How to Automatically Assign Roles in Discord

Discord Bots are used for many things. Music, automated Google searches, server announcements, and more that basic Discord doesn't offer. Using Bots to customize your Discord app is one thing that makes this messaging app so great. Although the ability to automatically assign roles isn't readily available in the app, adding a bot is a simple and effective way to get the job done.

Roles are a defining feature of a Discord server hierarchy. They grant specific privileges to a member, allowing them to perform certain tasks within the server.

Sometimes it would be easier to automatically assign a role to a member for reaching a certain milestone, completing a particular task, or simply for time spent remaining a loyal member.

The only known way to do this at the moment is to use a Discord Bot.

Use bots to automatically assign roles in Discord

Now, there are a few different bots to choose from that can automatically assign roles to members. This article details how to set up the bot and auto-assign feature with two of the most prominent bots on the market.

Dyno Bot

Dyno Bot is a feature-rich Discord bot that is used on over 3 million Discord servers. It is fully customizable and has a simple and intuitive web-based dashboard. Not only can you use it to automatically assign roles to members, but it also offers a music search option that fetches videos from YouTube for you to watch, an automated Google search feature to surf the web in your name, various custom commands to your elimination, an "Announcements" function, and much more.

Configuration of Dyno Bot

The Dyno Bot setup process is simple, with a few steps. The process is relatively quick and easy, and once it's up and running, it only takes a few more steps to activate 'Autorole'.

To configure Dyno Bot, you need to start by visiting the official website and downloading the tool:

Login to Dynamo

Head to and click on the blue button labeled Connect with Discord.

You can find it at the top right of the screen OR directly in the center right of the "About Dyno" paragraph.

Add to server

If you are already connected to Discord, you can click on the button Add to server instead, located in the main menu bar. However, you will still need to be logged in to access the dashboard.

Allow Dynamometer

Log in using your credentials and a new authorization page will open. Click on " To allow " proceed.

Select your server

Next, you will need to choose the server you want to add Dyno Bot to. You can select it from the drop-down menu.

Customize the bot

Once the server is selected, you can choose from a list of permissions. You can uncheck the ones you don't want.

Click on the To allow button to activate Dyno Bot on your server.

An "I'm not a robot" reCAPTCHA window will appear asking for permission. Click on the box and continue.

You should now be on the Manage Servers Page from the Dyno Bot website. From there, you can head to your server's dashboard.

What you need to do now is:

Manage servers

Click on the server logo in the “Manage” tab to access that server's dashboard.

Give your bot a nickname

In the "Home" tab of the "General" section, you will need to give your Dyno Bot a nickname and set up a command prefix.

The command prefix is ​​essential in order to use any of the commands provided by Dyno Bot.

Dyno Bot: automatic assignment of roles and ranks

In Dyno, you can enable the "Autorole" feature from the Dashboard in the "Modules Settings" section.

Back in the Dyno Bot dashboard for your server:

Select the 'Authorities' option

In the “Module Settings” section, click on the Auto Roles option in the left menu.

Select role

In the main window, click the drop-down menu and select the role you want to add for automatic assignment.

Set deadlines

Choose the amount of time it takes for new members to acquire this role in the "Delay (minutes)" box.

It can be immediate by putting a '0' or by leaving the space empty.

If you are good at math, you can make the duration last in days, weeks, months or even years by placing the appropriate time in minutes.

Make sure the Dyno Bot has a higher role on your server than the automatically assigned role, otherwise it won't work.

Click on “Add”

Click on blue Add to set the role as auto-assigned.

You can remove any role you place here whenever you want by clicking the red button Remove to the right of the role in the "List of automatic roles".

The role will now be assigned to each member who reaches the time target set in place.

Dyno Bot also offers members of your server the ability to create ranks. Ranks are like roles, but the ability to assign them is determined by the ?rang order. They are created the same way as roles – the server owner will create them and set the permissions for each on the Discord server.

Anyone considered a bot admin can determine which ranks are open to the public by adding them from the Dyno Bot dashboard. While not considered automatic, it's still a faster way to provide specific permissions, including exclusive access to your members without you having to give it to them personally.

If you want to create ranks for Dyno Bot:

  1. Go back to the Dyno Bot dashboard of the server for which you want to add ranks.
  2. Go to the "Autoroles" tab of the "Module Settings" section as you would for roles.
  3. This time, click on the "Joinable Ranks" tab located at the top of the main window.
  4. Click the "Select a role" drop-down menu and choose the role(s) you want to make reachable.
  5. In the "Ranking Settings" section, you can choose to limit members to a single role. This will help limit the power members can have.
  6. Click it Add button for each selected role.

