How to Fix Input Lag and Slow Performance in Google Chrome

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For many, Chrome can get a little slow at times. Although pages can still load relatively quickly, and without incident, your cursor might not appear where it should on the screen, or text will appear to be typed more slowly than typed. This has plagued Chrome users for quite some time now.

Whether you're suffering from inappropriate browser and operating system settings, over-resourced apps and extensions, or need a fresh install of Chrome, the solution is just a few clicks away. After all, speeding up Chrome is the best way to improve your browsing experience, and fixing input lag is a must.

Fix Chrome input lag and slow performance on Windows 10

Before going through browser settings and reinstalling Chrome, let's cover some basic troubleshooting tips.

  • Close open tabs and other running programs that are not in use.
  • Clear your browser's cache and cookies. Type Ctrl + Shift + Del and click Erase data.

Disable Chrome Hardware Acceleration

Although it is designed to improve browser performance, problems may occur when using hardware acceleration.

  1. Open Chrome, click the menu, then select Parameters.
  2. Then click Advanced > System to open a new window.
  3. Now click on the toggle switch to disabled for Use hardware acceleration if available.

Reinstall Chrome

If none of the suggestions above worked, you might want to reinstall Chrome.

  1. Click on the The Start menu ou Search bar, type “add or remove programs“, and click on it or press Enter.
  2. Now scroll down and locate Chrome, click on it, then select uninstall.
  3. Then reinstall the most recent version of it.

Fix Chrome input lag and slow performance on Windows 7

It turns out that there are two things causing this irritating little problem. One of them is related to Google Chrome itself, the other is a Windows 7 setting (I'm assuming that's the OS you're using). In order to fix the problem, I had to fix both. I will guide you through the process. We'll start with Chrome, since you already have it open.

  1. Open the Parameters menu (click the top right icon that looks like three horizontal bars, and select The settings in the drop-down menu.
  2. Once there, click on Show advanced settings down the page.
  3. At this point you will be presented with a long list of options. One of these options is called prefetch assets to load pages faster . This is a feature known as DNS pre-fetching. While this certainly improves page load times, it's also been known to cause a bit of intermittent input lag from time to time, in addition to sending Chrome's memory footprint straight through the roof. You can live without.
  4. Next, you're going to want to open internet options Control panel.
  5. From there, go to connections and click on Lan settings.
  6. One of the options is automatically detect parameters. For some reason, this option tends to cause crossovers with Chrome as the default browser. If the box is checked, uncheck it. Hopefully, that should be just the ticket to set things right.

Fix Chrome performance and lag on a Mac

There are many reasons why Chrome might be performing poorly on your Mac, we'll cover some of the most likely culprits, starting with the basics.

  • Close running programs and tabs that are not in use.
  • Clear Chrome's cache and cookies.
  • Disable browser extensions and refresh the page.

Disable Chrome Hardware Acceleration

As mentioned in the Windows 10 section, you can disable Chrome's hardware acceleration to improve its performance. Considering the similarity of Chrome across devices, you can follow the instructions above to accomplish the task.

Chrome browser lag fix

Several factors can cause Chrome to perform poorly and input lag. Whatever your problem, there is a solution.

Were you able to solve the problem? Do you know any other way to improve input lag and performance on Chrome? Share your thoughts with the community below.

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