How to change the keyboard on an Android

As the world's first operating system, Android comes with a lot of features. One of them is the ability to switch keyboards. Although many people are happy with the default keyboard that comes pre-installed on their device, they may not be aware of the many options to improve their typing experience.

Whether you are a fan of Gboard, Grammarly or SwiftKey, changing Android keyboard is as easy as it is useful. With the help of the Google Play Store, users can now change their keyboards with just a few clicks.

Here we will tell you step by step how to successfully change the keyboard of your Android device.

Change keyboard: Android

If you head to the Google Play Store and search for "keyboards" you'll notice that there are plenty of options available. It is worth mentioning that whichever keyboard you choose, the installation process is the same. With countless Android variants, this method usually works with most devices.

Here is what you will need to do:

  1. Go to the Google Play Store and download the keyboard you want to use.
  2. From your “Home” page, go to “Settings”.
  3. Tap on “Systems”, then on “Language and input settings”.
  4. Select "Virtual keyboard".
  5. Go to “Manage Keyboard”. You will be able to see the keyboards currently enabled on your device.
  6. Enable the toggle next to the name of the keyboard you want to enable.
  7. A warning will appear informing you that the keyboard needs to collect the text you type. Press “OK”.

Now that you've activated your new keyboard, you need to make it your default keyboard.

  1. From the "Virtual Keyboard" page, select your keyboard.
  2. A dialogue box will appear with the title “Change keyboard”.
  3. Select your downloaded keyboard from the list to start using your new keyboard.

Change keyboard: Samsung

If you're using a Samsung Android device, follow these steps to change your keyboard:

  1. First, head to the Google Play Store (or app store of your choice) and download the keyboard you want to use.
  2. Head to "Settings" on your home page.
  3. Select “General Management”.
  4. Tap "Language & input".
  5. Tap 'On-Screen Keyboard', then tap 'Default Keyboard'.
  6. From the list of options, select the keyboard you downloaded.

Change keyboard: Android tablet

If you write a lot with your tablet, you might consider changing the keyboard to make typing easier. For example, many authors install Grammarly in their keyboard to ensure spelling and grammar are always correct. This can be especially useful when writing on the go.

Changing the keyboard settings on your Android tablet is relatively simple. Here's how:

  1. Download the keyboard of your choice from the Google Play Store or your favorite app store.
  2. Go to "Settings".
  3. Select "System".
  4. Choose the “Language and input” option.
  5. Select "Virtual keyboard".
  6. Tap "Gboard" from the options you see.
  7. Go to “Preferences”.
  8. Select the keyboard you downloaded.
  9. It should now be activated on your device.

Change keyboard: Android Emoji

When words fail you, why not use an emoji? Not only do they convey certain emotions better, but they also often add to the overall tone of a conversation. In addition, they evolve and are constantly updated.

If you have an Android, you might have noticed that one feature that doesn't automatically come with your device is an emoji keyboard. There's nothing more annoying than receiving a text from a friend with an iOS device and only seeing little squares. Unfortunately, if you have an Android version older than 4.1, it will not be possible to use emojis at all.

However, owners of older Androids should not be left behind. With a system update, users can install a third-party keyboard app to access emojis. It is also worth mentioning that Facebook and WhatsApp are two apps that come with their own set of emoji options.

Fortunately, newer versions of Android support the use of emoji keyboards.

Here's how to enable an emoji keyboard on your Android device:

  1. Go to "Settings".
  2. Select “Language and input”.
  3. Tap "Choose keyboard" or go directly to "Google keyboard" if you have the option.
  4. Choose “Preferences”.
  5. Enable the emoji option.
  6. When you return to your keyboard, you should notice a smiling emoji next to your space bar.

Another way to make sure your Android device stays up to date with all the latest emojis is to download Textra. This app offers an iOS plugin that allows users to send emojis the same way someone with an iPhone would.

Additional FAQs

What is a virtual keyboard?

A virtual keyboard on Android allows users to type certain characters without using physical keys. For example, you can type directly in the language of your choice. Interaction with a virtual keyboard is usually done via the touch interface.

What are the best keyboard apps for Android?

Ultimately, which keyboard you decide to go for comes down to personal preference. Depending on your purpose, a particular keyboard may be better suited to you than someone else. That said, here are three of the most popular keyboard options for Android available:

· Gboard – This is perhaps one of the most popular keyboard options. The app hosts lots of features like word predictions, smooth typing, Google Assistant and Google Translate, multilingual typing, etc. Since Gboard is a Google app, it is constantly updated and improved to improve your overall typing experience.

chrome – This option is for those who want to refresh the overall aesthetics of their keyboard experience. The app adds color and adaptive themes based on the apps you are using. It also includes useful features like word predictions, split layout, gesture typing, etc.

· Swiftkey – This is another popular app among Android users. The main feature of this app is customization. You will get access to features like GIFS, Stickers, Autocorrect, Translators and more by downloading this app.

Become the ultimate keyboard warrior

Changing your Android's keyboard can be extremely useful. Whether you like to write for fun or write long emails on the go, having the right keyboard can dramatically improve your experience.

Fortunately, Android users have access to a wide range of options to choose the perfect keyboard for their device.

Have you tried changing the keyboard on your Android? If so, what was your reason? Let us know in the comments below.

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