How to Download Movies to Your Amazon Fire Tablet

Amazon's line of Fire tablets are some of the best technology out there today. From the $7 Amazon Fire 50, which is one of the cheapest usable tablets you can buy today, to the $8 Amazon Fire HD 80 which features a bigger, sharper display and better speakers, all the way to the all-new Fire HD 10 that gives you a Full HD screen and great performance for just $150, there's a tablet to suit you and your budget. And if you're waiting for one of Amazon's exclusive sales, you'll have access to even better deals, often dropping the Fire 7 price to just $30 and offering even the biggest Fire HD 10 for an all-time high price of just $100. $ with Amazon. promotional offers on the lock screen. Basically, if you want a cheap tablet, Amazon is your go-to brand. With a custom version of Android designed around media consumption and the ability to add the Google Play Store, it's easy to access all your favorite apps in one place.

While other tablets, like Apple's iPad and Samsung's Tab S series, try to double as devices for media consumption and creation, Amazon's tablets make it clear that they want you to watch, read and listen to as much media as you can. Whether you're looking for something to read e-books, watch Netflix or YouTube, stream music from Spotify or Amazon Music, or just browse the web and check the news, the Fire tablet range is perfect for you. While Fire tablets don't have any kind of cellular technology built in, that doesn't mean you can't take your movies on the go. There are plenty of options in Fire OS that allow you to download your favorite movies to your tablet to watch offline. Whether you want to save a movie purchased through Amazon or iTunes, or are looking to download your favorite streaming movies from Netflix, there are plenty of options available to you on your Fire device. Let's take a look at backing up your favorite movies.

Downloading Movies Purchased from Amazon

Amazon is one of the main marketplaces for movie rentals and movie purchases, and since Amazon often has sales on digital purchases, it makes sense to grab your favorite movies for offline viewing when you are on the move or cannot stream. the Internet. With Amazon's own interface that lets you browse both your library and recommended videos right from your home screen, it's easy to save your favorite content to your Fire tablet for watching movies on the go. This is how it works.

How to Download Movies to Your Amazon Fire Tablet

First, as with everything on the Fire, you need to make sure you're signed in to your Amazon account. This will ensure that you can easily purchase movies through Amazon without having to constantly re-enter your account information into your tablet. Once you are logged in, return to the home screen and swipe down the main interface until you reach the Video tab on your home screen. If you're a prime subscriber, you'll likely see this list filled with Prime-ready content, including original Amazon shows and movies, and some of their exclusive HBO content. If you already have purchases in your library, you can tap the library icon in the upper right corner of the screen to load your full list of movies and TV shows. Otherwise, tap the Store icon to open the relevant Amazon Instant Video store. You can browse streaming and non-streaming movies here, and choose which content to buy on your device.

How to Download Movies to Your Amazon Fire Tablet

If you're an Amazon Prime subscriber, you'll want to go to the Rent or Buy tab to browse the movies and TV shows listed here. You'll find a list of recommended categories, along with movies on sale and new releases. If you are looking for a good movie, you can use the search function to find it automatically. Once you find the movie, you'll see options to buy or rent the content on your device. It will be automatically added to your device and you can view the movie in your library.

How to Download Movies to Your Amazon Fire Tablet

In your device's Library tab, you'll see a full list of your purchased and rented movies, as well as a list of your TV shows in a separate tab. Select the movie you want to download and it will open your movie info page. If you own the movie, you'll see a screen telling you that you've purchased the movie, along with a "Watch Now" option and a "Download" option. Tap the “Watch Now” option to stream the movie on your device; tapping "Download" will download the movie to your Fire device for offline viewing.

If you've rented the movie, you'll see the same two buttons to download or stream your video, but instead of displaying an alert that you've purchased the movie, you'll see a message that says how many days you have left to start watching the video. Every rental from Amazon must be viewed within 30 days; once the movie starts, you will have access to finish it for 48 hours. Even if the movie is downloaded to your tablet, it will expire after the time runs out.

How to Download Movies to Your Amazon Fire Tablet

Finally, we should note that purchased TV shows can also be downloaded to your device, although you will need to load the series and scroll down to the season's episode list to download each show. Unlike movies, the download button for TV shows is listed next to each episode title, as a small download icon on the right side of the screen. Each episode must be downloaded separately, although it's easy enough to add multiple downloads to your queue in just seconds.

