How to Change Instagram Story Background Color

With an impressive array of features, Instagram stories let you get creative and have a lot of fun. With the limited interaction capabilities between users and their smartphones, Instagram Stories maximizes this experience through a mix of taps, holds and swipes.

Change Instagram Stories Background Color

Having a single color background might seem like a default when creating an Instagram story. Since IG is a photo-focused service, a plain background is usually not something you should expect from Instagram.

That's why creating a solid background for your story requires a few steps, starting with a photo:

  1. Open the « Application Instagram » on your smartphone.
  2. Use "in-app camera" to take a random photo.
  3. When taking the photo, press the "pen tool" int at the top right of your screen.
  4. Press the " Color " you like from the menu at the bottom of the screen. If none of the offered colors seem appealing enough to you, you can always long press on any of them to open the “color picker menu. » Here you can choose from millions of colors available by simply moving your finger across the palette.
  5. When you have selected the color, press and hold anywhere on the photo you see on the main screen. This way you will fill the whole photo with the chosen color, creating a plain background.
  6. With the background uniform in its appearance, you can now add text or emojis wherever you want.

Added transparent overlay for text in Instagram stories

Learning how to create a solid background for your Instagram story is just the beginning. If you choose to have the photo you just took but still need to add text that stands out, add a transparent layer over the existing image.

  1. Take a photo using « Instagram. »
  2. Press the "pen tool" then select the “transparent pen tool” from the top menu. It's the third icon from the left.
  3. Choose one " Color " for the overlay.
  4. Tap and hold anywhere on the photo to create the transparent layer.

Instagram story overlays are useful when you want to hint something about your photo while adding text that is meant to be the focus of your post.

Using the Eraser Tool with the Overlay

The eraser tool is a great way to draw attention to part of a photo.

  1. To take a picture.
  2. Add one "color fill" or a "transparent overlay" to your photo, as explained in the previous two sections.
  3. Press the "erasing tool" in the top menu, which is the fifth icon from the left.
  4. Tap and drag over the part of the photo you want to emphasize.

The eraser tool will follow your finger, allowing you to delete parts of the overlay. This will reveal that particular thing in the photo that you want to become the focal point. You'll also have the rest of the screen available for typing text, tagging people, or adding hashtags.

Rainbow text design

Once the background of your message is sorted, you can add the text of your choice. Although you can choose any color, you can also make it appear in a rainbow of colors. Here's how.

  1. Add text to your message.
  2. Select the text.
  3. Use your right thumb to press and hold the purple color in the bottom menu.
  4. While holding the color with your right thumb, use your left thumb to press and hold the text selection cursor at the end of your text.
  5. Now swipe both thumbs to the left at the same time.

And There you go ! Your text is now in rainbow colors. With this neat trick, you can add some “pop” to your Instagram story, letting it stand out from the crowd!

Use the same background image for multiple stories

If you want parts of your text to appear on a few stories but want to keep the background the same, there's a way to do it.

For example, you can list your top five movies of the last year, from bottom to top, with the first place being the last on the list. Another example is when you want to share practical advice in a few steps, with each step appearing in a succession of stories.

No matter why you want the same background image for multiple stories, here's how.

  1. Create your Instagram story using a background photo and adding text.
  2. Tap " To safeguard. » It's the second icon in the top menu. This will save the current look of your story to the camera roll.
  3. Add more text to the story.
  4. Save it again.
  5. Keep adding more content to your story until it's complete.
  6. Once your stories are ready, post them in the order you want them to appear.

Thanks to this trick, Instagram makes it possible to create Stories that look more like animations than static photos.

In conclusion, adding backgrounds to your Instagram stories is not that difficult whether you want a solid color layout or a specific image. Creativity is key here, especially to make your Instagram story/stories stand out and grab attention. With all the tools provided by Instagram, it is almost certain that you will add more appeal to your stories and hopefully gain new followers or engage with them more.

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