How to display bounties in

Completing bounties is one of the best ways to progress in the game and receive nice gear quickly. However, with the release of Season of Opulence, bounties have been moved from inventory, confusing many players. If you're having trouble finding the new Bounty location in Destiny 2, we're here to help.

In this guide, we'll explain where to find bounties in Destiny 2. Additionally, we'll explain how many Glimmers you need to buy them when they reset, and what types of bounties exist. Read on to find out everything you need to know about bounties in Destiny 2.

How to find bounties

Here's how to find Bounty's new location in the game:

  1. Head to the main Director menu. This is the menu where you can find the store, map, and quests.
  2. Go to the "Quests" tab.

You can organize the Quests tab by rarity or newness to find exotic quests or more easily track new challenges. However, there is no sorting option by quest type.

Additional FAQs

How much glow do you need for Bounty in Destiny 2?

The price of in-game bounties varies.

Base Bounties cost 250 Glimmer, and you can purchase up to five Base Bounties per day. Weekly bounties, in turn, cost 1 Glimmer. Some NPCs in the game also offer daily bounties for a sum of 000 Glimmer. These bounties are repetitive but are a great way to farm resources.

How often do bounties expire in Destiny 2?

The expiration period of bounties in Destiny 2 depends on its type. Thus, daily bonuses expire after one day and three hours from the time of purchase. Unsurprisingly, weekly bounties last longer and expire seven days after purchase.

Which NPCs sell bounties?

Each NPC sells bounties that can be done in a specific game mode or at a specific location on the map. You can buy daily bounties from the following NPCs in the game:

• Commander Zavala – sells Vanguard mode bounties.

• Lord Shaxx – sells Crucible mode bounties.

• Suraya Hawkthorne – sells bounties in PvE or PvP mode that generate clan XP.

• The Drifter - sell the Gambit mode.

• Ada-1 – sells black armory bounties. Look for her in The Tower.

• The Spider – sells bounties for the planet Tangled Shore.

• Brother Vance – sells bounties from the planet Mercury.

• Asher Mir – sells bounties from planet Lo.

• Ana Bray – sells planet Mars bounties.

• Sloane – sells bounties from Planet Titan.

• Devrim Kay – sells planet bounties from the European dead zone.

• Werner-99 – sells planet Nessus bounties.

• Failsafe – sells planet Nessus bounties.

• Petra Venj - sale of the premier Dreaming City.

• Eris Morn – sells moon bounties.

What types of rewards do bounties offer in Destiny 2?

The reward you can get for completing a bounty depends on the type of bounty. Almost always, you will receive a large amount of XP and, often, tokens, glows, equipment or crafting materials.

You do not need to return to the NPC who gave you the bounty to claim a reward. Instead, head to the Quests tab and click on the bounty with an exclamation point next to it. The reward will automatically be added to your inventory.

When do bounties in Destiny 2 reset?

If you're keeping track of new bounties to progress through the game faster, it's worth knowing when bounties reset. Daily bounties reset at 13pm EST every day and weekly bounties reset at the same time every Tuesday.

What types of bounties are there in Destiny 2?

Bounties in Destiny 2 differ in the tasks you need to complete and the rewards you can get. For example, Vanguard bounties received from Commander Zavala usually involve patrols, strikes, raids, and story missions. After completing them, you will receive Vanguard reputation and experience, often with Dead Orbit or New Monarchy reputation.

On the other hand, Crucible bounties issued by Lord Shaxx usually award Crucible reputation and experience, sometimes with Dead Orbit, Future Wall Cult, or New Monarchy reputation.

You need to be equipped with items of the respective classes while completing the bounty to get their reputation boost. After completing Lord Shaxx's weekly bounty, you can get a high-level item.

Bounties issued on planets grant you reputation on that specific planet and can usually reward crafting materials from that planet. Sparrow Racing League (SRL) bounties are only available during special events. Still, they can get you the best rewards, such as legendary gear.

Complete bounties, get rewards

Now that you've found the new bounty location, you can continue earning experience and reputation in Destiny 2. While changing the bounty location might be confusing at first, the new location is pretty handy. The Director menu is quickly accessible, and the automatic rewards can save you a lot of time that you would otherwise spend running to NPCs and vice versa.

What was the best reward you ever received for Bounty in Destiny 2? Share your experiences in the comments section below.

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