How to Get Gems in Smite

Using aesthetics to make your god look awesome and cool is a Smite reference. You can stand out from the crowd with awesome skins that make the character you love look fantastic and more pious. But if you're looking to make visual changes to your character in Smite, you need to have a sufficient amount of gems.

Read on to learn more about Gems in Smite, including the best strategies for getting Gems without opening your wallet.

What are gems in Smite?

Gems are Smite's primary currency, with which you can purchase additional perks. These perks can be used to make your character look stunning by adding a stunning visual factor. You can also purchase add-ons. It might not grant your god, ward, or sidekick any extra powers, but it will definitely make your character a lot cooler.

How to get gems for free and fast

Most gamers want their game characters to look their best. If you fall into this category, you must have gems to purchase character skins. Here's how to get gems in Smite quickly and for free:

Daily login

Logging into the game is the easiest way to get Smite Gems quickly and for free. All you have to do is log in to your Smite online account every day. Not only can you earn gems using this method, but you also receive boons. These favors can be used during the game to increase your attack abilities and divine powers.

Here is an overview of the first seven daily login rewards:

  • Day 1 – 75 Favor
  • Day 2 – 125 favor
  • Day 3 – 250 favors
  • Day 4 – 350 Favor
  • Day 5 – 450 Favor
  • Day 6 – 15 Gems
  • Day 7 – 35 gems

Keep in mind that these rewards stack, so they won't disappear once you close Smite. Logging out of your Smite account also has no effect on daily login rewards.

Limited participation in events

There are many events in Smite that reward Gems in exchange for participation. There are also side quests where you can receive gems if you successfully complete them. Some quests are smaller and don't take long to complete, while others are longer and usually award more gems.

Keep an eye out for available events to join. They appear on the Smite homepage. Along with a list of all open events, you'll also see the gems rewarded for participating in each event. Be sure to check this page regularly, especially on weekends, holidays and festivals.

Special events offer more gems than standard side quests. Sometimes special events will have optional objectives that when completed will result in bonus gems. Limited event attendance comes in free and paid varieties, depending on the size of the event.


Tournaments are also a good source of gems if you're looking to score big. A tournament is usually played by several other players competing for the highest reward. Remember that coordination is key in any team competition, so keep those lines of communication open.

Tournaments can give away gems in bulk upon completion: the higher your rank, the greater your chances of getting gems as a reward.

Tournaments can also bring very high monetary rewards. The pool prize for the 2022 Smite World Championship was $600. So if you are an exceptional Smite player, you can also take a slice of the pie and earn lots of gems in return.

How to buy gems

Naturally, waiting all day to get a daily login reward on Smite is a bit long and arduous. Many players simply don't have the time or patience to wait. You also don't necessarily need to participate in events and tournaments, as there is another way to get gems in Smite. You can buy Smite gems directly using real money from the in-game store.

There are seven gem bundles you can choose from to purchase gems directly. These are:

  • 200 gems for $4,99
  • 400 gems for $7,99
  • 800 gems for $14,99
  • 1 gems for $500
  • 2500 gems for $34,99
  • 3 gems for $500
  • 8 gems for $000

You can also find discounts of up to 30% in the Gem Shop and buy the same Gems at a lower price from time to time. Check prices during festival sales such as Christmas, Easter, summer sales and winter sales for these offers.

Be a mighty looking God who strikes with anger

Sometimes looking powerful is just as important as being powerful. Customize your Smite character by choosing different aesthetics, skins and looks in exchange for Gems. Stand out from others and leave your original brand and identity.

How often do you buy gems in Smite? What skins and aesthetics do you use for your characters? Let us know in the comments section below.

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