How to create a co-host on Zoom

Now you know how your teacher felt when you were in school! They had to manage too many students and probably wanted a co-teacher to help them.

Luckily, now that you can host meetings through Zoom, you can have a co-host. Occasionally, there will simply be too many participants for you to handle on your own. That's why this useful software allows users to designate another person as a co-host and give them control of the meeting.

Would you like to know how to do this? We have you covered with this article.

How to create a co-host on Zoom

This Zoom feature isn't just useful when you need help managing your meeting. Planning an online presentation or conference? When you enable a co-host, you can invite a guest speaker to your show and make it even better.

The best thing about this feature is that it doesn't require too many clicks – it's relatively easy to find and make another person a co-host.

However, you must have a Pro, Business, Education plan, or an API Partner Zoom plan if you want to co-host your online meetings.

Here's how to name co-hosts in Zoom on various devices and operating systems.

How to Create a Zoom Co-Host on Mac

Do you have a Mac? Follow our instructions for allowing someone to co-host your meeting.

Before sharing your hosting privileges with this person, you must enable this feature in your Zoom account. This is not a default setting in the software.

For that, proceed as following :

  1. Open Zoom official website.
  2. Log in to your account, but make sure it's an administrator so you can change your account settings.
  3. Select Account Settings from the taskbar.
  4. Scroll down the Meeting tab to find the Co-host section, to allow co-hosts to be added to the meeting. They will have almost the same commands as you. If you don't feel like scrolling, you can use the keyboard shortcut: press CMD then F to open the search box, then start typing co-host.
  5. When you find the feature, turn on the toggle to enable it.

Once you've completed these steps, you can begin adding participants to the call as co-hosts for your next meeting. Follow the instructions below to do this:

  1. In your meeting window, navigate to the bottom and select the Manage Participants button.
  2. A list of all participant names will be displayed.
  3. Hover over the name of the person you want to co-host.
  4. When the More option appears, click on it.
  5. Select Create Co-Host from the drop-down menu.
  6. Click Yes in the confirmation window.

That's it! This person is now a co-host, and you'll see this title next to their name. If you change your mind about making a meeting attendee a co-host, you can also remove their privileges again. Follow the same instructions as above and choose the Revoke Co-Host Permission option which will now appear in the More menu.

You can make this option mandatory for everyone in your account. If you want to do this, select the lock icon and then confirm your choice on the next screen.

Note: Your Mac must be running OS version 3.5.24604.0824 or higher for this feature to work.

How to Create a Zoom Co-Host on iPhone

If you're using an iPhone to host a meeting on Zoom, here are the steps to follow if you want to assign a co-host.

  1. Launch the Zoom app on your iPhone.
  2. Start the meeting.
  3. Tap the Participants button at the bottom of your screen.
  4. Now that you can see the list of all attendees, find the one you want to make your co-host.
  5. When you tap the name of the desired participant, a menu appears. Choose Assign co-host.
  6. Select OK to save your choice.

Note that a prerequisite for this to work is that your smartphone is running software version 3.5.24989.0826.

How to Create a Zoom Co-Host on Android

Android users can also share their hosting privileges with other meeting participants. But first, they need to make sure that their phone is running software version 3.5.24989.0826 or higher. If this is the case for you, follow the instructions below to nominate a co-host.

  1. Log in to your account using the Zoom app.
  2. Start your meeting and wait for other participants to join.
  3. From the menu at the bottom, choose Attendees.
  4. Find the desired participant in the list that will appear on your screen. Tap their name.
  5. Choose the Create Co-Host option from the context menu.
  6. Select Yes to confirm.

Note that these are also the steps to take if you want to leave the meeting and make someone else the host. Simply choose Create Host from the menu in step five.

How to Create a Zoom Co-Host on Windows

A Windows computer needs version 3.5.24604.0824 or later of this operating system to support this feature. If this is your case, here's how to enable the co-hosting option and give this privilege to someone in a meeting.

  1. From the main Zoom page, log in to your account as an administrator.
  2. After that, you will be able to open and edit account settings.
  3. On the Meeting tab, find the Co-host section. If this feature is not enabled, click the toggle to enable it. If necessary, confirm your choice in a pop-up window.

After you start a meeting, you can make someone a co-host in one of two ways:

  1. Hover over their video and click the three-dot plus icon when it appears.
  2. Select Create Co-Host from the menu.

Or you can select the Manage Participants option at the bottom and hover your cursor over the desired participant. When the More option appears, click on it and select Create co-host.

By doing this, you give another person all the privileges you have. Be aware of this before deciding to make someone a co-host.

How to make a co-host permanent on Zoom

You can't make someone a permanent co-host, but you can give them a more powerful role instead. What if your internet connection lets you down or something happens so you have to leave? The meeting does not need to end if you assign another host.

Here are the steps to take if you want to make sure the meeting is covered even if you're not there.

  1. Log in to your Zoom account and find the Schedule icon.
  2. Click on it and wait for a new window to open.
  3. Select Advanced Options.
  4. Enter the name of your alternate host in the Alternate Host field. If they don't appear in the search box, enter their email address instead.
  5. Make sure Enable join before host is checked.
  6. Select Schedule, and you're done. The person designated as the alternate host will be notified by email.

Additional FAQs

Do you have any other questions about hosting Zoom meetings? Here are the most common.

How to set up a Zoom meeting?

You've downloaded Zoom and created an account, but you don't know where to start. No problem. We're here to walk you through how to set up your first Zoom meeting.

• Start your Zoom app and log in to your account.

• Choose the New Meeting option on the welcome screen when you log in.

• A videoconference room will open. Go to the bottom of the screen, where you will see different options available.

• Select the Invite icon.

• In the pop-up window, decide how you want to invite people to the meeting.

Here you can select the Email option and add the email addresses of the people you want to invite to the meeting. You'll need to choose an app to invite people (like Gmail). You'll be taken to an email with meeting details, such as meeting ID, which people need to access the video once you've started.

You can also choose Contacts if you have already added people to your contact list. Select the people you want from the list, then click Invite to confirm.

• Once participants have received their invitation, they can follow the on-screen instructions to join the meeting.

You can also invite people via Slack, for example. Simply copy the video conference invitation URL or email and send the link to people via Slack direct messages.

What can a co-host do on Zoom?

Although co-organizers receive almost all privileges when you give them this title, you are still the “ultimate” host of the meeting.

Here's what they can and can't do.

Can do:

• Manage meeting participants

• Start a poll or edit one

• Start or stop a recording

• Share their screen

Can't do:

• Start or end a meeting

• Give someone else co-hosting privileges

• Start a waiting or breakout room

• Start live streaming

• Start captioning or appoint someone to do it

How many co-hosts can you have in Zoom?

Although only one person can be a Zoom meeting organizer, you can assign an unlimited number of participants to be co-organizers of your meeting.

Before co-hosting too many people, think carefully – it can turn the meeting into a mess, especially if you don't know the attendees very well.

However, this feature can help you include multiple guest speakers in your online event.

Make the most of co-hosting

Are live shows out of the question right now? No problem. Co-hosting on Zoom can solve this problem and allow you to speak to your guest speaker in front of an audience. Are you organizing a meeting for the whole department and you need help? Zoom is your friend here because the co-hosting feature can make things easier for you.

You can use this option on any device and operating system, wherever you are, without having to cancel your plans. It's set up in a few easy steps, and the event will be ready to begin!

Have you ever tried Zoom meetings? What are you going to use the co-hosting feature for? Let us know in the comments section below.

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