How to Get a Frost Dragon in Adopt Me

The Frost Dragon is one of the rarest pets in Adopt Me, belonging to the Legendary category. This was a limited release, only available in the December 2022 Christmas Update. After January 2022, the Frost Dragon was no longer available for purchase.

How to Get a Frost Dragon in Adopt Me

Even though the Christmas 2022 event has long since ended, there is still a way to get Frost Dragons in Adopt Me. Players can trade for pets, including rare ones. Read on to learn more about trading this limited edition beast.

How to Get a Frost Dragon

For posterity, we will also include the original method to get the Frost Dragon in the 2022 Christmas event. The Frost Dragon is a Gamepass pet, which meant players had to spend 1 Robux in the store of the event to purchase one.

How to Get a Frost Dragon in Adopt Me

There are no special missions or quests to play to obtain a Frost Dragon. All you needed was to spend the 1 Robux that you saved up or bought with real money. Therefore, you will have to redeem it to get your hands on one after January 000.

As the Frost Dragon is difficult to obtain, you will need to swap it with something of equal or greater value. Often this means you will have to give up some of your rarer pets.

Some pets you could gift are:

  • golden griffin
    How to Get a Frost Dragon in Adopt Me
  • golden unicorn
    How to Get a Frost Dragon in Adopt Me
  • Dragon d’or
    How to Get a Frost Dragon in Adopt Me
  • golden ladybug
    How to Get a Frost Dragon in Adopt Me

These four are quite close to the Frost Dragon in value, as they are also difficult to obtain. However, unlike the latter pet, these four pets can be obtained regardless of the season. The reason for this is that the first three are spawned from golden eggs, while the golden ladybug comes from a different source.

When players log in every day for 180 consecutive days, they get 660 stars. At the same time, they will also receive the golden egg. If you get the Golden Egg for the first time, you will get a Diamond Egg after another Star Reward cycle.

The cycle resets, allowing you to earn another Golden Egg after one year. The first three golden pets we mentioned all hatch from this egg, and there is a 33,3% chance for each of them to hatch. If your vendor is willing to trade a Frost Dragon for your golden pet, you can accept the trade and walk away happy.

On the other hand, the Golden Ladybug can be obtained by purchasing a Diamond Lavender. The item has a 10% chance of taming a Golden Ladybug. It only costs 199 Robux compared to the Frost Dragon's 1, but the chances of getting one are much lower.

If you have even rarer pets, like the Diamond Ladybug, it will be easier for you to trade for a Frost Dragon. The Neon or Mega Neon versions are also valuable pets, due to the time, effort, and cost of creating them. Offering a Mega Neon Golden Ladybug will likely convince the other player to accept the trade.

Looking for jobs

The best places to look for deals are the subreddits on Reddit and the Roblox website. If you post a message saying you want a Frost Dragon, players may notice it and make offers. After that, it's time to negotiate and come to an agreement.

You can also meet someone in-game, but it takes longer than an online forum. Thus, we recommend heading to the online communities where Adopt Me players congregate.

Other possible animals you can gift

The pets we mentioned above are just a few of the many potential deals you can trade for Frost Dragons. Many pets are not legendary, but they are still quite difficult to obtain. If you have one or more, you might consider trading a Frost Dragon with them.

You may notice that some of these pets are also limited event creatures. The Snow Owl and the Arctic Reindeer are even from the same event as the Frost Dragon. If you don't want these pets, you may be able to get a Frost Dragon from the trade if you offer several in the deal.

The Capybara and Flamingo come from previously available gumball machine eggs. Since these eggs are now also unobtainable, even their most common pets can fetch a high price. These two pets are not legendary, but their value is already close to the frost dragon.

As an uncommon pet, the Capybara wouldn't be worth as much if it weren't for a drop from the jungle egg. This egg is the second one that can be obtained from the gumball machine, and it has not been in circulation since November 2022.

If you don't want to trade your pets, there is a toy worth a little more than a Frost Dragon. It's called the Tombstone Ghostify, only available during the Halloween 2022 event. It's a rare toy that also has the same value as the Blue Egg Blue Dog.

There are many other creatures you can gift, though these are the most valuable.

frost dragons

A Frost Dragon resembles the Shadow Dragon, though it has light blue scales, in contrast to the latter's dark and fearsome appearance. Its eyes are also pastel blue and you can see light blue particle effects coming out of its mouth.

Even so, the Frost Dragon is not a reskin of a Shadow Dragon. He has no exposed rib cage. However, it has more spikes protruding from its back than the black creature.

Like the shadow dragon, this creature also has unique tricks:

At each stage, a frost dragon learns a new trick. The first four cheats are universal actions pets can acquire, but Dive and Frost Breath are different. The shadow dragon can dive, though instead of frost breath it knows shadow breath.

As with many pets, the Frost Dragon also has Neon and Mega Neon versions. However, you will have to spend a lot of Robux before you get them. Like other Neon and Mega Neon, the process involves merging multiple Frost Dragons or Neon Frost Dragons.

The Neon Frost Dragon glows light blue in several parts of its body, such as the wings, spikes, horns, feet, and teeth.

On the other hand, the Mega Neon Frost Dragon may be more interesting for players. It alternated between bright blue and white. Nowadays, like many other Mega Neons, the colors now include the rainbow.

Few other pets have custom skills like these two dragons, making them a special pet once you get your hands on one.

Additional FAQs

Will the Frost Dragon return in the future?

The chances of that happening are unlikely. Abandoned or restricted pets in Adopt Me rarely, if ever, return. So your best bet for getting a Frost Dragon in 2022 and beyond is to trade it in for one.

How rare is a frost dragon in Adopt Me?

Frost Dragons rank near the top of the scale, as they were only available during the 2022 Christmas event. They also cost 1 Robux to obtain, which not everyone was. willing or able to pay. Today, it takes one or more valuable pets to trade one to other players.

Can you still get frost dragons?

No, you can't unless you trade with someone who has one. Still, the Frost Dragon will likely cost you an arm or a leg. After all, the supply is permanently cut off and will never return.

Are shadow dragons rarer than frost dragons?

Yes, because shadow dragons are older than frost dragons. The mega neons that come into play have also made shadow dragons more valuable. Additionally, even though Frost Dragons are rare, more players have purchased them than people who have purchased Shadow Dragons.

You can trade for a Frost Dragon using a Shadow Dragon, but only if you feel comfortable with the price.

That's a bit of fresh breath you have there

Once a frost dragon reaches the sixth stage, it learns to breathe frost. If you are lucky enough to redeem one for a lower price, we rejoice with you. For those without a Frost Dragon, you may need to find someone willing to trade in your rare pets.

Do you have a Frost Dragon in Adopt Me? What is your favorite animal in the game? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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