How to get gold in Hypixel

Gold is Hypixel's in-game currency used to purchase various cosmetic items, ranks, and SkyBlock Gems. In other words, it's a valuable resource that can help you level up faster and look cooler. If you're wondering how to get it, we're here to help.

In this guide we will explain how to get gold in Hypixel. Additionally, we will be sharing tips on how to get gold medals, gold essence, gold apples, and other gold items in-game. Read on to find out where to get the necessary resources .

How to get gold in Hypixel

Gold cannot be obtained through the game and must be purchased from the official Hypixel store with real money. At the time of this writing, 1 gold coins cost $000.

How to get a gold medal in Hypixel

Medals in Hypixel can be earned by participating in Jacob's Farming Contests. These contests take place once every three SkyBlock days and last 20 minutes. You must be at least farming level 10 and talk to Jacob at least once to participate. He is in the Farm. You will receive a gold medal if you are in the top 5% of contestants.

Some tips can increase your chances of becoming an award-winning contest player.

For example, pumpkin, melon, and sugarcane crops are the hardest to get gold, as they usually have the most participants. Also, data shows that the lowest times for player count are 2-3am EST, so getting gold during this time might be easier. Finally, to maximize your farming efficiency, make sure your farms don't have any missing points.

Once you get some golds, you can invest them in better farming tools which will help you get more golds.

For example, math hoes grant you +50% harvest of wheat, potato, carrot, candy cane, or nether warts. Melon and pumpkin dice can give you extra melons or pumpkins when you farm, and Coco Chopper prevents wood from breaking and replants cocoa beans.

How to Get Golden Apples in Hypixel

A Golden Apple is an item in Vanilla Minecraft that has little to no use in SkyBlock, but it looks nice. Maybe you could make a great home decoration? If you're wondering how to get a golden apple, the answer is simple: craft it. The recipe is as follows:

  1. Find an apple.
  2. Collect eight gold bars. They can be crafted from gold mined from gold ore or obtained from gold minions. You can also create a gold bar from nine gold nuggets. You will need 72 gold nuggets to make a single golden apple.
  3. Craft a golden apple from an apple and eight gold bars.

How to Get Gold Dust in Hypixel

Golden Dust, also known as Golden Powder, is a legendary loot resource needed to craft an Ornate Zombie Sword. It can only be obtained by killing golden ghouls, like zombie knights in the catacombs. Also, not all kills will give you the desired golden dust. The drop rate is 1-2 chance to get dust. Gold dust can also be traded, but the chances of someone wanting to sell such a rare item are low.

Hypixel Pit How to get a golden sword?

The golden sword in Hypixel Pit is a mythical item, which means it's not easy to get one. Mythic items drop randomly on kills and the odds are extremely low. Data gathered from a streak of 1 kills suggests the odds are less than 000%. However, you can increase your chances by getting the Mysticism Renown upgrade. You can purchase Renown upgrades from the Renown Store, and your amount of Renown depends on your Prestige, which can be earned by leveling up. To maximize your mysticism, you will need to spend 0,3 fame points in total.

How to get Gold Prestige in Hypixel Skywars

Each time you level up in Skywars, you get Prestige. At first, you'll only get Iron Prestige, which might seem unfair if you've had a lot of kills or killed a lot of people. But each type of Prestige is awarded for specific levels rather than the number of kills and wins.

Gold prestige is awarded at levels 10-14. After reaching level 15, you will receive Diamond Prestige. At level 20 you will get Emerald. From level 25, these are Sapphire, Ruby, Crystal, Opal, Amethyst and finally Rainbow. Thus, every five levels, you receive a new type of Prestige.

How to Get Gold Essence in Hypixel Skyblock

Gold Essence is a collectible item in Hypixel required to upgrade certain dungeon items.

The first way to get Gold Essence is to defeat King Midas, a mini-boss you can find on floors three through seven of the Catacombs. Keep in mind that he wears golden armor with high defense stats. Besides the Gold Essence, King Midas also drops the Midas Jewel.

The second way to get the desired Gold Essence is to defeat the Watcher Summons on the fifth floor of the Catacombs. You will need to use the Golden modifier to do this.

Finally, you can receive gold essence by defeating certain monsters, such as zombie knights. They can also be found in The Catacombs. However, the chances of groups dropping Gold Essence are low. In any case, you will have to go to the catacombs to obtain the golden essence.

A jar of gold

Hope our guide will help you to get the desired golden items in Hypixel. Although gold can help you rank faster, you can achieve the same results with patience and dedication. Play regularly, compete in farming contests, and be sure to visit the catacombs to stock up on your stash of golden items.

What are your most desired items from the Hypixel store that can be purchased for gold? Share your wishlist in the comments section below.

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