How to Enable or Disable Subtitles on Peacock TV

Peacock TV, formerly known as NBCUniversal, offers some of the best TV shows, movies, and live content. Subscribers can binge on Law & Order and follow some Peacock TV originals, such as Rutherford Falls.

But have you ever tried to watch a movie and the traffic outside is too loud, or someone is making noise in the kitchen? Of course it happens. This is where subtitles come in handy.

The good news is that Peacock TV offers subtitles and closed captions on all available platforms. Managing subtitles on Peacock TV is simple and we'll walk you through all the steps.

Peacock TV: subtitles or closed captioning

Before we take a closer look at how subtitles work on Peacock TV, we need to discuss the term "closed captioning." The official Peacock TV help page uses "subtitles" and "closed captions" interchangeably.

However, even though they are very similar, there is an important distinction. Basically, subtitles assume you can hear the audio but require the dialogue in text form for better understanding.

On the other hand, closed captioning includes descriptions of on-screen background noises and audio cues to an audience that cannot hear the audio. As part of Peacock TV, English subtitles are available for all their content, whether the audio is in English or another language.

This applies to all devices compatible with Peacock TV. However, closed captions and other accessibility features are only available if the device in question has built-in options.

So ultimately you can have default subtitles on Peacock TV and you can turn them on and off. Additionally, some content is available in Spanish. But even though Peacock refers to subtitles as "closed captioning," users will need to access that specific feature through other means.

How to Enable or Disable Subtitles on Peacock TV on PC

One of the main points of comparison for streaming platforms is user-friendliness. Peacock TV subscribers are fortunate to have access to an intuitive and minimalist interface.

Therefore, you can easily find the subtitle button. If you're watching a movie on Peacock TV in your computer's browser, here's how it works:

  1. On your computer, log in to your Peacock TV account via a browser.
  2. Pick a title and start streaming.
  3. Move the cursor anywhere on the screen. Video playback options will appear at the bottom of the screen.
  4. In the lower left corner of the browser window, click the text bubble button. It will turn yellow when you hover over it.
  5. A pop-up menu will appear indicating "Audio" and "Subtitles". You can choose between “English” or “Off”. Some titles also have the option for the Spanish language.

Your selection will be applied within a maximum of 30 seconds. If not, make sure to refresh the browser and check again.

punchline: You can enable or disable subtitles even if you pause the video first; the changes will still apply.

How to Enable or Disable Subtitles on Peacock TV on iPhone App

The important advantage of streaming platforms such as Peacock TV is portability. You can watch all the great content anywhere using your iPhone if you download the app from the App Store.

However, unless you're wearing headphones, it can be difficult to follow the dialogue. On the other hand, subtitles can sometimes be a nuisance on screen. To enable or disable subtitles on the iPhone Peacock TV app, follow these steps:

  1. Launch the Peacock TV app and start the content you want to watch.
  2. With your fingertip, bring up the playback options from the bottom of the screen.
  3. Tap the text bubble button and toggle subtitles on or off.

Changes will be applied in less than 30 seconds.

How to Enable or Disable Subtitles on Peacock TV on Android App

Android users also have the advantage of enjoying the high quality content provided by the Peacock TV platform. First, they need to download the designated app from Google Play and sign in to their account. If they want to enable or remove subtitles, the process is quite simple:

  1. Open the Peacock TV on an Android device and play the content you want.
  2. Display reading options with your finger.
  3. Tap the text bubble button and enable subtitles or vice versa.

How to Enable or Disable Subtitles on Peacock TV on the Firestick

Many people rely on Amazon Firestick to have all of their streaming services in one place. You can download Peacock TV from the Amazon App Store on Firestick and log into your account.

From there, it's easy to choose and stream popular titles. However, if you need to enable or remove subtitles on the Peacock TV app, you will need to use the Firestick remote. This is how it works:

  1. When the video starts playing, press the Menu button on the remote.
  2. When the video playback options appear, navigate with the remote to the Subtitles icon.
  3. Choose the subtitle or click the "Off" button.

Subtitles should appear shortly after.

How to Enable or Disable Subtitles on Peacock TV on a Roku

Watching Peacock TV on a Roku device works the same as on Fire TV or similar devices. Every streaming platform has in-house content programming, and the same goes for Peacock TV.

With Roku devices, all you have to do is use your remote to access a specific feature, such as subtitles. Here's how:

  1. Play content on the Peacock TV app on Roku.
  2. Press the "*" button on the Roku remote.
  3. Choose to enable or disable subtitles.

How to turn subtitles on or off on Peacock TV on an Apple TV

If you're watching Peacock TV on your Apple TV, you'll also need to use the remote to manage subtitles. Follow these quick steps:

  1. Click the "Select" button on your Apple TV remote. It's the big round button in the middle.
  2. Your screen will display various options. You can edit audio and subtitles.
  3. Access the "Subtitles" button with your remote and choose to turn them on or off.

How to Enable or Disable Subtitles on Peacock TV on a Smart TV

Most smart TVs support the Peacock TV app. So it doesn't matter if you have an LG, Panasonic or Samsung smart TV; the application interface will be the same. The only difference in accessing subtitles for Peacock TV is where the "Select" or "Menu" button is located.

For example, on Samsung Smart TVs, the “Select” button sits right in the middle of the remote, surrounded by directional navigation keys.

So all you have to do is press the "Select" button and use the keys to activate subtitles on the playback info panel at the bottom of the screen.

The LG Smart TV remote works very similarly, as it also has the "OK" button in the middle, where you can access the subtitles section on Peacock TV.

Subtitles on or off – the choice is yours

When watching a movie in your language or South Korean, subtitles are a must – unless, of course, you speak the language. However, even with English-language TV shows and movies, sometimes we need the written dialogue to keep track of what's going on.

Also, subtitles can be a peacemaker if you're watching something late at night and don't want to wake anyone up.

The Peacock TV streaming service has made the captioning feature easy to access and manage. No matter what device you're using when you fire up "This Is Us," subtitles are always an option if you need them.

Do you turn on subtitles when watching movies and shows? Let us know in the comments section below.

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