press the "Play" button to start playing the song from where you left off; close the notification or control center.
  11. You will see the Snapchat panel again. Press and hold the "Record" button to start recording and focus the camera on what you want to record.
  12. When you're done, lift your finger from the "Save" button.
  13. Snapchat will play the video for you. The part of the song that was playing while you were recording will be captured. If you don't hear sound, re-enable the Snapchat app.
  14. When the playback ends, tap the little arrow icon in the lower right corner of the screen to send your new video to your friends.
  15. Scroll through your contacts and choose who you want to send the Snap to.
  16. Press the "Send" button. When they open the snap, your friends will hear music playing in the background of the video.

Share songs with Spotify

Assuming you just want to share music and not add personal content, Snapchat and Spotify now work together so you can do that.

Launch Spotify on your phone and select the song you are listening to.

Tap the three vertical lines in the upper right corner and select "Share".

Tap 'Spotify' and your song will appear with the album cover. You can proceed from here to post as you would with any other Snap.

With the new Music Story options on other platforms, it feels a bit outdated. Not to mention, it restricts users to only using Spotify. You might be wondering "what's the point if I can't be in the Snap?" »

Apart from the fact that music is a great way to express yourself or introduce a friend to something you love, you can add stickers, text, and other features to your Spotify Snap before sharing it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here is some additional information on creating the perfect Snapchat video:

Can I download a video with music?

Absoutely. Assuming you have a video you made and want to upload it as a Snapchat story, you can do that. Simply open Snapchat, tap the dual card icon next to the record icon, and select the video you want to download from Camera Roll.u003cbru003eu003cbru003eu003ca href=u0022 -snapchat-video- after-recording/u0022u003eUploading a video is easyu003c/au003e, getting the music for your video is the hardest part. One thing we have already tried is to record video on iOS and Android with music. Unfortunately, as soon as the video started playing, the music app stopped playing.

Can I download a third-party app to add music?

Based on what we can tell by scrolling through various app stores, you'll need to add music to your video using an external app and then upload it to Snapchat.u003cbru003eu003cbru003eYou can use something like InShot (a trusted app with a bunch of music options) to add music to a video you've created. Once your masterpiece is complete, open Snapchat and download the video from the camera roll using the dual card icon.

Latest Thoughts

Background music will make your Snaps cooler and give a whole new dimension to your one-on-one and group chats. Use the methods described in this article to add a soundtrack to your snaps like a pro. If you want to learn more about Snapchat tips and tricks, check out our article on 5 Extremely Useful Snapchat Tips and Tricks.

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