How to bring in the recluse

"Power creep" is a problem in many video games with recently released content. This usually happens when games introduce new abilities or weapons, leaving older ones underpowered in comparison.

However, Destiny 2's Recluse may be an old weapon, but it can still hold its own. Today, many players still talk about it well despite the new weapon options.

Have you wondered how to get this venerable submachine gun? Fortunately, it is still available in 2022 via a quest. Keep reading to find out how to get the Recluse in Destiny 2.

How to Get the Recluse Weapon in Destiny 2

We'll outline the weapon's unique stats and traits before explaining how you can get the Recluse on your own. This way you will understand why the Recluse remains a viable choice for PvP game modes today.

Recluse statistics and features

The first thing you'll probably notice about the Recluse is its legendary rarity. It is also a submachine gun, and like many others in this class, it has a high rate of fire. The Recluse is very light, allowing players to move and shoot quickly.

This submachine gun can inflict void damage, firing at a speed of 900 rpm in full automatic mode. Being a primary weapon, you'll be able to replenish your supplies quickly from kills. Take every opportunity to pick up ammo, as the high rate of fire and its perks will burn through magazines before you know it.

Here are the Recluse's stats:

  • 15 Impact
  • 41 Range
  • 52 Stability
  • 67 Manipulation
  • 35 Reload Speed
  • 36 rpm in the magazine
  • 13 Zoom
  • 67 Inventory Size
  • 55 Aim Assist
  • 100 recoil

Next, let's look at the benefits of the Recluse and what they do:

  • Ricochet Towers

This perk allows you to fire at hard surfaces and use them to deflect shells. Rounds deal the same damage as before, and you could still hit your target that way. Ricochet Rounds also increase stability and give range a slight boost.

  • Binge eating

With Feeding Frenzy you can reload your weapon quickly. The condition to trigger this perk is to score a kill. If you keep killing enemies, you can swap magazines quickly and consistently.

  • Lightweight frame

The Recluse is a very light weapon that handles like a dream. You can draw, stow, aim the sight and move faster without being hindered by the weight of the weapon.

  • Polygonal stripes

Polygonal stripes increase the stability stat. The higher the stability of your weapon, the less recoil you will have when shooting. This advantage translates into greater accuracy.

  • Master of arms

The Recluse can already fire bullets quickly, but if you kill an enemy, Master of Arms will trigger. This perk gives you a temporary damage bonus, and pair it with Feeding Frenzy to melt opponents as soon as they appear in your line of sight.

As you can see, the Recluse's perks are all geared towards PvP combat. You can empty magazines, reload quickly, and keep firing, all in a short time. In PvP, where reaction time, damage, and skill are key, arming yourself with the Recluse will give you an advantage over some players.

The more aggressive you play, the more Master of Arms and Feeding Frenzy you can trigger. Both perks are what make the Recluse shine, dealing serious damage per second.

In the past, demand for the Recluse was high due to its attractive stats and perks.

Unfortunately, with the advent of new weapons, the Recluse has waned in popularity. That said, it's not wise to underestimate older weapons.

Acquire the recluse

With the introduction of the Recluse out of the way, we'll move on to how you can get it. The steps themselves are simple. However, it's the process that many gamers don't particularly enjoy.

Here's how you get the Recluse:

  1. First, visit Lord Shaxx.
  2. By talking to him, you can get the quest called “From Babies' Mouths”.
  3. Once this quest is triggered, start playing in the Crucible.
  4. Keep playing until you reach Glory Rank “Fabled” and win 100 Crucible matches.
  5. When you meet both requirements, you complete "The Stuff of Myth" triumph.
  6. After a lot of work, go back to Lord Shaxx and talk to him.
  7. He congratulates you and hands you the Recluse.

If you've already achieved Triumph before starting "From the Mouths of Babes," simply restart Destiny 2 for the quest to trigger. Don't forget to restart after getting the quest, as doing it too soon won't help. If you follow these instructions, you can get the Recluse instantly from Lord Shaxx.

Given that you have to fight your way to Fabled and win 100 Crucible matches, we think you'll find some useful tips.

Tips from the Crucible

The Crucible is an unforgiving place, as most Guardians like you play to win. Here are some tips to help you use Recluse more easily:

  • Try not to play solo

While playing alone still works for you, you can easily run into losing streaks and struggle to recover. Find powerful PvP expert friends to play with, and they'll help you earn 100 victories in the less stressful Trial.

If you don't know anyone who plays Destiny 2, you can still play in the Crucible. However, you must be prepared for losing streaks and stagnant growth.

  • Stay with friends or clan mates

Competitive Crucible lets you play with friends or your clan. Near fabulous rank, fire teams tend to be pre-made groups of people who know each other, and joining a random team without any communication can be disastrous. At this point, you may also experience horrible losing streaks that can set you back tremendously.

  • Invest in powerful equipment

Power level is not a factor in the Crucible to balance PvP. However, the gear you equip makes a difference. There are six armor stats you need to be aware of that can make the difference in a match:

  1. Health Regen Speed ​​Recovery
  2. Resilience for damage resistance
  3. Mobility for speed and jump height
  4. Intelligence for super cooldown decreases
  5. Strength for shorter melee attack cooldowns
  6. Discipline to reduce grenade cooldown

Depending on your build and playstyle, you should upgrade accordingly. Recovery is always welcome, as you need to get back into the fight as soon as possible. Overall, try to max out stats based on your most used ability.

  • Bring your best load

If you have powerful PvP weapons, bring those as well. You are here to win, so make sure you don't get discouraged. If your loadout obliterates the enemy team quickly and efficiently, stick with it.

Keep the current map in mind, as you will need to change loadouts to accommodate it. Restoring your weapons to the environment will do wonders.

How to Get the Recluse Ornament in Destiny 2

The Recluse has an ornament called Itsy-Bitsy Spider. You can get it by deciphering Bright Engrams. There are three ways to obtain Bright Engrams:

  • Reach the maximum level, which may vary depending on the DLC
  • Fill your XP meter to the maximum level
  • buy silver

However, since Itsy-Bitsy Spider is a Season 6 Bright Engram drop, it is currently unavailable.

Additional FAQs

Can you still get Recluse in Season of the Worthy?

The Season of the Worthy ended on June 9, 2022. It was still possible to obtain the Recluse back then, and you can currently still receive the Recluse as long as you talk to Lord Shaxx.

Can you get the Recluse in Shadowkeep?

Shadowkeep was a 2022 DLC for Destiny 2. As mentioned in the answer above, you can also get The Recluse by talking to Lord Shaxx. As long as you complete the quest, you will receive the Recluse.

Tear them to shreds

Even today, you can rely on the Recluse for its high DPS and Perk synergy. With this submachine gun in hand, you'll find melting enemies with rapid fire shots an easy task. Even with many new and powerful weapons, the Recluse can still hold its own today.

How long did it take to get the Recluse to you? What other weapon comes close? Let us know in the comments section below.

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