How to change your username on TikTok

Unliking your username is something that happens very often. This is usually not the case with a social platform like Facebook or LinkedIn. But TikTok is different.

The process involves a few easy steps for any device. That said, there are clear rules and limitations.

When you first sign up, the app gives you a unique username. This handle is always "user****", where the stars represent a string of numbers. This is the main reason most newcomers to the platform change their name first, often to reflect their other social media accounts they may link to (Instagram, YouTube, etc.).

How to Change Your Username on TikTok iPhone App

On any mobile device, the steps required to change your username are generally the same.

  1. Launch the TikTok app.
  2. Log in if you must.
  3. Tap the Profile icon.
  4. Tap the Edit Profile button.
  5. Go to the username section and tap on your existing username.
  6. Delete your old username and enter a new one.
  7. Tap the Save button in the upper right corner.

If the username already exists, continue editing it until you see the green checkmark below it.

How to change your username on the TikTok Android app

  1. Launch the TikTok app and sign in.
  2. Tap the Me icon in the top right corner of the main screen.
  3. Tap on the Edit Profile option.
  4. Tap the username.
  5. Replace your old username with a new one.
  6. Press the Save button.

Like on the iPhone, the app will tell you if it's a unique username. Keep going until you get the green light.

How to Change Your TikTok Username on Windows PC, MacBook, Chromebook

If you're new to the platform, you might not know this. TikTok is only available for your phone. It does not have a desktop version. This makes sense because most of its functionality relies on smartphone technology and behavior.

However, you can use it on a computer if you install it through an emulator like BlueStacks. BlueStacks is an Android emulator that gives you an Android phone right on your computer.

Once you have installed BlueStacks, you can download the TikTok app and create an account. Remember that you may not be able to create and upload videos. You can, however, use the app to track what people are posting.

How to install BlueStacks and TikTok

  1. Install BlueStacks on your device like any other app.
  2. Once installed, launch the app and visit the App Center.
  3. Log in using your Google account.
  4. Search for the TikTok app.
  5. Click on the app and press Install.
  6. Click Accept on the pop-up window while it tries to access your camera and microphone.

How to Change Your TikTok Username in Emulated TikTok

  1. Launch BlueStacks and go to your apps.
  2. Select TikTok from the list and double click on it.
  3. Register a new account or use your existing credentials.
  4. You now have the Android app on your computer.
  5. Click the Me button.
  6. Click on the Username field.
  7. Replace your old username with a new one.
  8. Click the Save button.

You can also install TikTok as a web browser extension. You won't be able to create and post your own videos, but you can still log into your account and check out the latest viral videos.

  1. Go to the Chrome Web Store.
  2. Search for the TikTok app.
  3. Select Web TikTok (mobile view).
  4. Add the extension to your browser.
  5. Access the official TikTok webpage from your browser.

This will open the TikTok Lite version of the app in a new window. Press the Login button and enter your account credentials. After that, you can browse all the latest videos, just like you would with your phone or tablet.

Remember that you don't have access to all features of the app. So you cannot change your username from the browser interface version of the app.

Additional FAQ

Here are some additional answers to your most frequently asked questions.

Is there a limit to the number of times I can change my TikTok username?

No. You can change your username on TikTok as many times as you want. You can even come and go. Users constantly change display names when moving from one type of content to another. Others change it when they no longer like it. Some do this to stop appearing in certain feeds. However, there is a limit on how long you can change it.

Can you change your username on TikTok faster before the 30-day limit ends?

The answer is a definite NO. TikTok developers instituted the 30-day waiting rule to prevent spam and combat cyberbullying. Although there is no limit to the number of times you can change your username in your lifetime, you cannot do so more than once every 30 days.

Can I change the date and time settings to change my TikTok username faster?

There is a popular TikTok trick on the internet. If you change your date and time settings on your device and turn off the auto-adjust feature, you can skip 30 days ahead. This means you can skip the whole month after changing your username. While you can do this on any device, it doesn't help with your TikTok account. Even if you move forward, TikTok does not depend on the date and time of your device. Although you can find this "trick" in many places, it is a myth and nothing more.

What characters can I use in my TikTok username?

When you decide to change your username, you will see a popup window with the rules. TikTok lets you use letters, numbers, periods, and underscores. Of course, you can't use a period at the end of your username; it will have to be between two other characters. You cannot use other symbols in your username.

Does changing my TikTok username change the profile link?

Yes. That's why it's best to think before changing your username. In a way, the 30-day waiting period is also helpful because it gives you time to weigh different options. Unfortunately, this also means you're locked out for a month if you make a mistake.

How can I change my profile picture?

Unlike your actual username and username, you can change your profile picture on TikTok as often as you want. In the profile menu, you can tap the Change photo or Change video buttons. Upload a new file from your device and press the save button. There is no 30 day waiting period when you do this.

Can I use my computer's camera to shoot a TikTok video?

If you are using an external USB camera on your PC or Mac, you can use it for a TikTok video. However, this only works if you have BlueStacks Android Emulator installed. Without it, you cannot install TikTok on a computer. After installing the emulator, make sure to allow the app to access your camera and microphone.

Last words

Nothing about TikTok is complicated in any way. The app has a simple design, and it is easy to understand and use by users of all ages. However, to get the full TikTok experience, you need to use the app on a phone.

When it comes to changing usernames, some people like it, and some people don't. It can be a problem if you make a mistake and change your username to something you don't want.

What are your thoughts on how the platform handles the username/ID change issue? Wish there was a workaround for this? Maybe a premium version of the app that allows its users to make more frequent changes? Let us know in the comments section below.

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