How to Disable Predictive Text on Android

The Android operating system is incredibly versatile and customizable, but that can also lead to confusing menus. Fortunately, in all Android versions or derived systems, the controls are not too different. You'll find that disabling predictive text on Android is a walk in the park.

If you're not a fan of the predictive text feature that comes with Android, look no further. The setting can be found and disabled in seconds. Read on to find out more.

Disable predictive text on Android devices

Android users should know that there are many Android based operating systems and modded Android ROMs available. These include:

  • oxygen bone
  • MIUI
  • Pixel Experience

Although they remain Android at their core, these operating systems may differ in naming options or menu organization. Therefore, you must first familiarize yourself with your device so as not to get confused.

That said, the menus are still clearly labeled.

To disable predictive text on Android, follow these steps:

  1. Go to your device's Settings menu.
  2. Scroll down and look for "System" or "Languages ​​& Input".
  3. If you went to "System", select "Languages ​​and input".
  4. Go to “Keyboards”.
  5. Select your active keyboard.
  6. Go to the keyboard app settings.
  7. Scroll down and search for "Text correction" or something similar.
  8. Tap "Predictive text" or "Next word suggestions" to turn the feature off.
  9. Test the keyboard and see if the option is disabled.

After disabling this option, you should no longer see predictive text options when typing on most apps. Exceptions are apps with their own predictive text features, which you'll need to disable separately. This is because they are not affected by keyboard settings.

Your active keyboard will also be different if you install other ones that are not supplied with the device. Every smartphone or tablet has a built-in keyboard, but you might prefer something like Gboard. In this case, you will have to select it.

If you turn off predictive text on Gboard, the option may still be active on your other keyboard. In this case, repeating the steps above will clear all predictive text keyboards.

Quickly turn off predictive text on a Samsung keyboard

Many smartphone users own Samsung devices and come with a Samsung keyboard by default. The keyboard has a shortcut to immediately access the settings. With this, you can disable predictive text even faster.

  1. Bring up the Samsung keyboard by tapping any available text box.
  2. In the top bar, look for the cog icon.
  3. Tap it to access Samsung keyboard settings.
  4. Scroll down and search for "Predictive text".
  5. Disable the setting.

Both this method and the one previously described work, so the choice is yours. Note that "Language & Keyboard" is under "General Management" on many Samsung devices.

Disable predictive text using Gboard

If you prefer Gboard, there's a shortcut to access Settings without going to your device's Settings menu. Another advantage is that this shortcut works on almost all Android devices.

  1. Display Gboard on the screen of your Android smartphone or tablet.
  2. Press and hold the comma (,) key near the bottom.
  3. Three options will appear after a while.
  4. While holding down the key, drag and highlight the gear icon.
  5. Let go to instantly access the Settings menu.
  6. Go to "Text correction".
  7. Disable "Show suggestion strip" or "Predictive text".

Alternatively, you can also create a shortcut to Gboard on some devices.

Deleting custom predictions

We've explained how keyboards learn your favorite vocabulary and commonly used words. If you want to delete this information, you will have to do it manually. We will cover instructions for both Gboard and Samsung keyboards.

These steps should also work for other keyboards.

Here's how to remove the custom dictionary from Gboard:

  1. Open the Gboard Settings menu.
  2. Scroll down and find "Advanced".
  3. Disable "Personalization".
  4. Go to "Delete words and learned data".
  5. Gboard will warn you that the operation is permanent.
  6. Enter the given number to continue.
  7. Press "OK" to finish.

If you turn off the "Personalization" setting, Gboard will stop saving your vocabulary and favorite words. However, it will not delete any collected data. Following all the steps will ensure the removal.

Next, we will move on to the Samsung keyboard. This process is quite different.

  1. On your Samsung phone, go to the Settings menu.
  2. Scroll down and select "General Management".
  3. Go to “Language and input”.
  4. Select "Samsung Keyboard" from the list of on-screen keyboards.
  5. Search for "Reset to default settings".
  6. Tap "Clear custom predictions".
  7. Select "Delete" to confirm your choice.

Once done, you can disable predictive text to ensure that no new data is created.

Type everything manually

You are free to type with predictive text without any annoying areas appearing. Others disable the feature due to privacy concerns. Whatever the reason, the methods to disable this feature are quite simple.

Do you use predictive text when typing? Do you also disable other typing aids on your mobile devices? Let us know in the comments section below.

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