How to Catch Legendaries in Pokemon GO

From the word "GO!" Legendary Pokemon remain the most popular creatures to catch in the game. Trainers want Legendaries for their unique abilities and powerful moves. In Pokemon GO, however, these elusive Pokemon aren't always found on the street walking around.

There are several ways to get Legendary Pokemon in Pokemon GO. However, not all are found using the same method. Read on to find out all the ways to capture your Legendary Pokemon in Pokemon GO, including catching them from quests and Team Go Rocket.

How to Catch Legendaries Without Raids

There are a few Legendary Pokemon you can catch without participating in the Legendary Raid. For Legendaries you can catch without Raids, you can play special fetch quests, fight Team Go Rocket's Giovanni, or occasionally find a Legendary or two in the wild.

How to Catch Legendaries from Special Research Quests

Some Pokémon can be found in Special Research Quests. Six of them are available for players to catch this way, including:

Mew was the first Legendary player to be able to catch via a quest titled "A Mythical Discovery". Time hasn't changed the acquisition methods for this character, however. There are no other ways to catch Mew, and you still have to play the same quest to catch that particular Pokemon.

Celebi is currently available by playing through the Special Research Quest titled "A Ripple In Time".

Jirachi's special research quest is called "Pokemon GO: A Thousand-Year Sleep". The quest was originally available in Pokemon GO Fest 2022. Today, anyone who beats this quest will be able to catch Jirachi.

Although Meltan and Melmetal are Mythical Pokémon, they can be found by completing the Special Research Quest titled "Let's Go, Meltan."

You might catch Genesect if you've taken part in the Special Research quest titled "Pokemon GO: A Drive to Investigate." Although tickets haven't been available for nearly two years, you can still beat the quest if you haven't before.

"Pokemon GO: A Colossal Discovery" was the only way to get Regigigas. Similar to the Genesect quest, the tickets are long gone. If you had one before, you can still complete the quest and catch Regigigas today.

All special research quests consist of special long tasks and errands. They may take longer to complete, but the reward of catching a Legendary Pokemon, or in Meltan's case, a Mythical Pokemon, is well worth it.

Special research quests can be tedious, so take your time and complete them properly. Be sure to follow all instructions to save time.

How to Catch Team Go Rocket Legendaries

In Pokemon GO, the classic Team Rocket is absent. Team Go Rocket is present in the game in their place. You can eventually capture a Legendary Shadow Pokemon by battling its limbs often. If you're looking for the legendaries, Giovanni, the leader of Team Go Rocket, is the one you have to fight to get them.

The process for obtaining Giovanni's Shadow Legendaries is as follows:


  1. Play the special research quest "A Disturbing Situation".
  2. Unlock Giovanni's latest Special Research quest, which changes from time to time.
  3. Defeat all three Team Go Rocket leaders Arlo, Cliff, and Sierra once on the fourth step of your current Giovanni quest.
  4. Obtain a Super Rocket Radar.

With a Super Rocket Radar, you can locate Giovanni himself. However, this doesn't take you directly to Giovanni, as a few Grunts disguise themselves as Giovanni to throw you.

Find Giovanni with a super rocket radar

  1. Launch Pokémon GO.
  2. Go to the main menu.
  3. Open your bag.
  4. Scroll down to find your Super Rocket Radar.
  5. Equip it to search for members of Team Go Rocket.
  6. Fight the Grunts in disguise.
  7. Eventually, you'll find Giovanni's real PokeStop.
  8. Fight him and defeat him.

Giovanni's Shadow's Legendary Pokémon and second party member changes every month, like his latest Special Research quest. Due to this unique circumstance, we cannot advise you to bring any particular Pokémon team. You will need to check for game updates, which tell you its latest lineup.

After finding out which Pokemon he will throw against you, it's time to form your team to counter his own. The best advice is to bring Pokémon that counter his first two. By doing so, you can save your Shadow Legendary counter for the last ready to fight.

With your Shadow Legendary counter prepared, it will be easier for you to catch the Legendary. You have a limited time to catch each Shadow Legendary Giovanni spell. This is because every once in a while he trades one legendary for another.

How often can you fight Giovanni in Pokemon GO?

Every first day of the month at midnight, all players will receive a new Giovanni Special Research quest. The Special Research quest will stay with you even after the month ends, but once you beat it, you'll jump right into the current month's quest. Intermediate quests will not be available.

As long as you have a Super Rocket Radar, you can use it to fight Giovanni. You can keep them because you also get them from other quests. If you find a Pokémon that you want to catch more, you can use them to make sure you catch it.

How to Get Shiny Legendaries

Shiny Pokémon only appear in a small percentage among most of the same species. This rule also applies to Legendary Pokémon. You are not guaranteed to get a Shiny Legendary Pokemon if you come across one. The odds of getting a Shiny Legendary are 20 in XNUMX Pokémon.

That might sound reasonable, since it's a 5% chance. However, not all legendaries have shiny forms. Some of the legendary Pokémon that have shiny forms are:

Many others are also available. With any luck, your next Legendary catch might be a Shiny Pokemon. Their distinctive shapes are easy to identify, making their capture all the more essential.

Additional FAQs

What is a Legendary Pokemon?

Legendary Pokemon are powerful creatures that you need to catch. You cannot find them in the wild, with a few exceptions and only in special battles. Their reproduction is also impossible.

What increases the chances of catching a legendary Pokemon?

Catching a legendary Pokemon is hard enough, but here are some tips to increase your chances:

• Obtain a gold medal

• Throw a Golden Razz Berry in battle

• Use your Ultra Balls or Premiere Balls

• Use a curveball when throwing your Pokeballs

• Make sure your throw is excellent

What are the Legendary Birds in Pokemon GO?

Usually, the term "legendary birds" refers to Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres. They are the legendary first trio of Generation 1, and as their name suggests, they are birds. Today, the term can also encompass other birds that appeared in later generations.

Can you find Legendary Pokemon in the wild in Pokemon GO?

You can, but only a few of them like Azelf, Mesprit, and Uxie. You can only find these three items in specific regions of the real world. Others have been found in the wild during special events.

Finally, a Shiny Legendary

Locating Legendaries can be a difficult task, but catching them can be brutal. Legendaries can easily take out weaker parts. Remember that to catch them you need your own powerful Pokémon.

How many legendary Pokemon have you caught? What is your favorite Legendary Pokémon? Tell us in the comments section below.

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