How to Change TikTok Profile Picture

A profile picture can say a lot about a person. Depending on how often you change it, it could mean someone's change of mood or if they're having a particularly good hair day that shouldn't go unnoticed.

How to Change TikTok Profile Picture

Some people don't even bother to download one, dismissing the practice as irrelevant. Others may put a lot of thought into it. After all, a profile picture on your social media account is part of how you present yourself to the world.

All social media platforms are more or less spaces to post photos. Instagram has taken the lead in this department, but TikTok rules the world of short videos. It's the ultimate social media app to showcase yourself and your audiovisual creativity.

The world of TikTok

It seems that you either dive into it or are afraid of it. TikTok is an entertainment marvel to some and a creepy stranger to others. That means kids love it, but parents are confused.

When you download the TikTok app, it immediately draws you in with videos of mostly young people lip-syncing, dancing, acting, or just generally having fun. As you figure out where to go from there, you might hear at least part of Rihanna's song and another soundbite from someone you've never heard of. Perfectly normal. It's TikTok.

Your profile

When we use a new application for the first time, it takes some time to discover all the possibilities. Thus, we are likely to use it for quite some time without realizing certain settings that we would have preferred. But, the basics are usually covered. So, if you want to continue exploring TikTok and discover its cool features, it would be a good idea to add details to your profile first. Mainly your username and profile picture.

To change your username, which is also a big part of your online presentation:

  1. Open your TikTok app and click on the Profile button in the lower right corner of the screen.
    How to Change TikTok Profile Picture
  2. Then click on “Edit Profile”.
    How to Change TikTok Profile Picture
  3. You will be directed to the page where you can enter your new username.
    How to Change TikTok Profile Picture

Change image

As for your profile picture, here's how to upload and change it:

  1. Open your TikTok app and go to your profile page. You can access your profile by tapping the “Profile” icon in the lower right corner.
    How to Change TikTok Profile Picture
  2. Tap "Edit Profile" just below your profile picture.
    How to Change TikTok Profile Picture
  3. Tap "Edit Photo". Of course, you can also upload a profile video by tapping "Edit Video".
    How to Change TikTok Profile Picture
  4. Select one of the options that appear in the pop-up window. You can upload a photo, take a photo, or just view your current photo and crop it again to improve it.
    How to Change TikTok Profile Picture
  5. Press "Confirm".
    How to Change TikTok Profile Picture

You will be able to crop the photo and fit it best in TikTok's round profile photo slot.

How to Change TikTok Profile Picture

Here is another way to change your profile picture on TikTok. When you are on your profile page, do not click on "Edit profile" and:

  1. Tap your profile picture.
    How to Change TikTok Profile Picture
  2. Your current profile picture will appear. Below you will see a pencil icon.
    How to Change TikTok Profile Picture
  3. Go ahead and tap on it and you can upload a new photo from your gallery.

If, however, you want to post a short video as a profile, TikTok makes that option available as well. This is the application of short video clips and it makes sense that TikTok users would want to choose a moving image for their profile. The setup is very similar to changing your profile picture. All you do is:

  1. Open TikTok and go to your profile page.
  2. Next to the "Edit Photo" option, you will see "Edit Video".
    How to Change TikTok Profile Picture
  3. Your device's video gallery will open and you can select the video you want to use.
    How to Change TikTok Profile Picture
  4. You can now cut and select 6 seconds of this video to use for your profile.
    How to Change TikTok Profile Picture
  5. Click "Save" and the video will be downloaded.
    How to Change TikTok Profile Picture

Deleting the video is also easy – just tap and hold on the downloaded profile video. You can click "Delete" in the menu that appears.

Complete your profile

Now that you have the perfect profile picture, let's talk about other things you should update on your profile.

Whether you're looking for more followers or want people to better understand your content niche, you need to add a description in your bio. This is a small tagline that lets other users know what to expect from your TikTok account. Remember, you only have 80 characters to make an impact.

Another thing you can update is your username. A catchy, easily recognizable username that represents your content is essential so that others can easily recognize (or find) your page.

A comprehensive profile page is a fantastic way to encourage others to click the follow button on TikTok. But you'll also want to update it periodically to stay relevant. Just be careful, too many changes can make it hard to keep up with your followers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Whether you're new to TikTok or just have more questions, we've included this section just for you! Keep reading for answers to more of your most frequently asked questions.

What profile photo should I use?

It might seem like a small thing, especially on TikTok where your potential followers choose to hit the follow button based on your videos, so you're probably thinking about which profile picture to choose.

When choosing your profile picture, you should choose an image that highlights you, sums up the subject of your TikTok page and stands out (there are millions of creators). From the lighting to the poses, the image should be high quality and easily recognizable as people scroll through the many videos on TikTok.

How often can I change my profile picture?

Luckily, TikTok lets you change your profile picture as many times as you want. The company only allows name changes once every 30 days, but there's no limit to how many times you can change your profile picture.

However, if you're changing photos multiple times a day or week, it can be hard for your potential followers to keep up, so it's probably best to think long and hard about it and keep it that way before moving on to a new one.

Can I change my profile picture on the TikTok website?

TikTok users who prefer the web browser cannot change their profile picture on this platform. Unfortunately, you'll need to use the mobile app to update your profile picture.

Some say "Tick", others "Check" (or is it, tock?)

The TikTok app might be a bit hectic for some, but it's an endless sea of ​​fun for others. Setting up your profile involves just a few quick steps to make it easier for you to get on with directing, recording and uploading your videos.

Let us know in the comments below if you prefer a photo or video for your TikTok profile.

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