How to Block Someone on TikTok

Although it is quite strict on content and communication policies, TikTok is not immune to abuse. In fact, some criminal charges have been filed regarding the abuse of underage users. And the sad fact is that there will always be criminal minds trying to take advantage of an otherwise fun and well-meaning social network.

Even online bullying can be heartbreaking, although there's usually nothing criminal about it. You should therefore not hesitate to block and report a user who has given you a hard time. Keep reading to find out how to do it.

Block people on TikTok

There's not much to blocking or reporting a user on TikTok – the actions are pretty much the same as on most other social media platforms. Nevertheless, it is worth taking a close look at the necessary steps.

Step 1

Launch the app and find the person you want to block. The good thing is that you don't need to follow the person to initiate the block.

Once you see a post from that person, tap on their username and select the three vertical dots in the upper right corner of the screen.

Step 2

As soon as you do that, a popup window with more actions appears. Tap the "Block" button under the various sharing options, and you're good to go.

You can also report a user here. Tap the “Report” button and TikTok will take you to the “Select a reason” window. You have to check a few boxes before submitting, but the menus are intuitive and user-friendly, so it shouldn't take you more than a minute to report someone.


TikTok informs you that the report has been sent via a small notification. However, it's still unclear if you get feedback after the platform processes your request. For example, something like an email stating that the person impersonating you has been banned from the platform. If you have any experience in this field, feel free to share it in the comments section below.

However, the user is immediately blocked and the content of the profile disappears. The platform saves your preferences and you will not see this user's posts in the feed. Additionally, there is an option to manage your blocks.

How to deal with blocked users on TikTok

To see the users you've blocked and possibly unblock the action, tap the "Profile" icon at the bottom right of the screen. Then tap on the three horizontal lines to access the “More” menu.

Select "Privacy" under the Account tab and swipe down in the next window. Tap "Block Accounts". Press the "Unblock" button if the person no longer deserves to be there.

With this in mind, the “Privacy” window is not limited to the list of blocked users. Find out how to protect your profile from hate speech, online bullies and digital criminals.

Adjust TikTok security features

It's worth noting that the security options and menus are under the "Privacy" window. Since you already know how to get there, we won't repeat the steps.

Either way, there are seven different options for filtering the content you get, and others can see it. First, there is a menu to restrict comments on your posts and prevent others from dueting with you. By default, both features are set to Everyone, even if you set them to Friends or turn them off completely.

The same applies to TikTok reactions, but the cool thing is that you can limit who can only message you to friends. The app needs to be set up like this from the start, and you can also disable messages altogether.

There are options to let others know what videos you like, set comment filters, and allow your videos to be downloaded. Offensive and spammy comments are automatically filtered, although there is a button to disable the feature. You can also filter comments based on specific keywords.

Both of these features are very useful for your child's TikTok account and if you are using the platform for marketing and promotion purposes.

Other things you can report

Safety devices are out of the way; you should know that there is also an option to block or report individual comments, videos, as well as chat messages.

To report a comment, tap the chat box on the right side of the video preview window. Swipe comments and long press on the one you want to report. When a popup appears, you tap "Report" and explain the reasons. If you want to report the video itself, tap the arrow icon at the bottom right of the screen and choose "Report".

Reporting individual chat messages is similar to blocking/reporting users. Once you're in the chat, tap the three vertical dots and choose Report or Block. And if the user is really rude, feel free to do both.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will TikTok notify the user if I block them?

No. TikTok does not give any notification or indication to the other person that you have blocked it. They will only see that they can no longer message you and can no longer view your content.

However, if you choose to unblock the user at a later date, you will need to tap the "Follow" button on their profile again to send a follow request. That's a pretty good indication that something was wrong, and you might want to be prepared to answer questions.

Bloc TikTok final

Without a doubt, social networks like TikTok are here to stay, and there will always be people looking for ways to abuse them. Therefore, it's essential to be smart about using the platform and try to keep things as private and fun as possible.

Who bothers you on TikTok? Have you already blocked them? Share your experience with the rest of the TechJunkie community in the comments section below.

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