How to Get Alliance Credits in Rise of Kingdoms

Are you ready to enter the history books? Lilith Games' epic mobile odyssey Rise of Kingdoms (ROK) lets you be the hero of your chosen civilization. Start your adventure by choosing from 27 real heroes and 11 civilizations and conquer the world.

Before going to war, however, you will need allies. Your alliance will help you get resources, strengthen map control, or participate in rally events. More importantly, you'll need to focus on earning Alliance Credits to pursue your dreams of world domination.

If you don't know how Alliance Credits work, you've come to the right place. Find out what they are, how to get more of them, and why they're essential to growing your Alliance.

How to Get Alliance Credits in Rise of Kingdoms

Do you need another Alliance stronghold? If building another party-wide monument is in the plans, you'll need Alliance Credits – lots of them.

Some players say they are easy to get and have more than they can spend while other players struggle to earn a handful of credits each time they log in. Whether you're looking for new ways to earn Alliance Credits or just can't seem to earn enough, check out the tips below for more credit mining ideas.

What are Alliance Credits?

Alliance Credits are a currency used in the Republic of Korea for specialized items such as Teleports and Peace Shields, as well as in-game perk consumables. There are two types of Alliance Credits to be spent in the game. The first, Silver, is used for individual purchases while Gold Credits are used for Alliance activities. Both can be used in the Alliance Shop.

How to Get Alliance Credits

You can get Alliance Credits in different ways:

1. Alliance Chests

In-game packs offer gifts in the form of chests to the entire Alliance. Each time a member buys a pack, each Alliance member gets a chest that can contain Alliance Credits.

For example, if an Alliance member purchased a "Living Legend" pack, you'll likely receive a message notifying you of the purchase as well as your gift: A Stone Chest with 100 Credits and a few other goodies.

You can also get Alliance gifts in the form of chests for participating in certain tasks or events. These chests will likely have a few credits, so be sure to open them.

2. Tech Donations

When you donate resources to help your alliances' technology research, everyone wins. However, donating resources brings a bonus: credits. The more each member gives, the more credits the Alliance can accumulate.

3. Building

Building structures for your alliance is a great way to earn credits for something you're going to be doing anyway. Go ahead and save up for a fort or design a flag and earn credits in return. Keep in mind, however, that the daily cap for credits via construction is 20.

4. Alliance Help

Every time you help allies upgrade or construct buildings, heal troops, or research technologies, you can earn awesome credit rewards. Each time you help an Alliance member, your action fills the progress bar by 1 minute or 10%. A full bar grants 000 credits just to help allies.

This is a daily reward, so it can be repeated each day you log into the game. The downside is the 10 credit cap, but it's a great way to earn credit with minimal effort. 'effort.

5. Participation in the event

Rise of Kingdoms regularly hosts events with great perks to attract new players and welcome veterans. Often these benefits are in the form of participation credits. Credits for participating in an event largely depend on the event and it is not a reliable way to earn credits. However, it's something to look forward to if your Alliance is planning on participating in an upcoming event anyway.

Additional FAQs

What is the Alliance?

An alliance is a group of players who band together to socialize, share resources, and support each other in Rise of Kingdoms. You can either create your own alliance or join one that already exists. For many new players, joining an established Alliance makes sense. It's a great way to learn more about the game and get the support you need to experience new facets of the game.

To join an Alliance, follow the steps below:

1. Launch the game.

2. Access the main dashboard.

3. Choose the “Alliance” tab.

4. Tap the "Join" button.

5. Choose an alliance and select "Apply" or "Join" (depending on the settings).

If you feel enterprising, you can create a new alliance. However, you will have to pay 500 gems to create a new alliance. Once you have the money in hand, check out the process below to get started:

Part One – Creating Alliances

1. Access the main dashboard of the game.

2. Select the “Alliance” tab.

3. Press the "Create" button and pay the fee.

4. Set your new covenant settings, including tag, name, announcement, requirements, language, and symbol.

Part Two – Send Invitations

Next, you will need members for your new alliance. You can send direct invitations during the Alliance creation process or you can send invitations to non-affiliated members.

1. Go to the "Alliance" tab in the main dashboard.

2. Select "Settings".

3. Select "Invite" to see a list of available members in the kingdom.

4. Invite them to your Alliance.

How can I develop my Alliance?

Developing an alliance in a new realm is a challenge. You can send invites during the build process, but if you're still scared of a full roster, you can try recruiting the old-fashioned way.

Try posting to the official Rise of Kingdoms recruitment forum or Kingdom chat. Make sure you have "open" requirements that anyone can join to speed up the process. You won't be able to pre-select your members, but if you're concerned about membership numbers, keeping your Alliance "open" may be your best option.

What is the difference between Alliance Credits and Individual Credits

Alliance Credits are an in-game currency that is stored as a resource for the alliance. It can be used by an Alliance leader or officers for a variety of Alliance-centric purchases, such as fortresses, flags, and researching advanced technologies.

However, individual credits are exactly what they sound like. It is an in-game currency used by individual Alliance members for a variety of things, from tokens and speed-ups to specialty items.

What can I buy with Alliance Credits?

Alliance Credits are used for Alliance-specific projects and resources. Many alliances like to save their credits to spend on projects such as:

• Repair of buildings

• Technology Research Alliance

• Restocking of items

• Resource Points

• Creation of new flags

• Build new fortresses

For example, some alliances like to wait until there is a realm vs. realm (or KvK) event coming up to spend credits. These events usually require new flags and strongholds, so it's a good idea to keep extra credits "in the bank" for special occasions.

Help out with credits

Who would have thought that being an active member of an Alliance could earn so many free credits? In Rise of Kingdoms, it pays to be productive. Don't forget to lend a hand when your Alliance builds new structures and check your gift tab. You never know when you'll receive Alliance Credits from an in-game purchase.

What is the fastest way to accumulate Alliance Credits for your Alliance? Let us know in the comments section below.

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