How to Fix Message Blocked by Instagram Action

When it comes to combating spam, Instagram gets to work quickly. The photo/video social media platform instantly triggers an action block whenever it suspects spam or bot activity on a particular account. During this time, the account holder will not be able to perform basic Instagram actions.

This system is triggered when the number of actions performed per hour and per day exceeds the set levels, as well as a combination of other reasons (more on these levels later).

If you want to learn more about the different types of action blocks and what can be done to raise one, keep reading this article. Additionally, our FAQ section covers some engagement guidelines for you to post and enjoy on Instagram.

What do the different types of action blocks mean?

Action blocks are usually triggered if you exceed the hourly or daily action limits allowed. Action blocks are defined by the type of action and the duration of the block:

Action block type

  • Action Blocking: You cannot comment, like, follow/unfollow, or post photos.
  • Like to Block: You can't like any posts, but you can still follow/unfollow and comment.
  • Blocking comments: You cannot comment on posts, but you can still like, follow/unfollow.

Action block synchronization

  • Temporary action blocking: This is the most common type that can result from overusing certain Instagram features. Blocks expire quickly, from a few hours to 24 hours.
  • Action block with an expiration date (set): This block includes the timestamp of its expiration. The end date can be one or two weeks or more.

Action block with an (undefined) expiry date: This undefined temporary block can last from several hours to several weeks. A message simply tells you to try again later.

What if I was blocked for no reason?

Action blocks are applied due to violation of Instagram rules. But if you think your account has been blocked unjustly, you can "Report a problem" to try to solve it. Generally, you will have two options: “Tell us” and “Ignore”. If you want Instagram to do a manual review, tap "Tell us".

However, some errors only include an "OK" option. In this case:

  1. Select "Settings", "Help", then "Report a problem".
  2. Enter a brief message in the text field stating that you believe your account has been wrongfully blocked.
  3. Wait for a response.

How long does the blockage last?

Depending on the type, the block can last from a few hours to a few weeks. Here are the approximate times for each type:

Temporary action block

This type is the fastest to expire. It can last from several hours to a whole day.

Action block with an expiration date

This type lets you know the expiration date of the block. This can last one to two weeks or more.

Action block without expiration date

This type can last from several hours to several weeks.

Action blocked with expiration date

The "blocked with expiration date" error message is accompanied by a timestamp indicating when the block will be lifted. This can take several hours or several weeks. These usually include a "Tell us" option that you can tap if you want Instagram to review your situation if you believe your account has been blocked in error.

Action blocked without expiration

Instagram's "blocked without expiration" ban can last from several hours to several weeks. This type of message does not include the "Tell us" option. So if you think your account was blocked in error, you'll need to request a manual review by going to "Settings", "Help", then "Report a problem".

How to Fix Instagram Action Stuck

Next, we'll discuss six tips on how to deal with Instagram's action blocking feature.

Tip #1: Report the problem

If you believe you have done nothing to cause an action block on your account, you can request that Instagram manually review your situation in two ways:

  • Press the "Tell us" button included in the error message. Or, when it is not available;
  • Go to "Settings", "Help", then "Report a problem".

Second tip: reinstall Instagram

Try deleting the app, then delete all data associated with Instagram from your device before reinstalling it. When all cookie data collected by Instagram is deleted, it can help eliminate temporary action blocks.

Tip #3: Switch to mobile data

Your account may have been blocked due to your IP address. Instagram sometimes blocks accounts if they are unhappy with the IP. Therefore, if possible, try to access your account using your mobile data as opposed to Wi-Fi.

Tip #4: Access using another device

Try accessing your account using another device.

Fifth tip: link your account to Facebook

Instagram temporarily blocks an account when algorithms detect bot-like behavior. To prove you're not a bot, try linking your Instagram page to your Facebook page or any other social media account you have.

Sixth advice: wait until the end of the blocking period

If none of the tips above worked for you, you might just have to wait for the block to be lifted.

The blocking period can be shortened if you completely stop using your Instagram account for at least 24 hours.

Additional FAQs

What triggers action blocks on Instagram?

The action blocked message is usually triggered by the number of actions performed by your account per hour per day. Account limits vary and depend on many different factors. Here are some of the triggers:

Trigger 1: Account age

The older your account, the more actions you will be allowed to perform per hour in a 24-hour period.

Trigger 2: Account influence

Your total number of followers, posts, and the overall engagement your posts receive will also play a role. The more followers and engagement, the more actions you can take.

Third trigger: your IP address

It has been noted that when an account is accessed using mobile data as opposed to a personal IP address, the user will have the ability to perform more daily actions.

Trigger Four: Previous Violations

Action limits are reduced when an account has had action blocks in the past. It may also affect other Instagram accounts using the same device or IP address.

Trigger Five: Action Type

Different Instagram actions have different impacts when it comes to blocks. For example, DMs, comments and downloads have the most impact, then subscribes/unfollows, then likes. You can get more likes per day than more impactful actions like DMs and comments.

Also, if you perform the same actions all the time without mixing things up a bit, Instagram may flag this as bot activity.

Trigger Six: Account Health Score

If you've been using Instagram for a while, you probably know that they keep a health score for each account. The lower your health score, the lower your action limit.

Trigger Seven: Using Third-Party Apps

Using third-party tools, apps, or bots is easily detectable by Instagram and lowers your account health score. This may be the only reason action blocks trigger.

Trigger Eight: Your Biography

Including a link in your bio or leaving it blank will lower your action limit.

Trigger nine: account type

Creator and business accounts are less likely to receive the same action restrictions as personal accounts. Accounts linked to a Facebook Page are less likely to trigger share blocks.

Trigger ten: activity level

Instagram prioritizes accounts with high levels of activity. For example, if you only access your account every two hours for a few minutes to follow specific people, your daily action limit will decrease.

Instagram blocking actions

To reduce spam and bot activity on Instagram, the platform's algorithms flag suspicious accounts based on the number of actions they take in a one-hour or 24-hour period.

There are many actions that can cause accounts to be blocked. Luckily, you can have Instagram manually review your status if you think you've been blocked by mistake.

What do you think of Instagram in general? What do you think of their action blocking rules? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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