How to Add Text in Kinemaster

With ongoing technological advances, smartphones have become true productivity engines. It's been a while since the first feature film was fully recorded on a phone, but the tech hasn't stopped at excellent phone cameras.

Apps like Kinemaster allow users to edit video material on their smartphones, creating a professional-level end product. If you use Kinemaster to edit your vlogs, YouTube or other videos, you can also add text to images.

Fortunately, adding text in Kinemaster is relatively simple. In this article, we'll show you how to put words to your pictures.

How to Add Text to Video in Kinemaster iPhone App

The method to add text to video using Kinemaster app on iPhone is quite simple. You will need to follow these steps:

  1. Import the recording into the app.
  2. The "Layer" icon will become available on the menu wheel on the right side. Click on it and choose “Text”.
  3. The app will take you to the text editing screen. There you can enter the text you want to display in the video. Press "OK" to confirm.
  4. Back to the main project screen, you will see your text centered in front of the video. You can move the text box by dragging it to the new position.
  5. If you want to resize or rotate the text, tap and drag one of the two arrow icons that appear at the edge of the box. The straight arrow icon is used for resizing, while the curved icon rotates the text box.
  6. When the text box is selected, the text menu will be on the right side of the screen. Use the menu options to customize the text.

It is possible to modify the appearance of your text in Kinemaster. You can adjust its size, font, color and background. Moreover, you can add various effects to the text and choose animations for it. These animations include spinning, sliding, falling, and others. Here is a detailed description of the menu from top to bottom and from left to right:

  • The first line contains two icons and a button. The first icon is for text input, represented by a simplified keyboard image. The second is the text menu, represented by a slightly modified "hamburger" icon. Finally, pressing the button – a tick in a circle – accepts any changes you have made to the text.
  • The second line has three icons: the font selection (“Aa” icon), the cut (represented by a pair of scissors) and the color (a white square). Tapping on these icons lets you change the font and size, cut text, and change its color, respectively.
  • The third, fourth, and fifth lines are for text animation. You can choose how the text is animated when entering the frame, while in the video, and when exiting the frame. Touch one of the fields to display and choose the corresponding options.
  • Finally, the fifth line is called “Alpha (Opacity)”. From here you can control the brightness and transparency of the text.

Below the menu, you will see the video timeline and the text timeline below. Tap and drag the edges of the text timeline area to adjust when text appears and disappears. You can also drag the entire box to place it in a different section of the video.

How to Add Text to Video in Kinemaster Android App

The Kinemaster app works the same on Android phones as it does on iOS. Here is what you need to do to add text to video on Android device:

  1. Import the recording to activate the "Layer" option in the menu wheel.
  2. Click on “Layer”, then on “Text”.
  3. You will see the text editing screen. Write the text you want in the video and confirm by pressing "OK". You will return to the main screen.
  4. Your text will now be in the center of the video preview. Tap and drag to reposition the text box.
  5. There will be two arrow icons on the right edge of the box. You can resize the text by dragging the straight arrow icon or dragging the curved icon to rotate it.
  6. If the box is checked, you will see the text menu on the right side. This menu contains various options for customizing the text.

Kinemaster on Android lets you edit your text in several ways. The text size, font, color and background are fully customizable and you can add various effects. Finally, you can choose whether the text will rotate, slide, drop, or be animated in some other way.

However, to set up your text exactly the way you want, you need to be familiar with the menu. Here are all the menu options described by lines and as they appear from left to right on the Android app:

  • The first line has two icons followed by a button. There is a text input option, represented by a simplified keyboard image and the text menu, displayed as a "hamburger" icon. The button is a circled checkmark and is used to accept changes.
  • The second row has three icons: the “Aa” icon for font selection, a pair of scissors that allows you to delete text, and a white square to choose text color.
  • The next three lines are called “In Animation”, “Overall Animation” and “Out Animation”. These options control the type of text animation when displayed in the video. By tapping on each field, the options related to it will be displayed.
  • The last line is “Alpha (Opacity)”. It allows you to adjust the brightness and transparency of the text.

Below the text menu is the video timeline with text highlighted below. You can drag the edges of the text timeline area to stretch the length of time the text stays on screen, or drag the entire area to place it somewhere else in the video.

How to Add Text to Video in Kinemaster iPad App

Working in Kinemaster on an iPad is like using the app on an iPhone. For a more detailed explanation of how to add and adjust text in your video, please refer to the “How to add text to video in Kinemaster iPhone app” section of this article.

Here is a brief overview of the method:

  1. Import your video into the app.
  2. Choose "Layer" from the menu, then press "Text."
  3. Enter the desired text and press "OK" to confirm.
  4. On the main project screen, drag the text box to position it where you want it.
  5. Use the straight and curved arrows on the edge of the box to resize or rotate the text.
  6. The text menu will be available whenever the text box is selected. Use this menu for further customization.

How to Add Text to a Video in Kinemaster on a Chromebook

Since Chromebooks run Android apps, there will be no difference between adding text on your Chromebook and the method described in the "How to add text to a video in the Kinemaster iPhone app" section of this item.

If you don't want to read the detailed explanation, here are the basic instructions:

  1. Import the video into the Kinemaster app.
  2. Under the "Layer" menu option, choose "Text."
  3. Write the text you want to appear in the video, then confirm by pressing "OK".
  4. Reposition the text box by dragging it on the preview screen.
  5. Using the two arrows on the edge of the box (the straight and the curved), resize and rotate the text as desired.
  6. Customize the text further via the text menu, which will be available when the text box is selected.

Unleash your creativity

Adding text to your videos will make your content more exciting and allow you to highlight specific parts of the recording. Now that you know how to add text to video in Kinemaster on all major platforms, you'll be able to produce any type of video you imagine.

Did you manage to add text to your videos in Kinemaster? What kind of video have you made? Tell us in the comments section below.

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