How to Download Movies to Your Amazon Fire Tablet

Download movies and streaming shows on Amazon Prime

If you're an Amazon Prime subscriber, you probably already know that Amazon has a wide variety of content available to stream with your subscription. Original TV shows like The Tick, or movies like Manchester by the Sea are available to watch and funded or owned by Amazon, but there's also a wide selection of movies and TV shows not originally produced. with Amazon that you can stream with your subscription. HBO has a large collection of their old content available on Amazon, for example, and you can catch up on old seasons of shows like Doctor Who for free as long as you're a paying Prime member. Most, if not all, of this content can be downloaded to your Fire tablet, making it easy to watch your favorite movies and TV shows when you're on the go and not connected to the Internet.

How to Download Movies to Your Amazon Fire Tablet

As described above, navigate to the video tab on your device's home screen and tap the store icon. This will load the full store interface, with both streaming shows and movies, as well as rentals and new releases. To view the full collection of Prime content, tap the "Included with Prime" tab in the middle of your screen. You will be able to see the full list of movies and TV shows available for Prime streaming. There are dozens of categories listed in Amazon Prime, with everything available from recommended movies to original series designed exclusively for Prime members, but almost anything can be downloaded directly to your device. Find the movie you selected and tap the icon to display the movie's info page.

From there, you'll see the same display described above for rentals and purchased movies, but instead of showing the rental or purchase message, you'll see a Prime logo with "Included with Prime." Below are the standard buttons for "Watch Now", which streams the content to your device, and "Download", which stores the movie offline on your device. And as with your purchased TV shows, you can download episodes of select Prime shows by simply tapping the download icon next to each episode name.

How to Download Movies to Your Amazon Fire Tablet

Of course, there are some limitations to downloading Prime episodes to your tablet. For one, not all Prime titles can be downloaded. Only certain Prime titles can be downloaded automatically, which means that some movies or shows may not display the download icon. There is no ultimate list of downloadable and non-downloadable content; you will need to download content on a case-by-case basis. You should also note that only paying Prime members can download Prime content; Amazon Household members can stream Prime shows or movies, but won't be able to download those titles to their devices. Finally, there are some limitations to uploading Prime content to your account:

    • Available titles can only be downloaded to two compatible devices at a time. This means that if you have a smartphone and two separate tablets, only two of those devices can hold that downloaded content at a time.
    • Depending on your location, downloaded Prime content is limited to 15 or 25 titles at a time.
    • Amazon says on its support site that downloaded videos stay on your device for thirty days and must be completed 48 hours after the movie starts, similar to a rental. It's unclear if Amazon's site is talking about actual rentals or actually discussing Prime content downloaded to your device. Therefore, there may be a number of delays when downloading Prime content, similar to a rental.

Overall, you'll find the Prime content download options flexible enough to work well for most online streaming content, although not as widely available as if you were to rent or buy a movie. on Amazon's own marketplace. Finally, let's mention that you can adjust the storage settings of your download (between your internal storage and your external micro SD cards) in your settings menu under "Storage".

Download movies purchased through iTunes

A year ago, the idea of ​​watching movies purchased through iTunes or other digital platforms (like Google Play) on your Amazon Fire tablet was ridiculous. After all, there's no iTunes app for your Fire tablet, and most tech companies like to keep their entertainment locked down to single platforms to keep you in their ecosystem. But in October 2022, Disney partnered with nearly every media studio and movie rental company like Amazon, Google, Apple, and Vudu to make it easier than ever to share your movies across platforms.

Dubbed Movies Anywhere, and based on the original Disney Movies Anywhere platform the media giant has been using for years, the service lets you sync your library between Amazon, Google, Apple and Vudu to keep all your movies together in one locker. digital that is shared across platforms. As long as your movie collection is made up of movies from partner studios (which includes all the big names outside of Paramount that are planning to join the platform), signing up for a Movies Anywhere account will allow your movies to sync. between devices.

How to Download Movies to Your Amazon Fire Tablet

Go to the Movies Anywhere site and create an account. Once your account is activated, you will be asked to sync as many of your media accounts as possible. To sync your iTunes library with your Amazon account, just log in to both platforms with your username and password, and you will see your library synced between the two accounts. This means, for example, if you have previously purchased movies from iTunes and Amazon, you will see those movies appear in both your iTunes account and your Amazon account. You can sync all four accounts to ensure your cross-platform library appears between devices. So, if you have purchased movies from all over the internet, you can finally watch them in one place.

Once you have synced your library, you can either download Movies Anywhere…

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