How to get drops in unturned

Zombies and survival are the central themes of Unturned, where players can thrive and kill. As you travel through the world space, you may notice that the standard weapons can look dull. No problem, right? That's why you get cosmetic skins for items. However, how do you get drops in Unturned?

Unturned has changed over the past few years, but you can still get cosmetics by playing the game. Other in-game items are also considered "drops." Keep reading to learn more.

How to get drops in unturned

Cosmetic items in Unturned will only change the appearance of ranged weapons, melee weapons, or bean cans you can find. Try the following methods to get your hands on one of these cosmetic drops:

By playing the game, you will have a chance to receive a cosmetic drop. There's no set time to get them, but you'll get a notification when you get one. Drops vary in rarity, so you can sell them to earn money.

Turning the game on and letting it sit is called “idling”. Idling does not count towards gameplay, negating any chance of receiving cosmetic drops. Only by playing the game in single or multiplayer mode will you qualify for cosmetic items.

To check if you received a drop, log out of the server you were playing on. You will know when the notification appears.

  • Open boxes or gifts

Boxes or gifts used to be part of the game. Unfortunately, these drops are no longer part of the random drops table. Players who owned them before they were removed will still have them in their inventory.

The rarest items in Unturned are Mystery Boxes, and they offer some of the best loot. However, even if you get one, you have to spend $1 to open them. This money is used to buy a key, which cannot be obtained for free in the game.

Gifts used to be part of the events, but like boxes, are now mostly unobtainable. You can still purchase boxes, gifts, and keys from the Steam Market.

  • Buy from unreturned stock

While you can try your luck with Mystery Boxes you purchase from the Unreturned Stash, the cosmetics themselves are also available for purchase. You can equip them after purchase as they are unlocked.

Due to the lack of methods to obtain boxes and gifts today, prices may increase over time. Make sure you think carefully before buying any skins or boxes you like.

  • The Permanent Gold Upgrade DLC

This DLC costs $5 and it comes with exclusive skins and various cosmetics. Purchasing the DLC also comes with other benefits, such as Premium Gold servers and additional customization.

Loot and enemy drops

Loot and enemy drops are not cosmetic items but valuable items you will need to survive the various Unturned maps. There are seven types of drops, including:

This category includes food, clothing, and some melee weapons. You can find them easily in cities.

As the name suggests, military items include military-grade weapons and equipment. You can find them in military locations, such as bases.

If you want to heal your character, medical items are the only option you have. Find them in hospitals, pharmacies or even military installations. Collecting them is very beneficial for your survival.

Ranger weapons are powerful but distinct from military items. They also use their own accessories and ammunition. These weapons tend to have higher durability.

You can find Ranger items in Militia slots, which can be in or near civilian areas. Make sure to look closely as they are sometimes hard to spot.

Also true to their name, police items are usually dropped off at police locations such as train stations, checkpoints, and near their vehicles. They also have their own attachments and ammunition.

You'll also want to collect farming items, as they help grow plants. They breed on farms and campgrounds. This category also includes some tools like axes.

Building items are primarily crafting materials, but can also include tools such as axes and saws.

All of these items can spawn as loot scattered around the area or as part of zombie drops. Zombies also let you know what kind of items they will give you, depending on their location. An example is Mega Zombies in a military base dropping military items.

Crafting items is also another way to get them. Each item has a recipe, and you will get the item after spending materials.

Luck smiles on me

If you're lucky and manage to get a cosmetic drop early on, be sure to tell your friends about it and celebrate. Some players are still waiting for their drops even after many hours of play. You can still buy drops, but the feeling of getting random rewards is still great.

What's the rarest drop you got in Unturned? Did you sell something for a huge profit? Let us know in the comments section below.

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