How to change your username in Zoom

Zoom is currently one of the most popular video conferencing apps on the market. People love it for its flexibility, reliability, and ease of use. Friends and family use it to chat and share stories. Companies use it to organize team meetings and help employees learn. Schools are using Zoom for remote learning activities and meetings due to the widespread Covid-19 problem. The list continues.

Either way, there are many instances where you might want to change your Zoom name. You may be using someone else's computer and need your name to replace theirs. Maybe you're attending a business meeting and don't want your personalized "friends" name displayed. You may even need to show your full name if you only included your last initial. So how do you change your Zoom name? The answer is below.

Things are super simple, and changing your Zoom name shouldn't take you more than a minute or two, regardless of platform.

Change your Zoom name before a meeting

There are three ways to change your Zoom name (depending on the app) before joining any type of session. Options include using the website, a desktop client, or a mobile app.

Option 1: Change your name through the desktop client

  1. Once the desktop client is up and running, click on your «Profile» icon in the upper right corner of the "Zoom" window.
  2. From the drop-down menu that appears, select " Sign out " down. Don't forget to quit the application.
  3. Launch the "Zoom" desktop client once again.
  4. Select “Join a meeting. » Zoom then opens the “Join meeting” filter.

After completing the above steps, you are ready. All you have to do now is enter the meeting ID or personal link name in the top text box and enter a username (not the username as in login) in the lower area. This name is the one displayed in the meeting, so choose wisely. It can be anything you want it to be. When finished, click the " To rejoin " button to start the session.

Option 2: Change your name through the Zoom website

  1. Start the "File Browser" on your computer and access your “profile page. » Once there, click on the “small profile icon” in the upper right corner of the browser window.
  2. Select " Sign out " and Zoom will redirect you to the homepage of the site. Then click on “Join a meeting” in the top menu.
  3. Enter the “Meeting ID” ou “Personal Link Name” And click " To rejoin. »

Once you click "Join", the Launch appears, followed by "Join a meeting page" once more. There, Zoom will ask you to write your name and verify the Captcha to confirm that you are not a robot. Pick an interesting name and click the Join button.

Option 3: Change your name before a meeting via the mobile app

Now let's see how you can change your name before a meeting using the Zoom app installed on Android or iOS. The steps are the same for both operating systems.

  1. Launch the Zoom app on your Android or iOS device, then tap the " Settings " cog in the lower right corner of the screen.
  2. You will land on the “Settings Screen,” where you can view account information and change chat and meeting settings.
  3. Press your " account name " at the top of the screen. Zoom will then redirect you to the “My Profiles” filter. This is where you can change advanced settings. Scroll down and tap red « Sign out " and confirm it when prompted.
  4. After that, you will land on the “Start a meeting” filter. Select the “Join a meeting” option at the bottom.
  5. The “Join a meeting” the screen will appear. Enter the “Meeting ID” in the top text box and your "new name" in the one below. Press the “Join Meeting” button.

Change name during a meeting

Being one of the most flexible and easy-to-use video conferencing apps out there, Zoom lets you change your name during a meeting. Moreover, you can edit it on any device and platform at any time. You'll see how to do this through the desktop client and the mobile app in the following sections.

Option 1: Change your name during a meeting via the desktop client

  1. Assuming you are already in a meeting, click the button "Participants" at the bottom of the meeting window.
  2. A list of all meeting participants should appear on the right side of the window.
  3. Use your mouse and hover over your name, then click “Rename. »
  4. You should see a text box containing your current name. Delete it and write a new one. Click on " OKAY " to confirm.

Option 2: Change your name during a meeting via the mobile app

  1. As with the desktop tutorial, we start from a meeting. Your screen should look like this:
  2. Press the "Participants" icon at the bottom of the screen. The app will take you to the participant screen.
  3. Find your name in the list and tap it. Zoom will show you a popup with your username and the option to change it. Press the "Rename" option.
  4. You will see the box "Enter a new screen name" appear on the screen. Enter a new screen name and press the " OKAY " button to confirm the change.

Frequently Asked Questions

In this section, we've included more answers to your most frequently asked questions about Zoom.

Can I change someone else's username in Zoom?

If you're the meeting admin, you should see the option to rename another user by clicking the "Participants" tab at the bottom of the meeting and clicking "More" next to the users name. When the option appears, enter the new username and save it.

I can't change my username in Zoom. What is happening?

The meeting administrator has a lot of power over what you can and cannot do during a meeting. If you can't change your username, it's probably a setting on the admin side.

If you are the meeting host, you can enable the option for users to change their usernames in the Zoom web browser client settings. Scroll down the "Meeting" section until you find the "Allow participants to change their name" setting. Activate the switch and the ability should appear.

Overall, changing your name in Zoom is a breeze no matter what device you use or when you use it. The nice thing about Zoom is that you can change your display name before and during the meeting. You're not stuck with a name once the session starts, and a handful of clicks or taps plus a little inspiration is all it takes to give you a cool new name. Whether you want something that reflects your fun and wild personality or reflects your professionalism, you can update your username by following the instructions above.

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