How to Get Bloodpoints Fast in Dead by Daylight

Did you know you can earn up to 1,6 million Bloodpoints in Dead by Daylight? That's right!

As one of the most captivating and immersive horror games ever produced, Dead by Daylight has 50 levels, and getting stuck on a particular level can be quite frustrating. One way to level up faster is to earn as many blood points as possible. In this way, you will be able to unlock new options and customize your character to make it more skillful and efficient.

This article will show you how to get Bloodpoints quickly and prepare yourself properly for more achievements in the game.

How to get blood points as a killer in Dead by Daylight?

One of the easiest ways to rack up blood points is to play Killer. This is because as a Slayer you have more control over the Bloodweb and the actions of other players do not directly affect your score. This contrasts with the Survivor game, where points are awarded based on the quality of your teammates and the killer. As a killer, you can also influence the number of blood points earned by survivors. For example, survivors won't gain any selflessness points if you don't hook or hit them.

Now let's see the strategies that can allow you to get blood points faster in Killer mode.

1. Stick with a fighter

While trying out different fighters is always exciting, sticking mostly to one character can help you earn blood points faster. This is because all killers get more powerful as you level up, making them more effective. Plus, it helps you develop a deeper understanding of a character's unique skills, tactics, and abilities.

You will also learn the best ways to use available perks that will allow you to make the most of your character's special powers. For example, the executioner has strong skills but very low mobility. However, his toolbox comes with specialized powers - the Rites of Judgment - that put survivors in a tormented state, making them vulnerable to his hook. Learning to use these powers can take time. Sticking with the character can help you perfect the activation of these powers and earn more blood points.

2. Don't be too quick to kill

The secret to earning more Bloodpoints is slow and prolonged torture, not quick death. It's about harassing the survivors and making their lives as difficult as possible. Instead of killing them immediately, keep them alive but repeatedly hook them. You can farm a ton of blood points by capturing survivors and releasing them multiple times. Each of the first four chases will earn you 400 blood points, and all subsequent chases will earn you 200 blood points.

3. Be destructive

As a killer, you want to make sure survivors have nowhere to hide and have as few resources as possible. Thus, you should not miss an opportunity to destroy items that can help them. This includes generators, vaults, and pallets. Destroying pallets, for example, not only farms you blood points, but also prevents survivors from using them as obstacles.

4. Use Killer Special Powers Regularly

One of the best things about Dead by Daylight is that each Slayer has something unique to offer - unique weapons, perks, or special Slayer abilities that result in a distinctive playstyle. For example, the Trapper comes with the Bear Trap to immobilize survivors. On the other hand, the Doctor's shock therapy afflicts survivors with madness, resulting in erratic behavior that makes them easy to capture. And the best part? You earn Blood Points each time you effectively use a Slayer's special powers.

As a killer, your goal is to master all of your character's special powers.

5. Always Complete Matches

There are several reasons why leaving a match is bad for your blood point total. First, you give up some blood points which are preconditioned at the end of the match. Second, you won't be able to engage in another match for a predetermined amount of time if you disconnect. This means that you will lose an opportunity to increase your blood points. These penalties accumulate as the number of disconnections increases.

Therefore, to maximize your Bloodpoints earnings, you should aim to complete each match, even if the Survivors leave early.

6. Complete your daily rituals

Dead by Daylight requires players - killers and survivors - to perform daily rituals in exchange for blood points. However, these Rituals depend on the chosen character. For example, The Hunt Ritual requires a killer to chase a survivor for at least three minutes in exchange for 30 blood points.

The most rewarding ritual when playing Killer is called Mors Ambitio and requires you to kill a survivor with your bare hands. If you do, you'll instantly receive 60 points that you can spend on character or Bloodweb upgrades.

How to Get Blood Points as a Survivor in Dead by Daylight

To maximize your blood points while playing Survivor, here is a list of things you need to do:

1. Aim for a great team tag

As a survivor, you will earn blood points every time you complete a task. But with so much to do, teamwork is essential. Matches can quickly tip in the Killer's favor if Survivors fail to complete critical objectives in a timely manner. To earn more Bloodpoints in a group:

  • Try to save other survivors when they get addicted
  • Even when being chased, try to linger around addicted survivors
  • Take protective shots to save other survivors
  • Heal other survivors whenever you can

2. Try to stay alive throughout the match

You will earn blood points as long as you stay alive throughout the match. Escaping the trail alone earns you 5 blood points. This begs the question, "How do I make sure I stay alive?" »

A good strategy is to occasionally find a hiding place near the killer and stay there. If you're on the run, make sure you don't get stuck or trapped in an area where it's easy for your killer to chase you as they'll pick up speed and catch up with little difficulty. Find vantage points if possible, but never do so while running as it will only drain your stamina faster than necessary. You also want to have as many tools at your fingertips, so stock up as soon as you get the chance. You should never pass up a chance to grab chests on the map.

3. Stay on target

It's important to stay focused on key objectives even when the killer seems to have the upper hand during the trial. You may have already lost one or more Survivors, or you may be up against a more skilled and efficient Slayer, but you must not lose sight of your goals. Even when surviving until the end of the trial seems near impossible, keep juggling between unlocking the door, clearing the totems, repairing the generators, and helping other Survivors whenever an opportunity presents itself. .

Completing these goals is rewarded with varying amounts of Blood Points depending on the level of complexity of the task.

4. Use your skills

While Slayers come with special powers, Survivors have an array of skills that can keep them alive until the end of the ordeal when used effectively and efficiently. Using these skills effectively also earns you valuable blood points which can be exchanged for improved blood web, better health, new supplies, and more.

You also earn generous amounts of blood points when you make good skill checks while repairing generators.

5. Complete Daily Rituals

As mentioned earlier, Dead by Daylight features daily rituals that reward survivors with blood points upon completion. For example, the Rite of Ruin – where you have to destroy four full hooks – nets you 30 blood points. On the other hand, the Savior Ritual earns you 000 blood points if you save three survivors from the hook.

6. Keep the killer engaged

Frequent interactions with the killer earn you blood points throughout the trial, but you have to make sure they don't kill you. For example, you can challenge the killer to a chase around the map. If you manage to evade capture, you receive 400 points. A Killer Stun, on the other hand, instantly earns you 1 blood points.

7. Play King David

David King is one of the most recommended Survivor characters in Dead by Daylight. It comes with a unique perk called "We're Gonna Live", which increases Bloodpoint collection by up to 25%. You can use the perk up to four times during a trial. The perk is also stackable and "teachable" once you reach level 30, making it purchasable from other characters' blood webs. At this point, you can switch to other characters if you wish.

Rack up points and level up at an incredible rate in your favorite horror game

Dead by Daylight is not for the faint-hearted. It's a cooperative horror game, so you have to work with other players to escape a dark and twisted world while playing Survivor. To rack up blood points faster when playing Killer, you need to make the most of your character's special powers. Also be sure to keep an eye out for items that could give you more blood points, such as keys or gas cans.

Are you a Dead by Daylight enthusiast? What's your favorite strategy for earning Bloodpoints faster? Feel free to share tips and tricks with other players in the comments section below.

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