How to find Genshin Impact secret chests: a map and a list of locations

Combat may take center stage in Genshin Impact, but beyond those beautiful weapons and thrilling elemental blasts, there's a whole world to explore. Chests litter the landscape of Teyvat, from enemy camps to forgotten ruins, rewarding players with everything from Primogems and Seals to weapons and artifacts.

The most coveted chests of all, however, are the Deluxe ones. These hidden beauties are an intrepid treasure hunter's dream, filled with tons of Adventure EXP, Seals, Primogems, and, of course, Mora.

Unfortunately, when they appear, they're very well hidden, so if you're on a personal quest to collect them all, you've come to the right place. Read on to find out the hidden locations of Secret Luxurious Chests in Genshin Impact.

The Secret Locations of Luxurious Chests in Genshin Impact

You can usually find a Luxurious Chest as a reward for solving its respective puzzle or completing an in-game World Quest. However, some Luxurious Chest locations are so well hidden that you have to methodically explore every inch of the map, relying on luck or use a guide to find – and sometimes you have to do all three.

The miHoYo developers are constantly adding new Luxurious Chest locations with each new region and each new event, so this is an ever-changing list. As of Update 1.4, however, there were 70 Luxurious Chests in Genshin Impact.

Monstadt places

Finding Luxurious Chests might not be the first thing on your mind when you start the game, but the city of Monstadt has its fair share if you're willing to search. Next time you're in town, try these places:

  1. Monstadt Cathedral tower at the top
  2. Stormterror's lair tower at the top
  3. Tower of the Knights of Favonius at the top
  4. Cecilia Garden; walk northwest and look for the eye of the storm guarding it
  5. Somewhere on the Hidden Island, east of Starsnatch Cliff
  6. Stormbearer Mountains waterfall, below

Luxurious chests related to Monstadt quests/puzzles

Occasionally, you will receive a Luxurious Chest as a reward for completing a quest or puzzle. Here are the puzzles and quests that give Luxurious Chests:

  1. Completion of the Archon Quest "For a Future Without Tears - Hidden Tears"
  2. Jog around the statue of Barbatos
  3. Complete the Ascension quest at AR 25, AR 35, AR 45, AR 50 (one chest per quest completed)
  4. Next to the teleport waypoint, northwest of Dawn Winery, follow the house of the 3 Seelies
  5. Complete the quest "Breaking the Seal of the Sword Graveyard"
  6. Bennett's Hangout Event (with ending #6)

Monstadt Deep Shrine Locations

There are about 10 of these shrines littered in each region; however, you will need 10 keys to access it. Completing specific quests such as World Quests and Archon Quests can help obtain these necessary keys.

Reaching specific adventure ranks and completing domains can also yield the required keys.

  1. Starsnatch Cliff, go a little northeast of the Midsummer Yard
  2. Anemo hypostasis, southwest
  3. Dadaupa Gorge, to the west
  4. Southeast of the Lion Temple and north of Dadaupa Gorge
  5. The Temple of the Lion
  6. Dawn Winery Statue of the Seven, northeast
  7. Springvale Teleport Waypoint, East
  8. Brightcrown Canyon Teleport Waypoint, Southeast
  9. Cecilia Garden, South
  10. Wrymrest Valley teleport waypoint, northwest

(Monstadt region) Places

Dragonspine is technically part of the Monstadt region, but it was released separately and many players consider it to be an area in its own right.

  1. Go to Wrymrest Valley, south of the location on the Broken Tower
  2. Buried City – Ancient Palace teleport point, east of location; melt the ice to access
  3. Starglow Cavern teleport waypoint; offer flowers to access
  4. Snowy Path Teleport Point to the East
  5. Entombed City – Old statue in the Palace of the Seven, in a cave south of the location (receive three chests)
  6. Starglow Cavern teleport waypoint, southwest
  7. Entombed City – Outskirts Teleport Waypoint, nord
  8. Facing Vindagnyr Peak; complete the quest "Thaw all the shards again"
  9. Entombed City – Old statue in the Palace of the Seven, southeast of the location; defeat the great king of snowboars
  10. Completion of the "Ragged Record Scrolls" puzzle
  11. Wyrmrest Valley teleport waypoint, southwest of the location; defeat the Frostarm Lawachurl

Lieux de Liyue

Liyue is a relatively new location in Genshin Impact, but there aren't many Luxurious Chests located inside the Port City.

  1. Climb a ladder in Liyue Harbor where you first arrive
  2. Wuwang Hill, west of Hidden Palace of Zhou Formula next to a tree
  3. Domaine de Guyun, to the east, on top of a pirate ship
  4. Liyue Port Teleport Waypoint, East of Location, Back of Luxury Ship

Liyue Deep Shrine Locations

As in Monstatdt, there are 10 shrines and 10 keys needed to access the shrines.

