How to check your KD ratio in

The Kill to Death ratio defines the number of kills you get before you die. Taking a look at your competition stats in Destiny 2, primarily the KD ratio, is natural when trying to improve your gameplay by measuring your skills.

How to check your KD ratio in

For this, checking your Kill to Death ratio is a relevant factor since good data does not lie. There are two main ways to verify your KD. This guide will cover them and is valid for Destiny 2 regardless of platform.

How to check your KD ratio in Destiny 2

The following subsection will explain how the different ratios work. You can skip to the DestinyKD subsection if you already know the KD ratios.

Types de ratios KD

Before venturing any further, it is crucial to understand what the different ratios are in order to draw the right conclusions:


The KD ratio measures a player's skill. Its formula is:

Total Kills / Total Deaths


The KA/D counts both your eliminations and your assists. It gives a full point per assist and is calculated using:

Total Kills + Total Assists / Total Deaths

KD / A

Unlike KA/D, KD/A only rewards half points per assist. The formula is:

Total Kills + (Total Assists / 2) / Total Deaths

How to Interpret a KD Ratio

A KD of 1,0 is the average. It means one kill per death. The higher the number from 1,0, the better off you are and vice versa.

Your KD ratio may vary from site to site due to different formulas and techniques. For example, unlike other sources, the DestinyKD website does not round your kills from 0,99 to 1,00. Also, while you can check your stats from recent private matches, data from a private match is not included in stats from other game modes. This means a private match does not affect your ratios. KD.

It is not possible to check your KD ratio in Destiny 2 itself. However, you can use third-party sites like DestinyKD and Destiny Tracker to check your KD ratio.


You can track and review your Guardians' progress in Destiny PVP using DestinKD. As a site specializing in Destiny's Crucible PvP, it offers stats for each game mode separately, regardless of what platform you're using for Destiny 2. To search for a player, enter their full name and Bungie Code: BungieName #0000.
How to check your KD ratio in

Besides KD, you can also check how many kills you need to improve your KD ratio as well as your loadout, subclass, and performance in your previous Crucible matches.
How to check your KD ratio in

Daily KD ratio tracking and assists are saved automatically after each game of Crucible. Therefore, you don't need to activate it manually.

Switch between character stats

To switch between characters after searching by gamer tag, press the Settings button. It's at the top left. Note that the last active character loads first.

fate tracker

Fate Tracker is part of a collection of sites that track and analyze different game data to relay important player information, such as your KD ratio.

On Destiny Tracker, you can also track other Destiny 2 stats like:

  • Your progress
    How to check your KD ratio in
  • Ranks
  • Match history
    How to check your KD ratio in
  • Your tutors
    How to check your KD ratio in
  • Your equipment
  • The ranking
    How to check your KD ratio in

In addition to vital game stats, you can check out their Destiny 2 Database, too. It's a good source for reviews of weapons and other items by other Destiny 2 players.
How to check your KD ratio in

Are you having trouble finding your tutor?

Some Destiny players are having trouble researching their Guardians due to an issue with Bungie's API. This issue usually affects PC gamers after changing their display name to a popular one or one that contains special characters. To avoid this, sign in to websites using your Bungie Account. This helps find your account and makes your Guardian appear in standard searches.

Improving a KD ratio depends on factors other than hardware

If your KD ratio is below 1,0, you can try new approaches to improve it. For example, while many gamers think of shooters as games where you have to run around and shoot a lot, most shooters aren't suited for that kind of playstyle.

Instead, it's wise to strategize by learning the fine details, like peeking close to obstacles instead of looking out in the open. Also, make sure the minimap doesn't trick you into thinking someone is closer or farther away after glancing twice. Doing this well can save you a lot of spawns.

While such expectations work from time to time, it's best to expect the unexpected and adapt to each situation accordingly. For this, you can switch between your weapons for different ranges and scenarios. You can even try switching to a weapon that can better counter your opponent's weapon. In short, it's about learning to pick your battles and retreating to survive another spawn.

While a high KD ratio translates to good payout, it's still worth having a good time playing, so try not to take the ratio too seriously.

What is your highest KD ratio in Destiny 2? What KD ratio are you aiming for next? Let us know in the comment section below.

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