How to Become Superhuman in Blox Fruits

In the vast world of Blox Fruits, players learn all kinds of fighting styles, each more fantastic than the next. From Sharkman Karate to Death Step, you can find your favorite and fight your enemies your way. Another martial art in Blox Fruits that many covet is Superhuman, a powerful fighting style.

If you're looking to learn this fighting style in Blox Fruit, you've come to the right place. Superhuman has a few requirements, but other than time, it's not hard to get. Read on to learn more about getting this coveted fighting style.

Blox Fruits: How to Become Superhuman

The superhuman fighting style costs 3 million Beli to buy from the Snow Mountain Martial Arts Master. However, before you can buy and learn the martial art, you must first unlock the following styles:

  • dark stage
  • Electro
  • Water Kung Fu
  • dragon's breath

However, once you have obtained all four prerequisite styles, you will need to achieve 300 mastery with each one. To obtain the Mastery, players must fight enemies until they reach the requirement.

After you finish grinding for all four fighting styles, follow these steps to get Superhuman:

  1. Go to the Snow Mountain area.
  2. Instead of heading into town, drive around the mountain.
  3. You will notice a place where descent is possible.
  4. Go down until you reach a cave.
  5. Enter the cave and talk to the martial arts master.
  6. Learn superhuman martial art from him.
  7. After paying him the 3 million Beli and learning the martial art, you can leave.

Superhuman's long work has been criticized, but players don't have to buy it. It's entirely optional, as it's a PvP-focused style of combat.

Gain Mastery Quickly in Blox Fruits

Players earn a lot of Beli while playing Blox Fruits, making it less of a problem than mastery. Here you will find some useful tips for quickly cultivating mastery.

If you have a private server, you can set up an autoclicker or macro to attack enemies without manual input. This method is only possible on PC, because macros do not exist for other platforms or are difficult to program.

Stand near certain enemies and let them come to you. With the help of autoclicker you will kill everything that rushes to attack you.

Doing this on a public server can backfire as other players can kill you and collect bounties. When you die, you will not respawn at the sweet spot for mastery farming. In a private server, however, other players cannot enter, which makes farming completely safe.

Another method that involves AFK farming as above also has players killing bosses. Go ahead and set two alarms. One will be half an hour from the departure time. The other will be at half past one.

When the first alarm sounds, regain control of your character and fight all the bosses you can find. After that, set another timer for 30 minutes and go back to AFK farming, then kill the bosses again when this one rings.

As the 90 minute alarm sounds, head to the factory and destroy the core with the martial art you want to master. After going to the Factory, you can stop here or start over from the beginning.

The Factory and bosses are excellent sources of Mastery. Repeating this process will earn you 300 mastery points very quickly.

There is also a third method that does not involve macros or AFK. You need to set up a spawn point near a boss and fight it. After defeating him, block a random player on the server and join the zone on another server.

If successful, the boss will be there and you can fight it immediately. Players can do this as many times as they want, although unlocking these random players will reset which servers you can join. The more servers you kill bosses on, the more mastery you get in a short time.

These methods work best in the Second Sea, although you can adapt them to other areas as well.

Farming for Mastery in the Third Sea

If you manage to make it to the Third Sea, here is an optimized path to earn Mastery quickly. You need portals, doors, or fast flight abilities to save time.

  1. Spawn in the mansion area.
  2. Kill Captain Elephant.
  3. Get to Hydra Island quickly.
  4. Kill the empress of the island.
  5. Locate the elite hunter.
  6. Go where his quest takes you.
  7. Kill the target.
  8. After a while, you can always repeat the quest for other martial arts.

With a little practice, you might be able to earn 300 mastery points in 45 minutes without breaking a sweat. Additionally, picking up the quest to kill the Empress of the island earns you extra XP and Beli. The latter is essential to buy Superhuman from the martial arts master, especially if you have spent a lot of it recently.

Surhumain martial art

For those interested in what Superhuman has to offer, read on for more details. The first thing to note is that Superhuman is almost useless outside of PvP combat other than decent travel. You can find better fighting styles for farming.

The main reason for his terrible farming potential is that all of his moves only hit a single target except for Thunder Clap. Even so, Thunder Clap inflicts enough knockback that you waste time tracking enemies instead of hitting them.

However, outside of PvP, you can also use Superhuman for raids and bounty hunting. These activities tend to focus on a single target so players can get the most out of the move set.

Here are Superhuman's moves:

A leaping move that allows you to hit enemies over 20 times. It's flexible in its direction and works well as a mobility tool, especially if you're not hitting any enemies. Beast Owl Pounce has an eight second cooldown.

The move can't Ken Break.

You can hold down the X key and charge Thunder Clap, although this does not increase damage or knockback values. Instead, your character will stomp the ground and release a ring of lightning that deals area damage to nearby enemies. The charge will summon a tornado before the stomp.

When hit in the middle of the move, he can Ken Break. Thunder Clap cooldown is 10 seconds.

With this move, users can dash and deal massive damage and knockback. You can also use Conqueror's Gun as a movement option if you don't hit an enemy. When you hit something or someone with the center hitbox, the move can Ken Break.

Superhuman has incredible combo potential, making him devastating against single targets. He is also ranked third in total damage values ​​of all fighting styles. Here are some other pros and cons of the martial art style.


  • Ideal for traveling with Z and C movements.
  • Z has a low cooldown, making it ideal for repeated use.
  • His left-click attack is the fastest in the game, pairing well with Buddha.
  • The C move deals a lot of damage.
  • Combos with other moves outside of his own for incredible damage.

The inconvenients

  • Enemies can still avoid Z with Ken Haki and good timing.
  • Z does not work against Sea Beasts.
  • Superhuman work is time consuming and repetitive.
  • Not optimal to use for farming enemies.
  • Z can be overwhelmed if more than one player attacks you.
  • Most of his moves are single target only.
  • Effective only after a little practice.
  • Farming can be expensive.

As you can see, Superhuman is a powerful martial art that you can learn in Blox Fruits. Behind the long grind and higher skill floor, it's a fighting style that's well worth everything you pour into it. Under the right circumstances, defending yourself from other players or killing bosses becomes less difficult with this incredible martial art.

One-on-one, let's go

While not the best fighting style for farming regular enemies, Superhuman makes you a deadly foe in PvP and against bosses. Enemies will crumble under the weight of the style's combo potential and high damage, leaving you the winner. It's hard to master, but bounty hunters should think twice about committing to it once players understand its intricacies.

What is your favorite fighting style? Did you farm for Superhuman? Please tell us in the comments section below.

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