How to Get a Horse in Black Desert Online

Like many other MMORPGs, Black Desert Online has a mount system. In fact, horses are the primary means of transportation at BDO. They are available in different colors, styles and levels. Although the customization is far from the complex system reserved for character creation, there is enough variety for everyone.

What's interesting is that there are also several ways to get horses in BDO. In this article, we'll cover how to get your hands on one of the best mounts in the game if you're tired of riding your ass.

How to get a horse

Changing from a donkey to a horse is something you can do in several ways.


You can buy a level 1 horse from a stable. It will cost you 15 silver and it won't be particularly attractive. Beginner horses are only available in two colors, brown and gray. It all depends on the emblem you choose.

Also, level 1 horses have a base speed of 94%, which is pretty low.

Free reward

Now, if you don't want to spend the money, you can also get a horse for free. You may not know it, but a free horse is part of your new player rewards.

On your second day of play from a new account, you will receive a horse emblem. You can locate it in the rewards window, along with other gifts.

You can then collect the horse emblem and exchange it for your first horse mount. It may be a free mount, but it will have the same level 1 stats as the beginner horse you can buy from a stable.

Of course, there is another option.


Suppose you want something better than a level 1 horse and you don't want to spend too much money. How does a 7 silver horse sound?

This is how much it costs to tame a horse in BDO (if you're lucky). In theory, it's cheaper, and you can get base speeds between 104% and 109%. However, taming is a more complex process that might not be suitable for novice players.

It also requires you to be at least level 20 in the game and acquire a few items along the way. But, if you really want to tame a horse, here's what you need to do:

  1. Buy lassos and carrots from the Stabler.
  2. Search open fields for herds of horses.
  3. Aim the lasso at one of the horses for a 50% chance to start taming it.
  4. You can also feed the horse four times to calm it down first.
  5. Throw the lasso to start the mini-game.
  6. Stay focused and play the taming mini-game.
  7. Quickly press the spacebar button to fill the meter.
  8. Keep playing minigames to get close enough to the horse to feed it.
  9. Attempt to ride a horse.

Note that successfully completing the mini-games does not guarantee that you will tame the horse. That's why it's essential to have spare lassos and carrots when trying to get a wild horse in BDO.


The complexity of BDO is what made the MMORPG so successful with its playerbase. One of the most exciting systems in the game is the mount breeding system.

If you're not interested in buying or taming, you can try breeding a better horse.

Note that breeding is a mechanic that heavily depends on your understanding of mares and their breeding points. Mares can foal a limited number of horses.

But how does breeding work?

First, you need to make sure you own a female horse. Then you can go to the livestock market and rent a male horse for the night.

Alternatively, you can use the breeding mechanism in your own stable if both female and male mounts have enough breeding points.

The breeding process takes up to three hours. After that, you will get a new mount. The new horse will have a single starting skill and its gender will be chosen at random. Whether you want to ride the new horse or sell it in the market for extra coins is your choice.


This is a relatively new method of getting hold of a horse. It is expensive as it costs around 100 silver coins. However, you can rent some pretty amazing mounts from other players for up to a week.

  1. Go to a stable keeper.
  2. Click on the “Rent” option in the new window.
  3. From there, click on the “Rental List” option.
  4. Search the list for horses you like or can afford.
  5. Rent the mount you like between level 1 and level 8.

When using a rented horse, it can still gain exp. However, the mount will be locked to its owner's gear choice.

How to Get a Horse in Black Desert Mobile

BDO Mobile's taming and breeding mechanics are very similar to the base game, but with very minor differences.

For example, to catch a wild horse you will need rope and sugar (not carrots). You will need the same gradual approach to increase your chances of taming the horse.

  1. Find a herd in the open.
  2. Approach slowly.
  3. Give sugar when prompted.
  4. Throw the lasso after feeding the horse three to four times.
  5. Complete the mini-game.

Note that the chance of successfully taming a horse decreases by 10% as horses increase in levels or rank.

You can also breed horses in Black Desert Mobile if you already have registered female and male mounts. If you do, head to your personal camp.

Make sure you have two horses of the same level and level, otherwise it won't work. Empty the stocks of the horses before starting the breeding process.

How to get a horse saddle

Mounts come with five functional equipment slots in BDO. While some items only change appearance, others affect stats.

For example, saddle affects three stats: Max HP, Stamina, and Turn Speed. This is one of the first pieces of gear you should get for your mount.

If by any chance you already have a camel, you can simply move the saddle from your camel to your horse. These two mounts share many of the same pieces of gear. However, if you don't, there are other ways to do it.

You can go to the market and search for saddles in the mount category. Alternatively, you can buy a saddle from a stable keeper if your character has enough friendship to unlock the saddles.

It's also possible to get a horse saddle – and other mount gear – from racing events. If you spend enough time in the game and gather resources, you can craft a horse saddle yourself. For example, check out the Horse Gear Workshop in Heidel for crafting requirements.

Black Desert How to get horse armor?

Obtaining horse armor works the same way as the saddle mechanic. Each stable has its own shop. From there, you can usually buy pretty basic horse armor. However, you must reach a certain level of friendship with your character to unlock the equipment you wish to purchase.

Crafted armor offers much better stats. To start crafting, you must first purchase the Horse Armor Crafting House. Once you have that, you can check out different armor sets to see the required materials.

Each piece of armor has its own list of materials. Find them, place them in your warehouse, then have your worker craft the desired item.

You can get lost in the mechanics of mounts

Mounts in BDO are very different from what you see in other MMORPGs. Of course, they perform the same basic transport function. But BDO takes it to a new level.

You can use horses, camels, donkeys, and other mounts in the game to move around, engage in combat, race, and more. Crafting and breeding mechanics can take a long time. Yet they also add another dimension to the game and plenty of side content to explore.

Tell us, what is your favorite mount in the game? What has been your most successful breeding experience? Let us know in the comments section below.

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