How to Delete a Wishlist in Mudae

Your wishlist tells the Mudae bot which characters you want to claim and allows you to roll for them more often. But if you want to delete your wishlist, it can be difficult to find the necessary command. After all, there are over 450 commands in total in the Mudae bot.

We've created this guide to help you organize your Mudae wishlist. Read on to find out how to delete an entire wishlist, specific characters, or character duplicates. In the end, we will answer some of the most common questions related to the Mudae wishlist.

Mudae How to delete wishlist?

Deleting your entire wishlist in Mudae is as easy as entering a command. Type “$wishremoveall”, and your wishlist will be deleted.

How do you remove characters from your Mudae wishlist?

Instead of deleting an entire wishlist in Mudae, you may want to delete specific characters from it. You can remove individual characters by typing “$wishremove [character's name]”. Alternatively, you can type "$wishpurge" to remove all duplicate characters and claimed characters to streamline your wishlist.

Additional FAQs

Is my Mudae wishlist public?

Yes, by default your Mudae wishlist can be seen by other users. If you prefer not to share it with others, you can make it private by following the steps below:

1. Launch the Mudae bot.

2. Type "$wishdm" in the chat.

3. Answer three questions when prompted - whether you want to make your wishlist private, be polled on the server, or message for a wish spawn. To answer, type “$wishdm” followed by “y” for “yes” or “n” for “no”.

How do I add a character to my Mudae wishlist?

You can add a character to your Mudae wishlist using a dedicated command: “$wish [character's name]”. After adding a character to your wishlist, you will be mentioned when the character appears in chat.

If you want to add multiple characters with a single message, do so by typing "$wish" in front of each character's name. To view your wishlist, type “$wishlist” and “$wishsort” to sort the characters alphabetically.

Wishes come true

By removing unnecessary characters from your wishlist in Mudae, you can increase the chances of casting a desired waifu or mario. Regularly using the "$wishpurge" will ensure that you don't cast duplicates or already claimed characters. So keep your wishlist organized, and with enough patience, you'll inevitably collect all the characters you want.

Who is your most wanted character in Mudae? Share your wishlists in the comments section below.

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