How to Find True Page Numbers on the Kindle

Ever since Amazon first released its version of e-readers called Kindle, some book lovers have shied away from the option because there's really nothing like a real book. The smell, the dog ears, the real page numbers, how can an electronic device replace that?

Luckily, Kindle offers plenty of features that make the transition from traditional paperbacks to the e-reader a little easier with each update.

It is important to note that some features are only available on certain books. This article will tell you how to tell if the book you are about to download has page numbers available and how to activate them.

How to check page numbers

When you search for a new book on the Kindle Store, there are the standard pricing options, a brief overview of the book and its author, and then there are the features.

To see if the book you're interested in has real page numbers available, scroll down the page until you see the features area.

  1. Press the Page numbers.

2. Check the description for page numbers.

3. You can even see the description of page numbers if you browse Amazon's website for your next Kindle reading.

How to Display Real Page Numbers – The “Go-To” Option

So, as long as the book of your choice has the option of real page numbers, there are several ways to display them. For starters, Kindle doesn't inherently offer page numbers on older models. For most Kindles, they will only see a percentage complete which doesn't really correspond to page numbers.

So if you want to see your page number or go to a specific location, follow these steps:

  1. Tap the center of your screen and tap Go to.

2. Display your page number.

Showing true page numbers this way will not only help you know where you are in a book, but it will also help you share or find the page number someone else is referring to.

Displaying Page Numbers – The Application

Some users may prefer, or at times, read their books from a device other than Kindle. Whether from a web browser or the Kindle app on a mobile device, viewing actual page numbers is much easier.

As long as you've downloaded a book with real page numbers available, you can see them at the bottom of your screen.

If you can't see the page numbers, it's probably because you've adjusted the text size. When enlarging text, Kindle pages are not displayed and numbers are not displayed.

You can readjust the size of your text by pinching the screen or by doing this:

  1. Again, press the page.

2. Then press the Aa.

3. Now reduce the Text size.

By reducing the size of your text, you should now be able to see the page numbers listed at the bottom of your book. Moreover, by simply tapping on the page, you can also see the page number. Once you've revised your page number, you can tap again to increase your text size.

Other Great Kindle Features

As we mentioned earlier, some avid readers have not yet begun to appreciate e-readers. Amazon has come up with a number of really cool features that make it easier to read with tablets.

Dark mode

Most Kindles and even the app version offer a dark mode. Whether you're reading at night or want to reduce eye strain, Dark Mode reduces the bright lights that accompany device screens.

  1. Press the Aa as you did above and select one of the four available color options:

Highlight, share and add notes

Kindle gives you the ability to share pages, highlight important content, and even add little notes that you can refer to later. Unlike traditional books, it's much better than writing in the margins.

  1. Simply long press on the portion you want to manipulate and select from the available options:

Translation, Wikipedia and the dictionary

While reading a book, there is no need to go to another source to verify certain information or look up a word. Kindle will give you the option to do this on screen after long-pressing a part of interest.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have more information about Kindle page numbers in this section.

How do I find my bookmarks?

Bookmarks are great for keeping your page together and saving important text locations.

1. To save a page to your favorites section, just click on the flag icon in the top left corner.

2. To locate your bookmarks, tap the page icon. Depending on how many bookmarks you have saved, you will need to scroll down and find the one you want.

Do Kindle books have the same number of pages as a paperback?

Yes and no. It all depends on the book (and if you have enlarged the text). Page numbers that don't match the actual paper book can cause problems at school and at book clubs. Therefore, before downloading a book for Kindle, look for a caption that says "Contains actual page numbers."

You can lend your books

It is therefore not advisable to give your username and password. But book lovers may feel better about sharing their favorites with the people around them.

Your best friend is unlikely to order things from your Amazon account, but they are likely to spill something on your book, dog ear pages, or maybe never return it at all. Kindle reduces any worries about these issues, so sharing your library is much safer (again, as long as you trust the person with your Kindle password).

Read on a Kindle

Displaying page numbers on a Kindle that match those of the physical book is necessary for many reasons. Remember to check the information on the eBook before purchasing if you absolutely must match the page numbers. While it's not quite the same as reading an actual book, Kindles offer plenty of great features to make the transition easier.

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