You get keys the same way by completing unique areas, completing specific quests, and reaching certain adventure ranks.

  1. Wuwang Hill teleport point, north
  2. Mingyun Village Teleport Point, Northeast
  3. Stone Gate teleport point, to the east
  4. Near Lingju Pass and south of the Wayward Path area
  5. Guyun Stone Forest, southwest of Guyun Domain
  6. East Dunyu Ruins Teleport Point
  7. Mount Aozang teleport point, northeast
  8. Nantianmen Teleport Point, Northeast
  9. Mt. Aozang, Clear Pool and Mountain Cavern Domain, southeast
  10. Mt. Aozang, Clear Pool et Mountain Cavern Domain Teleport Point, sud

Liyue Region Quests and Puzzle Locations for Luxurious Chests

One of the biggest challenges of exploring this region is the sheer number of puzzles and quests to complete. The luxurious chests are there for the taking, however, if you dare.

  1. Domaine de Guyun, southwest of the location; defeat the ruin guards
  2. Complete the World Quest "Guyun's Chi" then go north to Qingce Village
  3. Qingyun Peak Teleport Waypoint, the floating island above the location
  4. Yaoguang Shoal, east of the island location
  5. Liyue Port teleport point, northwest of the location, on a hill
  6. Dunyu Ruins Puzzle Completion (receive three chests)
  7. Completion of “The Illumiscreen III” quest (receive three chests)
  8. "Trails of Qianqiu" quest, complete the puzzle of Tianqiu Valley (receive four chests)
  9. Qingxu Pool; complete jigsaw
  10. Pass Lingju, “And this treasure goes to…” quest completion
  11. Completion of the "Lost Treasure, Found Treasure" quest
  12. Completion of the quest "Luhua Landscape"
  13. Slope of Cuijue, completion of the quest "Nine Pillars of Peace"

Inazuma Deluxe Chest Locations

The Inazuma region was recently introduced in the 2.0 update, but players only have access to three of the region's six islands – at least so far. The developers will likely give players access to more of the area with later updates, but until then, check out the known Luxurious Chest locations for the region.

Inazuma Region Locations

To unlock one of the luxurious chests in the area, you need to travel the islands in various locations and defeat all of the Ikawara swordsmen. There are seven in total, but completing this "quest" only rewards one chest.

Besides this unnamed quest, there are 19 other known Luxurious Chest locations on the three unlocked islands of Inazuma:

Île de Yashiori
  1. Musoujin Gorge, "Touch the Sword Hilt" Seelie Puzzle Completion
  2. Read four "Lost Text" articles and visit Fort Mumei
  3. Shrine of the Deep, southeast of Serpent's Head
  4. Shrine of the Deep, west of the Jakotsu mine
Île de Narukami
  1. Byakko Plains, along the east coast on the beach
  2. Byakko plains, Konda village; complete the quest "A Strange Story in Konda"
  3. Araumi, to the south, inside the broken tower
  4. Araumi underground teleport waypoint, the area with a perpetual mechanical network
  5. Mount Yougou; solve the relay stone puzzle
  6. Mount Yougou, under the Sakura Shrine at the base; use the Memento Lens on Earth Kitsune statuette
  7. Shrine of the Deep, on an island northeast of Narukami Island
  8. Deep Sanctuary, southeast of Chinju Forest
Kannazuka Island
  1. Violet Court; destroy all pots on the island
  2. Kujou camp; seelie complete electro puzzle
  3. Locate three "One Place Keys" to open the door to Arsenal
  4. Tatarasuna Teleport Waypoint, Cliff Edge
  5. North side of the island along the beach; complete three Seelie puzzles
  6. Shrine of the Deep, below the cliff edge, south end
  7. Shrine of the Deep, below the cliff edge, north end

Additional FAQs

Do chests respawn in Genshin Impact?

Certain types of chests, such as those related to quests and events, do not respawn. Valuable chests also do not respawn. However, other chests like Common, Exquisite, and Luxurious chests do. The respawn time depends on the rarity of the chest.

Calling all treasure hunters

It's easy to get caught up in this endless list of quests to complete, but once in a while you need to get out and explore Teyvat. You never know the wonders (and dangers) you will encounter. Don't forget that Genshin Impact generously rewards the brave - and the patient - with a wealth of money and resources. However, it is up to you to take up the challenge.

Have you found all known luxurious chests? Which were the most difficult to locate? Tell us about it in the comments section below.

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