How to Delete a Chat in Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is one of the most popular team collaboration hubs in the world. The platform itself is used to integrate content, people, and tools to help you better engage with your team and inspire engagement from other members.

Unfortunately, with so many chat apps, it's easy to accidentally contact someone on the wrong platform. Plus, Microsoft Teams is such a renowned enterprise chat app that you probably use it a lot. But what happens when you want to delete a chat? Is it even possible?

Can you delete a conversation/conversation on Microsoft Teams?

Unfortunately, there's no way to delete an entire conversation you've had with someone on Microsoft Teams. Once you start a conversation, it goes nowhere. You can contact Microsoft and ask them to delete a conversation, but there's no guarantee that your request will be granted.

What you can do is hide a chat so that it doesn't appear or bother you. Yet anyone sitting in front of your computer will be able to grab it.

Why remove it in the first place?

Microsoft Teams focuses on business discussions. It's not a platform you would use for conversations that are best kept secret. Although it is not recommended for anyone to keep secrets documented in various chats, there are plenty of personal chat apps that allow you to delete a conversation.

But why would you want to delete a chat from Microsoft Teams? Maybe you sent something inappropriate to someone? Maybe you accidentally asked your boss out clubbing? Well, don't worry, you don't even need to delete an entire conversation to fix this problem.

Deleting posts

First of all, it is essential that you are quick, if you do not want a party to see your message. So, let's get down to business.

Delete messages on a PC

  1. To delete a sent message, navigate to the message in question and select More options (displayed as a three-dot icon).
  2. Then just select Delete chat and validate by clicking Yes, delete. This will cause you to leave the meeting or chat you are participating in.
  3. You can undelete a message by going to that message and selecting cancel.

Delete Messages on Android Device

  1. Within the Discuss tab, locate the chat you want to delete, then press and hold it.
  2. Then press Clear when it appears and confirm it by pressing Okay. This will cause you to leave the meeting or chat.

Delete Messages on iPhone

  1. Within the Discuss tab, swipe left on the chat you want to delete.
  2. Then press Clear and confirm your decision by pressing Yes. Again, this will cause you to leave the chat or meeting.

Prevent sending a message

You might not have sent the message yet, but you might be afraid to do so if you touch anything.

  1. In this case, click Size and it will expand the message box.
  2. Then select Clear.

Editing messages

Maybe you've sent an official message to someone and, lo and behold, there's that bad typo that's pissing you off. Whether you want to get rid of it because you're embarrassed or because it annoys you, you don't have to delete the message and retype it. You can modify it so that the typo is corrected.

  1. To do this, find the message and go to More options.
  2. Then select Edit. This will prompt you to edit the message. When you're done making changes, tap Enter, and that's all. You can edit a post an unlimited number of times, for an unlimited time, so don't worry about that.

Be careful when entering and sending

We live in the world of instant messaging. There are so many instant apps out there that it's very easy to make a mistake and send the wrong message to the wrong person, inside the wrong app. That's why you need to take your time when working with business apps like Microsoft Teams. Editing and deleting messages are available features, but someone might see what you sent before you manage to delete it.

Keep your Microsoft Teams app as separate as possible from other apps. And be careful while typing messages in this messaging app. Typos can be very annoying.

Deleting a Microsoft Teams Chat

Unfortunately, deleting an entire conversation in Microsoft Teams is not possible. What you can do is hide the chat in question, but that won't do much from a security perspective, it will just get rid of the clutter. You can also delete or edit sent messages, which is great for mishaps and typos. But the best way to go is to use Microsoft Teams carefully.

Have you ever sent the wrong message to the wrong person? Did you manage to remove it in time? What is your overall experience with Microsoft Teams? Feel free to hit the comments section below with your experiences, tips, or questions.

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