How to Change Name in Fire Emblem Heroes

You've started playing Fire Emblem Heroes and want to change your default nickname, or whatever name you've chosen, which can be found at the top left of the main menu. Unlike other games, Fire Emblem Heroes makes it very easy to change your nickname and other in-game names.

If you want to choose a more inspirational nickname or just want to customize your default nickname, you've come to the right place. This guide will cover renaming in FEH, and the instructions work on various platforms like Android, iOS, and Bluestacks.

How to Change Your Name in Fire Emblem Heroes

If you're tired of being a "Kiran", you don't have to play with this name. In the past, the name was a default nickname that the game gave to new players. Some chose not to change the default, while others stuck with the moniker through a flurry of rerolls in a race to get the best characters.

Fortunately, changing your nickname is a relatively simple process.

Therefore, you don't need to be another "Kiran" in the crowd. Check out the steps below to get started changing your nickname. You'll also find steps to change your team and summoner names further on.

How to change your nickname

While changing your nickname in-game isn't intuitive, it's a relatively simple process once you learn how to do it. See these instructions to change your FEH nickname:

  1. Open "Miscellaneous" at the bottom right of your screen.
  2. Tap on “FAQs / Etc. » a green button at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Select “Change Nickname”.
  4. After changing your name, press "Done" on your on-screen keyboard and the game will revert to your new nickname.
  5. Press the green "Confirm" button.

You can change your nickname an unlimited number of times, but there are a few rules. For example:

  • You cannot use certain special characters, although spaces can be used.
  • Your nickname cannot exceed 12 characters.

Name your teams

You can create up to 20 teams and name them. Follow these steps to name or edit your FEH teams and their names:

  1. Go to “Allies”.
  2. Interact with “Edit Teams”.
  3. Tap "Edit team name".
  4. Enter a name and press "Confirm".

Change the name of your FEH custom character

Changing your nickname is not the same as changing the name of your custom character, i.e. Summoner or Tactician. See these steps to change your summoner's name:

  1. Open "Allies". It is downstairs.
  2. Tap "Interact with allies".
  3. Interact with "My Summoner".
  4. Tap the blue icon right next to Hero Summoner to change your name.
  5. Type the new name and press "Done".
  6. Select the "Confirm" button to complete the process.

Following the first method allows you to explore your way to "My Summoner" and other related settings. The new updates allow you to go directly to "My Summoner" faster from the homepage by tapping on the summoner. You will find it at the top.

By the way, after changing your nickname, you have to fight once so that your FEH friends can see the new name.

Using the New “My Summoner” Feature

One of this year's updates, specifically Update 5.2.0 February 2022, allows you to access "My Summoner" much faster from the home screen.

To do this, tap on your summoner and select "To My Summoner".

You will find your summoner avatar at the top of your screen. What is remarkable is that the update allows your Tactician to participate in the defensive team of Mjölnir's Strike. You can include the summoner in all slots except the "special slot". My Summoner comes with a set of sub-features: Greeting, Appearance, Copy Skills, Accessory Mod, and Weapon Swap.

Your greeting

You can change the greeting displayed to your friends the same way you change your name.

Your Summoner Appearance

Use the option at the bottom of the screen named "Change Appearance" to change the Summoner's appearance. However, these options are pre-selected. Currently, you can choose from nine different looks, and the one you choose will appear in certain situations.

Copy Skills

You can use "Copy Skills" to copy any skill and sacred seal from heroes you have obtained or combat manuals you have. These are equippable via your Tactician. Note that this does not deprive other Heroes of the skills you are copying.

Edit Accessory

This option will allow your Tactician to equip the accessories you have. Just like skills, you can wear accessories by copying them. This allows you and your team to have matching accessories.

Change weapon

You can select a weapon for your summoner from seven types: Sword, Spear, Axe, Red Tome, Blue Tome, Green Tome, and Colorless Tome.

Choose a fiery name and be reborn

It's always satisfying when a game lets you do simple things with ease. This includes changing your names. Fire Emblem Heroes is one of those games that lets you rename an unlimited number of times and gives you a lot of freedom when choosing your nickname. There are a few restrictions, but they're probably worth the trade-off.

So, what new nickname do you have in mind? Who is on your core teams? Let us know in the comment section below.

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