Now your members can add a rank by typing ?rank where the role must be typed in full.


Newcomers to the Discord bot scene may find using Dyno Bot confusing. This may be a bit too much for an unsophisticated user. If that sounds like you, let me introduce you to a simpler alternative, Mee6.

The Mee6 bot is a really cool tool for a server that wants to branch out into a community. It offers almost as much as the Dyno Bot (in some ways more) while still being easier to use and navigate. The LEVEL UP feature is really cool because it gets your server members to engage in banter.

Each time you send a text message in one of the server channels, you have the option to "level up". It doesn't necessarily provide additional benefits (without buying Premium), but just like in video games, it can still be quite enjoyable.

Mee6 setup

Mee6 is no different from Dyno Bot in its setup process. You will need to go to the official Mee6 website to get started.

Configurons Mee6 :

Add to Discord

Head to and click on the Add to Discord button.

Connect to Discord

This process is a little faster if you're already logged into Discord, but all that's really needed are your Discord login credentials.

Allow Mee6

Once logged into Discord, you will receive the Mee6 permission pop-up asking for access. Click it To allow button at the bottom right of the window.

Whichever server you want Mee6 to be part of, go ahead and click on the logo.

Select your server

Locate the server you are working with and click "Configure Mee6" on the right.


You will receive another authorization window, this time with the server already selected in the drop-down list. Just click on the Continue button again to continue.

" I am not a robot "

Click the box next to "I'm not a robot" to continue.

Welcome to your Mee6 dashboard! This is where you can change the settings and commands associated with your Mee6 bot. Mee6 offers various automatic commands such as; ban users, delete posts, and warn a user who violates your channel standards.

Mee6: Automatic role

Mee6 allows you to automatically add a role to new visitors to your server. Most Discord bot auto-assign capabilities revolve around those that are new to your server. Without opting for premium options on bots that allow more, you're pretty much stuck with this limited functionality.

To automatically add a role for newcomers:

Click on the “Welcome” tab

From the Mee6 dashboard, click on the “Welcome” tab option.

Activate new users

Scroll down to the option labeled “Give roles to new users” and toggle it on.

Click on the "+"

Click the '+' in the 'ROLES TO GIVE' box and select the role you want visitors to your server to automatically grant them.

Finalize your decision by clicking on the Save changes button at the bottom of the screen.

Similar to Dyno Bot, make sure Mee6 has a higher authority role than the roles you grant.

Manage Roles in Discord

Suppose you want to individually assign roles which you can from the Discord app. By clicking on the server you are working with, do the following:

Click the drop-down arrow

Tap the drop-down menu at the top right where your server name appears. You should see a "down arrow".

Select server settings

Click on “Server Settings”.

Click on “Roles”

Choose the second option that appears on the left side that says “Roles”.

Assign permissions

Toggle the permissions you want to assign to those on your server.

To manage server roles in the Discord app, see this article.

The only other way to add auto-role functionality is to create a bot yourself that does the deed. You can add your own special touch to things that will take certain steps towards a new role or any other way you can think of to add one. The limit is your creativity, coding ability, and understanding of the Discord API.

Both of these bots on offer are very popular, which means they are likely to continue to receive support and evolve over time. If you have special requests for additional features, you can contact the support teams for Dyno Bot or Mee6 on their Discord support servers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Discord is already packed with plenty of features; Add to that the bots and automatic role assignment, it's only natural to have more questions. We've included more answers to these questions below.

Can I assign roles to new members?

Absoutely. Assigning roles to new members is often important to keep the peace in your channels. As new users join, you can assign roles that prevent them from commenting too much, mitigating any possible awkwardness. Simply go to the Roles tab, add the New Members role, and click on the channel you want to moderate.

Can I assign a temporary role?

When someone needs temporary access to permissions, you can turn permissions on, but you'll have to manually turn them off when done. However, just because Discord does not offer this option, bots are available. You can add this bot to any of your Discord servers and assign temporary roles to users.

Can I assign roles to automatically level up?

Apart from the available role timers, the Mee6 Bot will allow you to set auto-leveling options. All you have to do is verify that Mee6 has access to your server and open the Bot dashboard. From here you can set upgrade options.

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