How to Check Who Reacted to a Message in Discord

Discord is full of cool features, and one of the most popular is React. They are frequently used and have become the go-to means of communication for many people. In addition to allowing you to react to messages; Discord also lets you view the list of people who left their reactions. This feature gives you insight into people's interactions and what they think of posts.

How to Check Who Reacted in Discord on an iPhone

Discord reactions work differently on different platforms. When it comes to your iPhone, you'll have to dig deeper to find reactions because the screen is much smaller than your PC:

  1. Download the Discord app and install it. Avoid browser versions as they may not have the full functionality of your phone.
  2. Log in to your Discord account.
  3. Join a server using your code or an invite link. Otherwise, you can find a large number of public servers.
  4. Go to a channel and head to the chat with the messages you want to check.
  5. Select a message and long press on a reaction. This will open a new page that will reveal the people who interacted with the text and their reactions.

How to Check Who Reacted in Discord on Android Device

Other than the limited screen, there shouldn't be any issues finding your Discord reactions on Android either. The process includes the same steps:

  1. Download, install and launch your Discord app.
  2. Enter your login credentials.
  3. Access a server and a channel.
  4. Go to a chat and search for the desired messages.
  5. Long press the text to select it.
  6. Reactions should appear in the following pop-up window.

How to Check Who Reacted in Discord on PC

Checking who has reacted to your Discord messages is slightly easier on the PC. The screen is much larger, which makes it easier for you to detect them. If you want to check your Discord reactions, follow these steps:

  1. Open Discord and join a server using your code or invite. Again, you can also access a myriad of public servers.
  2. Go to a channel and look for messages with reactions.
  3. Right-click on reactions and you will see a menu with several options. The list includes Reactions and Add Reactions. Choose the first one and you'll see who reacted to the highlighted message.

With this method, you can see all users who have reacted to your posts. But on top of that, you can look at other people's reactions and find out what other members of their community think of their posts.

Additional FAQs

How do I react to someone's message on Discord?

Reactions are available for any Discord post. It's a great way to avoid using plain text to communicate your message. Also, adding reactions is usually much faster than finding the list of people who have reacted to a post:

1. Open Discord.

2. Browse to a server and channel.

3. Find a message you want to reply to.

4. Tap the smiley with the plus symbol labeled "Add reaction" on the right side of your screen.

5. You will now see an emoji picker, allowing you to select an emoji. Choose one by clicking/tapping on it, and your reaction will be included. Be sure to check out the "Frequently Used" section if you want to speed up the process and use your favorite emoji.

6. If another user has already used the emoji you want to react with, tap it below the comment. The number next to the emoji should increase by one. If you hover over the reaction, you can see all the users who opted in to the emoji.

All Discord emojis should be available by default. Some servers feature their sets of emojis and stickers outside of the normal ones.

How do I properly use reactions on Discord?

There are no official rules regarding the use of reactions/emojis in Discord, but there are some general guidelines. Fortunately, they are all simple:

• Use emojis sparingly with strangers and people you don't interact with often.

• Go wild with emojis when talking to close friends.

• Avoid inappropriate reactions when discussing serious situations.

• If you're not sure how you're supposed to react, follow the server leader.

• Stop using reactions when necessary.

It is mainly recommended to follow these guidelines when entering a new server. Find out how others are using them and do the same. You'll get along much better and avoid miscommunication or offending anyone.

Express yourself creatively on Discord

Reactions add a unique twist to conversations when words just aren't enough. Like emojis on social platforms, they emphasize your message and communicate an emotional response without relying on text. This makes it a great medium for conversation, which is especially useful on Discord. With an overview of the users who reacted to the posts and their opinions, you can also be more careful when choosing the ideals later.

If the default reactions don't work, you can always include custom images. This feature lets you experiment, showcase your creativity, and more effectively convey your feelings about Discord posts. Just be careful not to go overboard or add potentially offensive reactions. The answer can be overwhelmingly negative.

How often do you use reactions on Discord? What are your favorite emojis? Have you created custom reactions? Let us know in the comments section below.

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