How to change your name in PUBG

Today's PUBG guide was prompted by a reader question: "Can you change your name or appearance in PUBG?" Towards the end of 2022, the answer to this question changed.

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds is currently one of the biggest games in the world. With over a million daily active players, the game is undeniably huge.

When you sign up for a new PUBG account, you have one chance to choose a gamertag name. Once you pick it, you'll be stuck with it for quite a while. The name you choose is an important decision. It's the one other players see when you kill them, and it's the name they'll see on the leaderboards. Make a good one.

Can you change your name in PUBG?

If you couldn't think of a cool name or used one that you thought was cool at the very beginning and want to change it, you're in luck! There are different ways to change your name in PUBG. None of them are instantaneous, however, so it will take some patience to do.


The easiest way to change your name is to purchase a Rename Card. Here's how:

  1. Go to the PUBG Mobile Store and select the "Others" tab.
  2. Purchase the Rename card. It will cost you 180 BP.

Update profile

If you haven't updated to PUBG version 0.4 yet, it will automatically give you a rename map. Here's how to get the card:

  1. Updated to version 0.4.
  2. Go to "Events" to collect your upgrade reward.
  3. Go to inventory and open the "Box" item to receive your Rename card.


If you don't want to buy a rename card and you've already upgraded and used your free rename card, you only have one option left: upgrade to level 10. This one is simple:

  1. Complete all PUBG levels up to level 10.
  2. Collect mission rewards for level 10, which will include a free rename card.

Use Case

Regardless of how you acquired a Rename card, here's how to use it:

  1. Go to your inventory, tap the crate icon and select "Use".
  2. A prompt will appear that allows you to enter a new tag.

Note: you cannot use a name that has already been used. If you get stuck, try adding numbers or symbols after the tag to get it approved. Also note that anyway, you can change at most once a day – so don't go crazy with that!

Can you change your appearance in PUBG?

Apart from your name, your appearance also plays a role in how you are perceived in PUBG. If you were eager to start playing and didn't spend as much time as you should have creating your avatar, you can go back and edit it - for a fee, of course.

Appearance changes do not include clothing. This is treated separately. Appearance here means your gender, hairstyle and color, face shape and features, and skin color.

It currently costs 3 BP to change your appearance in PUBG. Depending on how good your player is, that makes a few farming games just to change how you look. If you have the BP to spend, here's how:

  1. Access the main menu of PUBG.
  2. Select "Personalization", then "Appearance".
  3. Set your gender, hair color, style, face and skin color as you need.

You don't have to pay to change clothes in PUBG. The limitation here is that you must have unlocked a garment in order to use it. Changing clothes can be done from the Customization menu. You can buy clothes on Steam or unlock them in-game.

Find a good name for PUBG

Since the number of times you can change your name in PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds is limited, it's a good idea to give whoever you plan to use a fair amount of consideration. I tend to have a few reference names that I use in games that I keep so I don't have to waste time finding one in a new game. find a good game name.

Keep it short and sweet

You don't want to type a long name or a name with lots of letters and/or numbers every time you log in. Keep your game name short and succinct. Not only does this make typing easier, but it will make it much more understandable on TeamSpeak or Discord if you're using voice chat.

Tune it to the genre

Different types of games lend themselves to different names. There's no point in calling yourself DungeonMaster or Spellflinger in PUBG, because the name just doesn't make sense in that context. Give it to the game, and it will be much better received. For example, something related to guns or survival like "HiKaliber" or "Surviverr" would be appropriate for PUBG.

don't be silly

Even if you're nine, don't name yourself like a nine-year-old would — or something blatantly misogynistic, racist, or just plain stupid. There are all kinds of childish or silly names in PUBG, and they immediately give the impression that the player is not someone you would want to team up with. He might be the best player on the server, but you won't want to team up with someone called "Filthypantyraider"!

Make your name choices wisely. You might be stuck with this for a while!

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